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Wisconsin Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Andrew ToyotaMilwaukeeWIFairPrentiss FarseeFair
Comments: 1)maybe add a link to look up invoice prices. 2) for 2010 Sienna I also added after market leather seats for $1595 and aftermarket front heated seats for $350. I did not include these in the $23,755 purchase price. With leather & heated seats the purchase price was $25,700. $4095 savings includes $1500 Toyota cash back offer.
Boucher Volkswagen MarketplaceFranklinWIExcellentSean ChristofersonExcellent
David Hobbs HondaGlendaleWINot So HotAlan WhitsonGood
International AutosMilwaukeeWIVery GoodAngela BlochVery Good
Comments: Eco credit of 4500.
Lancaster Toyota ScionMadisonWIExcellentShawn StittleburgExcellent
Comments: Very good site, lots of good information.
Lynch SuperstoreBurlingtonWIExcellentJon CihoskiExcellent
Comments: Site is great and I look forward to using it again. Everyone I know is aware of it now.
Russ Darrow MazdaGreenfieldWIPoorAlan BreskePoor
Comments: An "out the door" price, including trade-in, was agreed upon via e-mail. When I went to pick up the car, they said they thought my trade was differently equipped (I had e-mailed a scan of the original window sticker), and they thought they were selling a different vehicle (the e-mails referenced a specific car stock number) and raised the price $1100. I walked out without buying.
Schlossmann's Honda CityWest AllisWIFairGaryVery Good
Schlossman's Honda CityMilwaukeeWIFair  
Comments: Information from your site was great and got me what I think was a great price quote from four dealers. I never would have thought to ask for $3,700 off the posted price - much less thought it would be the first number received from the dealers. Only problem I had was the pressure from the finance department at the dealer to buy $3,000 of warranties for the car. I told them no - then had to go through the ridiculous game of having the manager come make sure I really didn't want this great deal - then they can make it better, then even better. By the end I was getting pretty offended.
Schlossmann's Honda CityMilwaukeeWIFairMin GujaGood
Comments: AWESOME SITE - I went car shopping before reading this site and almost got taken for a ride! But I found it just in time and got a good deal. My first new car too. Only gripe is they'd "promised" me financing at 4.25% but ended up getting at 4.89% - oh well. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work.
Schoepp MotorsMiddletonWIPoorRay ImmigPoor
Comments: This dealership tried very hard to put my 19 year old daughter into a 2009 Toyota Corolla. I asked several times whether or not this vehicle was part of Toyota's current recalls, and each time I was promised that the vehicle was NOT recalled. Later, using the VIN on the Carfax report, I discovered that this Corolla was included on the recall and that recall work had not been completed.
Wilde Chrysler Dodge JeepWaukeshaWIVery Good  
Comments: With your loan scenario spreadsheet and the Fighting Chance package, once the salesman saw the folder, everything got very easy. The Finance Manager was shocked when I refused the $599.00 window etching, and the $699.00 paint and fabric protectant, as well as the extended warranty and service contract. I did let him do the loan though... he had a better rate than I did. Thanks Jeff. Buying this car was fun!
Wilde HondaWaukeshaWIFairJames JanzGood
Wilde HondaWaukeshaWIPoor  
Comments: has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.