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Advice For a Smooth Claims Experience

Last Modified: June 02, 2016 by Jeff Ostroff  | Published February 2, 2013

Don't be denied a warranty claim! The following issues may cause a claim to be rejected. In many cases you can avoid the hassle by following the proper steps.

Don't Buy an Auto Warranty to Cover Preexisting Failures

When you buy a used car with no preexisting conditions, the car runs fine with no issues for several months. These are accepted odds by warranty company actuaries.

Don't file a claim within the first 60 days!

When abnormal things occur, red flags go up. When you buy your used car, you don't have 4 parts break in the first 30 days. If this happens, industry standard red flags go up. Contracts have verbiage that even if your car was inspected prior to selling you a warranty, it can still be shown to have a preexisting condition. Don't buy a problematic used car expecting the auto warranty to cover your repairs. They have seen this before. I tell people don't file a claim within 60 days to stay off the radar map and avoid triggering red flags. Warranty companies know that 90% of the claims filed in the first 30 days are fraudulent claims on preexisting failures, that can often be proven by independent inspectors. Do not test this rule, and do not email me to complain when you file a claim within 60 days and it gets rejected. I hear from people all the time who do this and get burned in the end.