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December 2013

11 Surprising Major Changes to 2015 Ford Mustang

By Jeff Ostroff | Published December 29, 2013

Since Ford Motor company introduced to us the 2015 Ford Mustang GT earlier this month, the social sites have all lit up with everyone's opinion, many are phony pundits who claim, "it's just a rehash of the current Mustang", or "it's a step backward", or "I don't see anything different", all sorts of comments, while the other half love the new design. So what are the major differences between the new and improved 2015 model, and the current models? Read more>>

Guide to Buying a Car for Your Teens

By Jeff Ostroff | Published December 12, 2013

You find yourself at that crossroad in life where it is Christmas and time to get your teenage kid a car, or maybe they graduated high school and are going off to college. But what type of car should you get for them? Where do you get started? Should you buy new or used? Here at we have listened to many parents over the years and made this useful guide to make it all smooth for you. Read more>>

Porsche Paid Settlement in Carrera GT Crash Prior to Paul Walker's Death

By Jeff Ostroff | Published December 4, 2013

"Fast & Furious" star Paul Walker died in a fiery crash on November 30, 2013. His death hit home personally for us, because a former business associate of ours, Corey Rudl also died in the same model 2005 Porsche Carerra GT. We knew Corey Rudl personally because he was also the author of a book called "Car Secrets," which we used to sell for him here on 10 years ago. Read more>>

November 2013

Ford recalls nearly 140,000 Escape Vehicles

By Jeff Ostroff | Published November 27, 2013

Ford announced through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that it is recalling 139,917 model year 2013 Escape vehicles manufactured between October 5, 2011, through June 2, 2013 and equipped with 1.6L engines. This is filed under NHTSA Campaign Number 13V583. Surprisingly, this is the 6th recall on this 2013 Escape as tweeted by CNBC's Phil Lebeau, who himself is an Escape owner. Read more>>

Tis the Season for Steep End of December New Car Discounts

By Jeff Ostroff | Published November 20, 2013

Every year in the late fall is when our site visitors get busy shopping for new cars. There is a real art and science to buying cars during this critical time period and maximizing your savings at the end of the month. Historically visitors have reported massive savings off sticker price during the last week of December. But what is so sacred about that week and how do you use that to save the most money? Read more>>

October 2013

Nissan and Infiniti Recall 188,000 SUVs for Braking Issue

By Jeff Ostroff | Published October 23, 2013

Nissan Motor Co. and Infiniti are recalling around 188,000 sport-utility vehicles worldwide for model years 2013-2014. They are recalling these vehicles to update the ABS braking software, as they have found certain driving conditions can cause increased stopping distances. Steve Yaeger, Nissan North America, Inc.Technology and Motorsports Communications Manager gave us a list today of the affected models in a handful of countries. Read more>>

Toyota Recalling Over 800,000 Vehicles for Water Leaks and Corrosion

By Jeff Ostroff | Published October 17, 2013

Today Toyota announced it is voluntarily recalling over 800,000 vehicles, due to what Toyota calls a "air conditioning condenser unit housing." So what models are affected in this recall?" So what models are affected in this recall? Read more>>

How to Tell if a Car Title is Clean or has Liens

By Jeff Ostroff | Published October 1, 2013

Many people in the process of buying a used car become anxious when it comes to the paperwork and dealing with the vehicle title. They are often concerned about whether there are any unpaid loans or liens on the car. The cautious buyer educated by us here at knows to check for these issues. But how do you tell if you have a clean title? How can you be completely confident you won't get scammed? Read more>>

July 2013

How to Create Your Own Extended Warranty When You Can't Get Coverage

By Jeff Ostroff | Published July 23, 2013

Many people want to buy an extended warranty when they buy a new or used car. But sometimes they are disappointed to learn that the warranty company refuses to cover their particular car. They try other companies only to face the same rejection. I hear it all the time from our visitors buying old high mileage cars or even some new car brands; they can't find a company willing to cover them. What would you do? What advice do we give them? Read more>>

June 2013

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster on South Beach

By Jeff Ostroff | Published June 8, 2013

While enjoying the nightlife in Miami's South Beach district we happened upon a very rare site. Sparkling in the downpour of rain in the early evening our breath was taken away by a brand new white 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster. That's quite a mouthful to describe Lamborghini's latest model, introduced in 2011 as a top of the line replacement for the Murcielago, and one of the fastest production cars on earth. This model was introduced here in South Beach in January to huge fanfare, with a photo shoot on the Miami International Airport runway. Are you wondering yet what the selling price of this car is? Read more>>

May 2013

Infiniti IPL G37 Chrome Wrap is Turning Heads

By Jeff Ostroff | Published May 27, 2013

We noticed this one of a kind Chrome Infiniti G37 proudly sitting front and center at our local Infiniti dealer that is turning heads, and causing passersby to get out of their cars for a look. This beautiful car invokes images of the Silver Surfer or even from Terminator 2 when the terminator would morph into that liquid chrome and you can see the scenery around him reflecting off the metal. It's a breathtaking site to see all the cars around it reflect off this smooth mirror coating that looks like something out of the comic books. So what is the story behind this hot new car? Read more>>

Another Good Reason to Run a Used Car History Report

By Jeff Ostroff | Published May 2, 2013

A car buyer named Scott educated himself here on before rushing out to buy a used Toyota Corolla. He was sure glad he read our advice before heading out to shop. First he uncovered something seedy and illegal that that the car dealer tried to pull on him. Then with the education he received here, he also discovered something shocking about the car he was about to buy, we saved him a huge potential loss. What were the issues that Scott uncovered? Read more>>

April 2013

How to Price a Flooded Car

By Jeff Ostroff | Published April 2, 2013

People email us here at asking how much they should pay for this used car they are looking at that was disclosed to have a flooded title. To answer this question, today I'll flood you with all sorts of pros and cons. The more important question to ask is should you buy that car with a branded title? How do we determine what a flooded car is worth? Read more>>

February 2013

NADA 2013: Automotive Industry is in Full Recovery Mode

By Jeff Ostroff | Published February 20, 2013

We attend the NADA (National Auto Dealers Association) Convention and Expo every year. This is where over 20,000 car dealers and allied industry people flock together to network and sell their wares to the dealers. This convention can be a good barometer of the overall car industry. So how do we know the industry is back on the upswing, and how does this benefit you? Read more>>

January 2013

Patriot Act Car Dealer Financing Scam

By Jeff Ostroff | Published January 3, 2013

Do you know what the Patriot Act is? Did you know car dealers can abuse the Patriot Act to scam you when you buy a new car? Sadly too many consumers can answer yes to my second question; they were victims of this dirty trick. This scam is often pulled on you when you are paying cash or cashier's check in full for your new car, instead of financing through the dealer. The LieNance manager forces you to fill out a credit application, even though you are paying cash, lying to you that it's "required by the Patriot Act." One victim contacted us here at recently and she asked for help to get out of this scam. What did we tell our heroine to do? Read more>>

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