Nissan & Infiniti Recall 188,000 SUVs for Brake Issue

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Published October 23, 2013

Nissan Motor Co. and Infiniti are recalling around 188,000 sport-utility vehicles worldwide for model years 2013-2014. They are recalling these vehicles to update the ABS braking software, as they have found certain driving conditions can cause increased stopping distances. Steve Yaeger, Nissan North America, Inc.Technology and Motorsports Communications Manager gave us a list today of the affected models in a handful of countries.

Nissan and Infiniti recall

Infiniti is also involved in this recall with vehicles in the JX35/QX60 series. The Infiniti JX Series of SUVs is now called the Qx60 series, so you might want to check with your dealer if your particular vehicle is covered.

For Infiniti:

For Nissan:

Reason for this voluntary safety recall

Nissan says it needs to recall these covered Nissan Pathfinder vehicles to update the Antilock Braking System (ABS) software.

They stated that on certain types of rough or uneven road surfaces, if the ABS system is activated during very light braking, then the ABS brake pressure output software setting could cause increased stopping distances.

Bottom line for you is that on rough roads, it could take your vehicle longer to stop when you push on the brakes!

Nissan said they will notify you in the near future if you are affected and they will reprogram your ABS software to help optimize ABS brake output under these conditions.

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