Lyle Romer

Consumer Advocate, Senior Editor

Lyle Romer

Lyle is a consumer advocate, Founding Contributor and Vice President of For over 20 years, he's been researching all aspects of the automotive sales industry.

Lyle worked with Jeff Ostroff to create content for beginning in 1999 after years of industry research. He carefully observed every aspect of his own car buying experience as the internet began to take a foothold in the process. He designed the site to make sure that consumers had easy access to information.

Lyle has been an auto industry insider since 1999. He also has worked with other automotive websites to help improve their offerings based upon feedback from users. He covers important industry events and gathers off the record sources while attending industry conventions.

As a car enthusiast, Lyle enjoys getting industry secrets distributed to the public. He feels that powerful information will allow more people to be able to afford and drive their dream car.

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