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Dealers and salespeople are rated based upon the responses to questions that are asked of our visitors. The comments which you see are optional and are posted when available (with spelling and typo corrections). The dealers and salesperson (if available) are rated on a six level scale (Poor, Not So Hot, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent). Our excellent rating is reserved for only the best dealer experiences.

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Washington Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Acura of LynnwoodLynnwoodWAPoorChrisPoor
Comments: I was talked into leasing, the allowable mileage I was told was 15k per year, then changed to 10k and denied telling me that. Supposedly there's GAP but nothing states the cost of this - if it's paid over time, refundable. No breakdown how payments are calculated. They told me things like that I could trade in the car any time and there would be no extra charge for excess mileage and when I said show me where it says that they said, you'll never get that in writing! The residual plus the payments is a fair price and I will purchase the car if I still like it at the end of the lease through my bank. I have never leased before and don't feel comfortable with all the gray areas with Honda/Acura so I won't do again. Same dealer tried to sneak extras in on my contract with my previous car purchase, 2013 Acura ILX - I had to have them redo it, very sneaky and dishonest. The 2013 ILX had a defective tire and the dealer tried to pretend they didn't know who put the tire on the car and I bought the car from them and it had never been serviced anywhere else.
Appleway ToyotaSpokaneWAFair  
Comments: Did good on bargaining on the car but kind of lost out on the extended warranty negotiation.
Bob Bridge ToyotaRentonWAPoorSeanPoor
Comments: We all know that dealership repairs are slightly more expensive but if you go, it is to get the most premium service. But not Sean at Bob Bridge Toyota. Bob Bridge Toyota does not employ service people who think out of the box, or that will go the extra mile. Don't go there, go to someone you can trust and rely on. Sean at Bob Bridge Toyota would not allow a thorough inspection of why my 2 year old Toyota Camry was using up all its oil well in advance of the regular oil change time frame. He had absolutely no customer service skills and not at all accommodating. From check-in to check-out he did not provide any options, did not seem empathetic to my situation, did not offer any other remedies they could take to investigate why my oil keeps running low. He's a man that reads you the guideline of what it says in the Toyota repair manual and has the that's your tough luck attitude. AND my vehicle is still under warranty. So I definitely will be going else where. I feel sad for them.
Carter Jeep (Chrysler/Dodge)Burnaby, British ColumbiaWAExcellentBrian MitchellExcellent
Comments: I had to go with Car Cost because I live in Canada, instead of Fighting Chance. Between Car Buying Tips and Car Cost, I saved an additional $1900.00!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
Doug's Lynnwood MazdaEdmondsWAExcellentRossExcellent
Dwayne LanesEverettWAPoor  
Comments: Do not trust these guys, they lie about features, lie about history, lie about repairs they make, all around scoundrels.
Hinshaw HondaAuburnWAPoor
Comments: I am so extremely happy to have read this information. As a single woman, I have already been taken advantage of. I made many mistakes already, but thank God, I have other dealers to work with in my areas. Bless you for sharing this information
Harris FordLynwoodWAVery GoodAlexVery Good
Comments: Thanks for the resource it was awesome!- I used your new car pricing spreadsheet (to calculate offers)- TrueCar for pricing vehicle with options - for 5 year depreciation/condensed reviews Dealer tried all of the standard tricks including telling me one of the rebates was a 'mail in' to try and stick another $500 on the price. Knowing how to spot the tricks early helped me feel in control the entire time I negotiated the new vehicle price first and the trade 2nd. I got $1,400 over NADA for my trade-in. Your site is on my list of referrals to my peers, friends and employees. Thanks Again!
Honda of KirklandKirklandWAPoorPeter TakasawaNot So Hot
Comments: I just want to warn people out there that even the better dealers are pulling some fraudulent activity. They lied to me at Honda of Kirkland in Washington state and tried repeatedly to get me to sign a finance agreement with them by telling me that it was part of the Patriot Act and that before even talking numbers they needed it signed. I refused repeatedly and essentially was about to walk out when they removed the forms. This was after way too long. Their finance manager Leslie even signed a form which I still have which repeated their lie. Do NOT SIGN ANYTHING!!!! We were financed through out bank. Our bank even said there is no reason for them to check our credit AT ALL!! I'm still a little pissed about this fraud. I didn't sign anything and I got my price. The ADP charge showed up and I essentially told them flat out, I will only pay the destination charge and the doc fees. Its such an awful experience but without this site I would not have been prepared and probably would have signed that finance agreement believing their lies; especially since they really tried to pressure me. Our salesman was kind and that's the ONLY reason I stayed. Peter Takasawa was great. Too bad he works in such a scammy industry.
Honda of SeattleSeattleWAVery GoodDavidExcellent
Comments: We used This site and FightingChance were extremely helpful to us. This is the first time we ever bought a new car. It was great to be able to have a negotiated price before even visiting the dealership!
Hyundai of KirklandKirklandWAGoodMartin CamachoVery Good
Infiniti of KirklandKirklandWAFair  
Comments: A fantastic site! Brings together a lot of information; helped me to organize my thoughts, collect all my numbers, and develop a "battle strategy" before going to the dealership for the final struggle. Of course, I still feel that I got screwed, and I consumed a lot of Tylenol and Tums along the way.
Jay Lee's HondaSumnerWAExcellentMike and ToddExcellent
Comments: Great site, with a little time devoted to studying the site I was able to neg. a great deal, THANKS!
Klein HondaEverettWAExcellentJerryExcellent
Koenig SubaruPort AngelesWA   
Comments: I requested quotes through, CarClearanceDeals, and the Costco program. The auto pricing spreadsheet from was a great tool that I referred to repeatedly. Best advice I received: buy between Christmas and New Year's when dealers are really dealing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Larson Dodge PuyallupWAPoorPrestonSmithFair
Comments: We were tricked. Car had scratch on side mirror. Salesman said "We'll take care of it" and stated "It'll need to be painted". But it was never written on the contract. Afterward he claimed that part of the deal was only between him and us ... not the dealer. And when he discovered having their body shop do a professional job would cost $300, he instead ordered a $20 tube of touch-up paint and said he'd do it himself. Their own body shop (subcontracted) said "that's not up to Dodge standards". And stated "when you buy a new car you have a right to have it perfect. Dodge would never send a car out with touch-up paint." Before the sale, even the Finance Manager when questioned stated "We're gonna take care of it". Before the sale it was "We're" or "We've". After the sale it was "I'm" and he tells me how he only make $100 on the sale and how the dealer lost $4000 and how because it's not in writing they don't have to do anything. I told him that because 3 of us heard his offer, such a tactic is "Bait and Switch" and is a violation of the state's Consumer Protection act. I've offered to give them one more chance but if it shows I'll take it to their body shop, pay the man and then sue. (I had no trade-in, paid cash)
Lithia Chrysler RentonWAExcellentAnthony Russo Very Good
Comments: Well set up, good information, would like to see the folder organized different, possibly some downloads to help spur the building of the folder along as I found it indispensable.
Comments: Looked at Elantras and Sonatas. The sales guy was nice, the manager was a creep. I don't even remember his name. He told us that getting a hybrid "wasn't really worth it"; what a jerk, the planet is worth it. Tried to offer me $700 on a trade in worth $2,500. Hid my trade in paperwork so I couldn't leave. Pulled all the usual bull with "what monthly payments do you want?". I walked out. I would never buy a car from this place. Really, really sleazy sales manager.
Lynnwood HondaLynnwoodWAVery GoodCorey PerezExcellent
Comments: Fantastic info and was also great. We ended up using the USAA price quote and the free spreadsheet as a starting point. Came into dealer with fixed price, no trade in and our own financing. Told them USAA had sent us to one of their competitors and we knew we could get X price there. We were not happy with how that dealership acted though so if this dealership wanted to not be sleazy and match the price we would buy from them. They beat the other dealers price by $100 and didn't pull any tricks. Helped a lot that we knew what tricks to look for thanks to this site.
Lynnwood HondaEdmondsWAVery GoodRick FoncecaExcellent
Comments: Jeff, I can't thank you enough for all of the information you've provided here. I had never purchased a car from a dealership before. Due in part to your helpful tips and suggestions, my wife and I were able to purchase our first-ever new car. You have saved us thousands of dollars!
Magic HondaSeattleWAExcellentLionel FocusExcellent
Milam MazdaPuyallupWAFairAndy PhillipsGood
Comments: I used the online links to get the price before I even went to the dealership. Much easier than negotiating in the showroom. Lots of good advice
Puyallup Auto Source II601 2nd StNEWAPoorPoor
Comments: We bought a used car, we made a offer the dealer took the offer we paid cash for the car and all papers were signed with the dealer. After the plates came the dealer said we need to pay more for the registration fee which was $33.00 more than the offer price. The dealer said price for the registration was an estimate. I told the dealer that I should not have to pay the fee because they took my offer for the car. The dealer said that they would send the plates back to DMC and I will still have to pay the $33.00
Renton HondaRentonWAPoor  
Comments: We bought a used so called "certified Honda". This dealer uses a high pressure closer, and would use any tactic to run up the price or keep you in the store till you signed a contract with some terms you might no be prepared to honor! After sale, we found defects including a lot of damage and repair on one side of the car, the car was represented as a never repainted car taken back on lease, and we were told they knew the person who leased. Looks like an auction car to me, of course they said they don't know what happened, didn't notice it, and of course couldn't reach the person who leased it to find out what happened and why the work was so poorly done.
Renton HondaRentonWAPoor  
Comments: I believe I got a great deal! I got my car for below invoice price and that is including $600 worth of accessories.
Renton SubaruRentonWAGoodSales ManagerVery Good
Comments: I also received $1500 rebate plus 24 month 0% financing on top of the ($1,015) off of dealer invoice.
Roy Robinson SubaruMarysvilleWAExcellentGene CollinsExcellent
Comments: Used a variation of the Fighting Chance email/phone attack to buy this car via email and the internet. I did not step foot into a dealer (other than to test drive) until I had had an offer for the price I wanted. Also, ask for a final "out the door" price when getting quotes. I saved over $600 from documentation fees and taxes just by asking for a full "Out the door" price on all my quote requests.
Seaview ChevroletLynnwoodWAFairDan KnoblockFair
Comments: GM is in trouble. I found a car that the dealer couldn't sell. I negotiated my trade and did well. I got $3,000 rebate from the dealer. I refused to pay 'prep fees'. I refused to negotiate based on payments and always discussed the bottom line. I managed not to get shafted by ultra-high rate dealer financing (i used a credit union instead). Your site is awesome and I recommended it to all my friends. At the end the finance guy told me they sold the car at a loss of several thousand just to get it off the lot. Its a Vibe, which is the exact same thing as a Toyota Matrix. I used your site 4 years ago when we purchased our last new car. So far your tips have saved us close to $10,000!
Sno-Country FordMonroeWAVery GoodMike DickinsonExcellent
Sunset AutoAuburnWAPoorSergio TristanPoor
Wendle NissanSpokaneWAExcellentSeanExcellent
Comments: Includes $2,000 manufacturer rebate
West Hills HondaBremertonWAPoorsales managerPoor
Comments: Of that 26,769 sticker price there was a 2,342 tire/wheel pkg. that was previously removed from the car and not disclosed during sale. It was still listed as on the car and I was led to believe that the alloy wheels were the pkg. not seeing that it comes std. on that car. There was a tire and wheel warranty added to the front end of selling price along with anti-theft etching which neither I asked for or knew was added in because it wasn't listed on the contract individually or on the sticker as an option which brought the agreed neg. price on the floor from 23,088 to 23,885.When meeting with the finance officer I was told here was my extended warranty along with a ADV. PLUS MAINT. When confronted on shouldn't he ask me first if I wanted it he replied " I'm only giving you what I would want on my car". He still never asked me directly as a yes or no question but only pushed more materials in front of me telling me what good sense it made. So I paid an extra 3,265 for all the peace of mind that if my reliable Honda breaks I'm covered. Not to mention I supposedly got a 1,399 savings off the 2,869 ADM. Because they work so hard and already hadn't made what I expect was a nice hefty profit off the deal at MSRP. It comes down to this I paid 24,253 not incl. warranty on a car MSRP 20,225.
Comments: This was a used truck. The problem was the trade ins. They kept telling me one of my trade in was only worth $5000 and showed me a picture of a truck on craigslist selling for $5000. They now have my truck listed for sale on their lot for $10,000. They also told my friend he would get $100 for bringing me in. He got $50. They tried to rip me off by not paying the total agreed price on a trade-in. I called the Attorney General and got a check from them in one day. They told me they don't issue checks until they get the title to the trade in. And they just happened to get it the day the Attorney General contacted them. How weird was that?? I checked with the bank issuing the title and asked when it was mailed. It was mailed two week ago. So the title was in the postal vortex for two weeks as the dealership would have me believe. Again, how weird. Also the financing would not go through. I told them we had a deal and they could have the truck back. They said they would find financing at the contracted rate. Once again, very strange. And the story is not over. I got a call today stating they want to charge me $20 more for registration because I have disabled plates. They already charged me $131.50 in the contract. has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.