Reviews of Auto Leasing Software

Last Modified: May 28, 2019 by Jeff Ostroff

Car dealers can use payment calculator software to out smart you, scam you and drive up the cost. What car lease software are you using? You should be using the same type of software they do to fight fire with fire. It will help you look up pricing, lease versus buy calculations and payment calculations. It's crucial that you are able to check the dealer's numbers. Here we review Expert Lease Pro from Chart Software, which gives you phone support and analyzes your deal for free.

1. Why do you need auto leasing software? Why spend the money?

A lot of parameters affect your payment. Calculations are confusing even for dealers so they rely on software to do it. If you think you don't need it and you don't want to spend the money on one, fine, you'll spend $2,000 or more extra on your deal.

Florida Attorney General Investigating "Allegedly Deceptive Practices" in Car Leasing

Florida's Attorney General - "Consumers wishing to terminate their lease early would call Ford to ask what the early termination penalty would be. Ford would refuse to tell them, sending them to the dealers. The dealers would then overcharge them for the penalty by $300-$2,000! This is just one type of payment packing scheme that car dealers have available to them." The attorney general said investigators believe Ford Motor Credit may have provided training and materials to Ford and Lincoln Mercury sales employees to help them exploit consumers.

We don't want to pick on Ford, this can happen anywhere. You must be diligent in protecting yourself. Car dealers know what your lease payment should be, they can quote you $20 more per month, you have no way to verify it, and you're happy with the numbers, so you sign, not knowing you got duped!

Without leasing software you're sailing the ocean of confusion and dealers will swallow you whole. You should use software to study the cars you are interested in, so that you'll know the deal better than the salesman. Remember, they are using similar software to scam you.

Lots of people ask me where to get residual values from. Previously we had no way to get data, and so thousands of consumers were ripped off. Luckily now it is available in the software packages. I can't tell you how many times people have emailed me that they used auto leasing software and caught the dealer packing payments. The salesperson always blamed their computer.

I get email from many visitors who paid MSRP after the dealer lied to them, saying they were getting a $3,000 discount. If you don't check their math, you can get ripped off. Some dealers tell you the money factor is .003 (8% APR), when it's really closer to 18% APR. Calculator software works backwards to discover that they lied about APR and exposes their scam.

Special car lease calculator discount offer for visitors only
Expert Lease Pro is giving only our visitors $10 off the price of the Pro version through the end of . So you'll pay only $59 instead of $69. You must use this link to their coupon page or you'll get charged the full price. Click Here to get Your Exclusive $10 Off Expert Lease Pro Special Coupon for visitors. The folks at Expert Lease tell me they keep getting testimonials like this one from our visitors who use their software:

"I leased the Highlander yesterday... I would like to thank you for not only developing an excellent, user friendly software but the special attention and time you devoted to making me understand and walk me through the entire leasing process. I ended up saving at least $3,000 on the whole deal (cost of the vehicle, fees, charges etc)."

2. Sample Screen Shots from Expert Lease Pro

Expert Lease Pro Auto Lease Calculator gives you 90 days on-line access to Chrome System's powerful on-line new car pricing configuration tool. You get invoice and MSRP prices for over 10,000 new cars and new trucks. This data is the most accurate and they supply new car pricing information to over 22,000 dealers in the US. Click on the screen shots below to see super sized views of the pricing screens:

screen shot thumbnail auto lease 2

Now on to the meat of the program. Expert Lease Pro also does your lease versus buy calculations to help you decide which way to acquire your new car. You can do regular car loan monthly payment calculations and of course what you really came here for, auto lease calculators. Click screen shots below:

auto lease 4 auto lease 5 auto lease 6
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Expert Lease Pro Summary and Highlights

Expert Lease

Cost: $59 (Special Price)
Delivery: Download or CD-ROM
Early Termination Calculator: YES
How To Order: Direct From Chart Software
Updates Available: YES
Technical Support: Phone & Email

  • Phone and email support, they analyze your car lease for free
  • Built in new car prices and invoice pricing
  • Lease vs. loan analysis, lease comparisons
  • Covers GMAC and Ford leases, which differ from other cars
  • Spots hidden fees, scams or lying about money factors
  • Customizable lease calculator reports, monthly payments tables
  • Technical specs, manufacturers warranty coverage and some have crash test results
  • Strange tax states like Illinois, Texas, you can also force taxes and fees

Buy directly from Chart and download to use now, and determine your lease payments before seeing the dealer.

Their Leasing Hot-LineTM technical support gives you assistance with questions on leasing or buying. Spend $59 now and save thousands in lease rip-offs. Based on complaints i receive, the average scam siphons $1,500 from the buyer. A common scam is stealing your trade-in by fudging confusing numbers on the contract, which most people don't read. has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.