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Did you save money buying your new car using our new car buying guides?

We want to know about it, so use the form below. Sometimes we respond for more information or to let you know once we have added your car to our $avOmeter database. The email will have a subject heading "$avometer Submission For CarBuyingTips.com"

What we need from you for the database, rounded to the dollar:

  1. Invoice price of your new car including all options and destination charge
  2. The MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of your new car usually on the white window sticker.
  3. Your new car's negotiated selling price is the price you agreed on, not including taxes, license fees, etc.

If you used a car buying service, or a site like FightingChance.com, tell us which one in the comments field, along with any REBATES you got. Also, since you saved a good chunk of change, or if you got a rebate, I usually tell people to use some of that free money for a discount online extended warranty and you'll still have money left over. Click on the following link to read our complete guide to buying an Extended Warranty.