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Advantages Women Have Over Men When Buying Cars

By | Published July 30, 2012

For years, buying cars was a man's game, mom and dad went to the car dealer, and dad did all the talking and dealing with the salespeople. It was a good old boys club where only the men played, because the women did not have enough experience in the lion's den. Women were secondary citizens, so the boyfriends and husbands would take charge to score the best deal on a new car, because the arrogant men "knew" how to play on a "level" playing field one on one against another man. Many a husband came home victorious like chivalrous knights, with the Holy Grail for their wives; the new car at a good deal after hubby spent 6 hours pounding the salesman into the ground. Or so they thought. So what are the advantages that women have over men when it comes to buying cars?

We cover this in our new section on Car Buying Tips For Women. Maybe you men out there should read it too and collect up a few additional tips that our female visitors are using every day to smartly buy cars themselves. Many of our lady visitors are reporting back to us that they have left their husbands and boyfriends at home and sailed off to buy the car themselves, shocking all the salespeople and finance managers with their knowledge and savvy in the process. I can tell you our most successful visitors report the best deals using most of the ideas and tools we provide in our women's buying section mentioned above.

Women have advantages over men, not the other way around

Girl driving car home

The old school car dealerships have become their own worst enemy by shooting themselves in the foot, still thinking they can outsmart women like taking candy from a baby. They have become complacent in their arrogance, and not fully adopting to the fast changing world and sophisticated women. Meanwhile, women have evolved in the internet age into savvy educated shoppers who, thanks to sites like ours,, they arm themselves with the best advice on buying cars. A woman's advantage among other things is the good old boys network expects them to be uninformed. The dealer's guard is down, they won't expect girls to know as much as them using the powerful information we give them here on Women enter the dealership with "The Folder" containing their research and credit reports. Some salespeople and finance managers are unprepared to deal with smart women of the 21st century, because we make the women aware of all their sales tricks, and all the bad finance decisions to avoid. Today's female is a better car buyer than her dad or grandfather was.

This is not your father's Oldsmobile deal!

I got news for you folks, the way our dads and older brothers haggled for cars in the 60s and 70s was an old school shoot from the hip method of trying to chisel away at the sticker price, which ignored other complicated areas of financing and trade in vehicle scams. All car buyers were swimming in the dark and had no clue. For decades many men have gone home pumping their chests over the "great deal" they pounded out of the salespeople, but we now know that most of them actually got scammed, suckered, had financing fall through, were forced to buy warranties and credit life and rust proofing, and fell hook line and sucker to an onslaught of other car dealer scams. Many victims don't even know they were victims. For you see, the men of old had only a few hours of car buying experience every 5 years or so compared to highly skilled tag teaming salespeople, trained in the art of selling, convincing, and outright deceiving, while still making their victims think they got a good deal.

The internet has changed all this for both women and men. Today women have information that even our dads never had like internet sites with buying advice, and car pricing tools to help you determine how much others paid and how much you should be paying. Having all these tips is another advantage women have over men. Now every man, women, and car salesperson are all on an equal level playing field, provided they all are armed with the same information. That's the advantage todays modern bride has, they are young, sophisticated, and they have all that information now at their fingertips. Some salespeople may become victims and not know they are victims!

Women and men alike now know how much the dealer pays for new cars, they also know how much to offer to dealers, and they know how to get their credit score and history, and they have financing pre-approval. The 6 hour marathon buying sessions dad enjoyed in the past have been replaced by our savvy women shoppers with their short 30 minute out the door deals or a couple of emails back and forth. It's no longer just a man's game We have leveled the playing field since 1998 with the best car buying advice on the internet that educates and empowers all car buyers, men and women alike to get the best deal, using proven successful techniques not around when your mom and dad were buying cars.

Ladies, start your engines!

Author Jeff Ostroff

About The Author: Jeff Ostroff is a consumer advocate, Founding Editor and CEO of overseeing a team of expert authors. For over 17 years, he's been the recognized authority on car buying, leasing, used cars and financing. He developed sophisticated spreadsheet tools to help consumers negotiate on a level playing field. He is a widely sought out guru, cited by the press for his expertise in savvy car buying and preventing consumer scams. Jeff has been quoted in CNN, Bloomberg, MSNBC, Wall street Journal, Consumer Reports, NY Times, Reader's Digest, and many live call in radio shows. He has covered the automotive space since 1997. Jeff also has extensive experience and expertise in selling used cars for clients on eBay and Craigslist. Connect with Jeff via Email, Twitter or on Google+. has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.