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Virginia Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Alexandria ToyotaAlexandriaVAVery GoodJohn McMillanExcellent
Comments: 2.9% APR loan, over 36 months. I had internet quotes from many different dealers, all offering to match the others quotes. One dealer near me would not give me a quote over the internet, which I thought was very funny. Thanks for the great web site.
Autonation ToyotaLeesburgVAVery GoodPatriceExcellent
Comments: Love your site and This is the 3rd time I've used to buy a car and I saved a lot this time. The spreadsheet is excellent. I got a $2000 rebate.
Bill Page HondaArlingtonVAGood
BMW of SterlingSterlingVAPoor  
Comments: After being the loyal customer since 2002, that was the worst experience I had with the dealership! I was there to lease a new 328i, but ended with a car in the lot since Aug/2010. Furthermore, didn't get a fair price for the car, and got high interest rate. I actually asked a price quote for 2 cars, 328i Coupe and 328i Convertible. My first choice was the convertible. We test drove both cars. After few minutes in the Sales Manager office, the Sales Consultant came out and told us that the convertible was sold! That was kind of weird as the car was in the warehouse lot, and we saw the car on Friday (test drove on Saturday). My husband and I think that we were steered to purchase the 328i Coupe as the car has been there for a very long time. We didn't know the car being in the lot since August/2010 until we saw the delivery note that accidentally left in the car by the cleaning crew.
Brown's BuickMidlothianVAPoorAlbert StanleyPoor
Comments: What an awful experience - not a hint of post-purchase service. I was promised that 2 of the tires would be replaced because they had no tread left on them, as well as 4 scratched rims. After 2 trips down there, they had replaced only one tire and rotated one of the poor tires to the passenger side in the hope that I wouldn't notice. After fighting about the rims for a week on the phone I just dropped it. Then I realized that the manual booklet was not in the car. I was promised it would be mailed to me before a 3 month out-of-state business trip. 3 days before I left, still nothing! When I called in the salesman simply had to say: "Well, the envelopes are upstairs and I would have to walk upstairs to get it." Are you kidding me?! I had to drive ANOTHER 45 minutes each way to fetch it. What a joke. When I complained to the manager about the lack of service, he simply shrugged it off - not so much as an apology. Not to mention the fact that, to this day, I don't have some of the trimmings that were promised with the vehicle and come standard with a Beetle. Disgusting - NEVER buy there!
Brown's Fairfax MazdaFairfaxVAVery GoodBrian McGunnigleVery Good
Brown's Fairfax NissanFairfaxVANot So HotMin Ho KongFair
Comments: The vehicle was fully loaded and included the navigation package. I liked the price, since it was clearly the lowest price in the area, but the "unprepared buyer" beware when dealing with this dealership. They tried just about every scam that's mentioned on this website at one time or the other. The website has great information and should be a must read for anyone purchasing a car in today's market.
Brown's NissanFairfaxVAFairSeanFair
Comments: I'm absolutely amazed at how accurate your site was regarding common dealer scams. Fortunately, we were able to shop around for a full month armed with this websites valuable tips. All 9 dealers we went to tried the same classic scams. We went with the most honest we encountered. Thanks man, you really helped us out.
Fair Oaks Chrysler JeepChantillyVAPoorLeonePoor
Fairfax HyundaiFairfaxVAVery GoodKristen Glenn (Internet Sales Manager)Excellent
Comments: The negotiated price includes $1,500 cash rebate. I used Car Buying Service to get my deal which was better than the no-haggle internet price and well below invoice.
Fitzgerald Toyota & Haley ToyotaMD & VAVAGoodCharles 'Chuck' Thomas & Phil, Sales Mgr@ FitzMallVery Good
Comments: Went to 2 dealers: Fitzgerald Toyota in MD gave me a good price after a short haggle with their Sales Manager (face to face). I knew almost certainly what the negotiating room was and told them I wanted some of that money. I had my local dealer on the line during the initial viewing of the car and called him after the 'Haggle'. Went to see the local dealer with my 'contract' from FitzMall. They met the price, and I called FitzMall, who said "Go for it". Wouldn't have gotten the AT Package if I'd gone directly to my local dealer (SE Toyota won't order it but MidAtl will). The deal was $100 over dealer's price. Left some on the table, but Happy w/ the deal
Hall ChevroletChesapeakeVAFairSteve HardingVery Good
Comments: Although I got my 2012 Chevy Equinox lower than invoice, it was without a few issues on unwanted charges. First, the dealership was going to charge me a little over $800 for VIN etching, pin stripping, and wheel locks. The weird thing about this is that these were just presumptions that the vehicle had since the specific model I wanted was coming from a different dealership. Since I insisted that I was not paying all those extra items that I don't need, they agreed to waive them off. I used USAA Autocircle Car Buying Service which this dealership was an authorized member. Also, after negotiating the final price, they asked me to sign some credit union application which I heard them say that they need to get some money from somewhere somehow, I mistakenly signed it. The dealerships might have some special agreement with credit unions that I don't know. This was about a little over 3 hours into the negotiation and I guess I was tired and happy with the final price. Anyway, that was my fault so lesson learned. Also, the parts/service department almost got me as well. I inquired about a roof rack horizontal cross bars and 4 splash guards. These items only amounted to about $280 but when they showed me the almost $700 invoice, I cried foul. They found an error on the labor code used.
Hampton Chevy MazdaHamptonVAPoorMark MarvuglioNot So Hot
Comments: Salesman was businesslike after I told him I was there to buy, no BS pitches for extras. I laid out what I wanted, showed him your buyers offer s/s, and he set to work on the 7 trips to the sales mgr. I left out mentioning my trade till after price was agreed, but I don't think it helped-they suspected anyway. I was low-balled on the trade, of course. Trade was loooow mileage 07, immaculate, mech. sound w/new tires (800 mi.), only slight paint damage on the bumper, but they tried to subtract "tire rotation-$59" "warranty insp.-$16" "LOF-$59" (WTH is LOF?) "detailing-$144" "Est. repairs-$403", etc. I started to walk, and the offer came up+$300 immediately. The further I walked the higher the offer. When they hit my number he said "If I get you this amt., will you buy today?"(tells me the model's not moving off the lot, some cars had dead batteries during my earlier test drives) and I said "Sold." F & I guy claimed he didn't get a few papers/numbers from the salesman and some numbers were off. We reprinted the contract 3 times to get it right. The sales mgr looked pissed the whole time, like he wanted to punch me. Week later I'm still grinnin. Thanks ever so much for the course and spreadsheets. You are an angel in wolf's clothing. NB:DLR accepted my financing, no option for it here
Comments: Also incl. dealer installed 10" DVD player. Has dealer package of mud guards, mat and wheel nuts.
Hendrick HondaWoodbridgeVAFairGuillermoGood
Comments: Purchase was through internet pricing, no problem. However, at the dealer sales manager was reluctant to negotiate any further, although we were able to drop the price $250 and meet my desired price on my trade-in. It's still the same combative us and them at the dealer. I won my prce with a long wait through all the subsequent paperwork and prep of the already purchased van.
Koons SterlingSterlingVAGood  
Lustine ToyotaWoodbridgeVAPoorJames/Chris (manager)Poor
Comments: Thanks for the help. I would not have made it without your helpful guide.
Malloy FordWinchesterVAExcellentBill AlbrightExcellent
Comments: love the site. Made an offer the dealer could not refuse. On the road price of $19,375 with 0% Ford financing 60 months.
McGeorge ToyotaRichmondVAVery Good  
Comments: Great site - good info. Use the website and info. Used their strategy and got a great deal >1000 under invoice!
Mechancisville ToyotaMechanicsvilleVAGoodChester WisniewskiGood
Comments: Love the site. Third time I've used it to buy a car. Messed up though and plugged in my consumer rebate in the factory to dealer incentive cell, which skewed the numbers so I paid $300 more than I should have. Oh well, I'll pay better attention next time. One dealer tried to claim that holdback and wholesale financial reserves were their costs. Showed me their invoice to "prove it".
Mechanicsville ToyotaMechanicsvilleVAExcellent  
Mercedes Benz of ChantillyChantillyVAExcellentBrian AddyExcellent
Comments: Used USAA pre-negotiated pricing for USAA members ($150 over invoice). Applied Mercedes-Benz $1500 to dealer incentive. Negotiated another $600 off the final price to secure the deal.
Nissan of Newport NewsNewport NewsVANot So Hot  
Comments: I paid $31,632 after a $1,500 rebate. I referred to to try to find out how much to offer. stated that a good price for the 2010 Nissan Murano 2WD SL was $30,050 after rebate which is what I told the salesman. However, I was confused by the shell game that the finance manager played with my trade-in and I obviously ended up paying more than I should have.
Pearson Toyota Newport News VA Excellent Brenda Robertson Excellent
Comments: If you are within 150 miles of Newport News, VA, please go to Pearson Toyota to buy your Yaris!!! Brenda Robertson will give you a great deal and treat you with respect! Tell her Cassandra from the OBX recommended her! Thank you!
Peninsula HondaHamptonVAVery GoodShaqExcellent
Comments: Look for a dealership that has a demo. It can be a really good deal. We entered the dealership looking for a specific color scheme that we knew was not in the area (within 3 states). The only Odyssey Touring they had was a demo. The vehicle had 3,400 miles on it. We read the site before stepping foot into the dealership. We set a base price of 50 cents per mile, as a good estimate for amount deducted from invoice. They agreed to a very close price (it took some haggling and time), but when we were in our decision making time, we decided that the color didn't really fit us and we were going to continue looking. We received a phone call shortly after leaving the dealership saying they will lower it an additional $500. We went through the vehicle with a fine tooth comb and wrote down every discrepancy we noticed. We insisted that they all be corrected to within our standards before signing any paperwork. They correct all minor imperfections and cleaned the carpet and leather interior as well. Overall we are satisfied with our purchase.
Pohanka AcuraChantillyVAVery GoodMattVery Good
Comments: Negotiated price included running boards and wood grain steering wheel
Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg.FredericksburgVAExcellentBrian BentleyExcellent
Comments: VERY informative. Reading over your web site a few times helps build confidence in the car buying process. I know it saved me a bunch. Thanks.
Pohanka HyundaiFredericksburgVAFairJoey MastinExcellent
Comments: Used Car Buying Service / usaa / zag Almost hassle free (just the finance weany who was displeased that we were reading all contracts and paperwork- he also quoted 3.90% when it ended up being 3.98%), and arrived at the dealership already knowing what the out the door price was. Thanks for the advice. We were so much better prepared compared to the last time that we bought a car. I have no doubt that you are personally responsible for saving us a significant amount of money.
Pohanka of Fredericksburg Fredericksburg VA Excellent Kingsley Kwakye Excellent
Comments: Dealer quote was $300-500 less than 3 quotes. Price was so good I bought 2 Civics - this LX Coupe and LX Sedan.
Pomoco Nissan Hampton VA Excellent Conrad JacksonExcellent
Comments: LOVED Conrad! Second time in 2 years buying a brand new car from! Love POMOCO
Pomoco Nissan of Hampton Hampton VA Very Good Conrad Jackson Excellent
RK Toyota Hampton VA Very Good Corey Very Good
Comments: Thank you SO much for your information! It was a great help to really sit down and think about all of the "extras" the dealer was going to charge us, as well as realize that, no matter how much they told us they weren't going to make money on the deal, they were! We ended up with exactly what we wanted, with a few extras, at a great price. Thanks again!
Ron Rosner Toyota of Fredericksburg FredericksburgVA Very Good Chris MacKnight Excellent
Comments: $1000 Rebate. Loved the sight, gave us all the info we needed to not get ripped off. Went to a dealership who gave us a really low price but wouldn't honor deal when we were ready to buy. Went to a different dealer and was shocked at how little time was spend haggling. Got a lower price than first dealership and service was top notch!
Springfield VolkswagenSpringfieldVA Not So Hot Chris Palmer Not So Hot
Comments: Time spent there was too long. After I got home, dealer had sent and email earlier that day with price $3000.00 lower than what they sold it to me for. They will not honor that quote. I think its pretty shabby.
Stohlman Subaru Herndon Herndon VA Fair Chris Fair
Ted Britt FordFairfaxVAVery GoodTom RossExcellent
Comments: Included $2,000 rebate from Ford.
West Broad Hyundai Richmond VA Excellent Jack Excellent
Comments: You have helped us purchase our last two vehicles, both at significant discount. Thanks! has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.