Guide To Avoiding Internet Fraud

Last Modified: May 28, 2019 by Jeff Ostroff

Here at we are continually scanning the internet to stay up to date on all of the latest online fraud. We get tons of feedback from our visitors and we see these frauds popping up over and over again. We put together this page so that you will be able to avoid becoming a victim of one of these devastating scams.

fake escrow site screenshot
Example of a Fake Escrow Site

Escrow Fraud

The most important thing to watch out for is a "seller" that sends you an email telling you to use an escrow service. Specifically, beware of being told to use "eBay Payment agents," "Yahoo Payment Agents," "US Amy Protection Services" or "Google Checkout." Not one of these entities provides any type of escrow or payment services for a used car sale. Also, if a seller offers to pay to ship you a car I will guarantee you that it is a fraud. Don't fall for sob stories like a seller that claims to be a member of the military who is out of the country.

Escrow services are trusted third parties who hold the money until the goods are received by the buyer. However, many scammers set up fake escrow services to steal your money.

Actual scammer email we got from a "seller" on Yahoo! Autos

To: Reply to Yahoo!Autos Ad
Subject: Re: Reply to ad: 2004 BMW M3, posted on Yahoo! Autos

Thank you for your interest in purchasing my BMW M3.The car price is only 12500 USD and the price inclued all the shipping taxes.The car is regesterid in U.S. but located in London U.K. whit me and my family becouse i am in U.S. Marine serving our country here in London.After i finish the mision here i want to spend the rest of my life in London.The title is clear that way you will not have any problems to regesterid in your name. Since this is an over seas purchase and in order for both parts to be safe we will use a third party to make this deal. The car will be shipped by Luftransa Air Cargo and she will be delivred at your home address in 8 days. I will send you whit the car the Title in original and the Bill Of Sale
Email me back ASAP if you are realy interested to my beutiful car.
Kind regards

If you determine the escrow site the seller sent you to is a fake, don't ask the seller to use another escrow site, he is in on the scam! There is no car for sale, it's all a fake. Many victims just don't get it. The seller is behind the whole scam.

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