How to Buy a New Car on the Internet

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New Car Price Quotes and Researching Prices

In this chapter we will give you the best strategies to get the lowest new car price. Keep in mind that price is only part of the deal so make sure to read the rest of the site so you won't end up paying more than you should. You'll find out how to research new car prices, invoice price and what the dealer actually paid using services TrueCar and Edmunds. We'll tell you which new car buying services list your actual buying price online.

1. Advantages of Online Auto Buying Services

2. The Best Way to Save on a New Car is Competing Quotes

We'll review car buying sites to teach you to look up invoice price and get free car price quotes. Different sites have different dealer networks so you should get quotes from more than one so you can compare and pit one dealer against another. Start with TrueCar, RydeShopper and, then go from there. Don't drive all over town wasting time. You can get quotes emailed to you and start negotiating without leaving your home.

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You should never enter a dealership without "The Folder" containing your price quotes to compare. In Chapter 4 we'll cover in great detail how to calculate the "true" dealer cost and how to figure out a fair offer using our Buyers Offer Spreadsheet.

3. Types Of New Car Buying Sites

4. How We Reviewed Recommended Sites

We've been researching car pricing sites since 1997 so you don't have to. We know their top executives, we've used them ourselves, we receive feedback from thousands of visitors using them and guided friends to success with them. The sites we recommend are honest, have withstood years of intense scrutiny and successful usage by thousands of our daily visitors.

5. If You Don't Like to Haggle Over Price

The Car Buying Service gets you a guaranteed price before going to the dealership. We put together a program to get volume pricing for our visitors. You choose your car and configure the options. You'll get an instant price quote from a local dealer in our network. This works best for you if you don't want to deal with haggling over new car pricing. You'll get an official quote certificate. It will itemize invoice price, MSRP and your total No Hassle Price. You will clearly see your savings. With your certificate in hand, call your dealer and finalize the sale.
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6. How Free Car Pricing Services Work

Referral services provide discount pricing through a network of over 2,000-5,000 dealerships. No tricks, no gimmicks. Member dealers get tons of internet referrals so they give a better price. These services can get you a lower price quote than you would typically get by just walking into a dealership.

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Recommended Car Price Quote Sites

TrueCar is an online marketplace for automobile shopping that provides transparency into prices that others paid for their vehicles. Consumers engage with TrueCar Certified Dealers. You'll be able to research the vehicle you are interested in and get accurate pricing on in-stock dealer inventory. See your potential savings before heading to the dealership. Start your stress-free search

RydeShopper searches pricing from their network of dealers to find the best price. Use their simple form to select make and model and start saving. Get quotes from the maximum number of dealers to give you the upper hand. Get a Quote gives you no-hassle and no-obligation FREE price quotes. You can view actual dealer inventory and prices in your area. Find the right car for you at lowest prices available. You can also use the Edmunds True Market Value™ pricing to get the best deal. Remember, when dealers compete, you win. They also list current factory to consumer rebates, as well as secret factory to dealer incentives. If you are aware of a secret factory to dealer incentive on your car, you can negotiate a lower price. Begin the FREE Quote Process gives you free, no-obligation quotes from up to 3 dealers. Select your make, model, color and options. Getting quotes from multiple dealers pressures them to give discounts. Free Quote

The Car Buying Service lets you get a guaranteed price quote without leaving your house. This exclusive program leverages volume buying power of large companies, employers and membership groups to get you a low price. Let’s Get Started

Autobytel has 20,000 dealers, they give you free no hassle low price quotes, list automobile prices and dealer cost. Get a Quote From Autobytel

California PlateBuySide Auto Concierge Service for California Residents will get you a great price and handle everything for you. They will deliver the car to your home. Only available in California. Save by Using BuySide Auto

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Now that you have gotten your free new car price quotes from the above sites, you still need to focus on getting a good overall deal. The deal is more than just the purchase price. There are two key areas that many people pay way too much for:

  1. Financing: When you get your loan at the dealership they are selling you a product, not doing you a favor. You'll pay lower interest rates financing through lenders such as LightStream. Finance your car in advance and avoid forced extras scams. For more information about saving money with online financing, read our auto loan chapter.
  2. Extended Warranties: Dealers will try to sell you an extended warranty because they make huge profits on them. Shop around before you buy a car to compare with the dealer's pricing. I'll bet you every single time the online sites with better policies and longer coverage terms will have better prices. For an extended warranty, visit CARCHEX to experience their unique compete model to get quotes before going to the dealership. I highly recommend reading my complete article on buying an extended warranty where I review both of them.

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