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How to Find DMV Websites

We used to keep a list of links to every state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website but it became too difficult to keep it accurate. For some unknown reason the state governments have nothing better to do but change the locations of web pages. Since we don't like to have inaccurate information here on CarBuyingTips.com, we decided it would be better just to tell you how to find the DMV website for your state.

A Simple Search

You will just need to do a simple search which is how we found the locations when we compiled our list. Go to your favorite search engine and enter a search for "{State} Department of Motor Vehicles" and replace "{State}" with the state you live in. You will find the correct page at the very top of the search results. We will focus on giving out the best car buying advice and let the search engines do what they do best and keep the current location of websites.

Once you are on the correct site for your state's DMV, you'll be able to find links to whatever you need to do. They will have pages for everything from Driver's Licenses to Registrations and Titles.

In many cases the the website for the DMV will be the same as the site for the Driver License office. We have compiled a list of the Driver License Office websites for all 50 states.