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Texas Car Dealers - Ratings and Reviews - Page 2 has complied this list of new car dealers using ratings & reviews from our visitor's input. If you have recently visited a new car dealership and want to submit your experience to us, please Click Here!

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Dealers and salespeople are rated based upon the responses to questions that are asked of our visitors. The comments which you see are optional and are posted when available (with spelling and typo corrections). The dealers and salesperson (if available) are rated on a six level scale (Poor, Not So Hot, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent). Our excellent rating is reserved for only the best dealer experiences.

As stated on our home page, there are both good car dealers & bad car dealers. Our site helps you, the customer, keep from getting scammed. Use this information along with the other tips and advice from to get a good deal and avoid scams. If you're just starting the car shopping process, you should start with "Buying New Cars & Avoid Dealer Scams." If shopping for a used car, start with "Buy A Used Car & Avoid Scams."

Texas Dealers Names:
Texas Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Lithia ToyotaOdessaTXVery Good  
Mac HaikGeorgetownTXExcellentMatthew RudolphExcellent
Comments: Third car I've bought after using your site. Would never do it without it. $3,000 under MSRP on a very inexpensive car. YES!!!!
Mercedes Benz Long BeachLong BeachTXExcellent  
Comments: arctic white, almond/black MB tex interior, multimedia and premium (po1) package
Mercedes Benz of North HoustonHoustonTXExcellentBill WinderExcellent
Comments: It was a great experience.
Metro VWIrving , TXTXExcellentChuck WolfExcellent
Comments: The dealership was great to deal with. I took your info and Consumer Reports info and they worked with me, everything I read said dealers would not deal on TDI's but they did. I paid cash for one car and traded with cash on the other. I had buy offer from CarMax that was $500 more but for the hassle of going back and forth (and my wife had to go work) I took their offer.
Moritz CadillacArlingtonTXExcellentBob PaulExcellent
Comments: Dealer was very motivated to sell the car as they're not moving as well as the new SRX. They tossed in all applicable GM-to-customer rebates and also some GM incentives for the car being on the lot "too long." An absolute steal that was cheaper than the lower model we were looking at! This was the third time we've used your tips, and each time we've saved thousands!
Port Lavaca Dodge ChryslerPort LavacaTXPoorHorace EvansPoor
Prestige Ford in Garland TXGarlandTXPoorJose Jr Saucedo/ Jose VelasquezPoor
Ram Country ToyotaDel RioTXExcellentCory UrbanExcellent
Comments: We added a bunch of options, remote start, dual DVD headrest system, custom window tint (not the dealer tint) etc...
Red McCombs FordSan AntonioTXFairHaquimFair
Comments: Hassle to haggle, but we went to two dealerships where the first one had a fully loaded hybrid and I told him I wasn't interested in the packages but would look at his offer. It was a fair price, I took the slip from him went to a second dealership that had the car with the packages I wanted showed that seller the first dealer's slip and negotiated him to drop his price more.
Reid Auto Sales LLCIrvineTXPoor  
Comments: This Used car Dealer tried to sale us a car for $ $1,000 more then they were advertising it for, when we looked at the contract we noticed. Asked them to remove it they refused.
Reliable ChevroletRichardsonTXNot So HotKeith CollinsNot So Hot
Roger Beasly HyundaiKyleTXExcellentRick BeatyExcellent
Comments: I used the package. This was my first car purchase, and as a woman I felt that it was important for me to be armed with all the knowledge I could so I didn't get taken advantage of. With the information from and Fighting Chance, I approached 7 dealerships with a detailed plan of execution. There was never a moment where I wasn't in control of the entire process. I was able to sniff out immediately the "BS-ers" and one dealership had almost clinched the deal until the very end and he tried to pull a slick one, so I bailed. The salesman I ultimately went was honest and upfront from the very beginning, and he said that he knew right away that I was an informed consumer so he was going to lay it all out there! Thanks to y'all, this was an amazing experience and I will be using website and Fighting Chance for all my future car purchases! Thanks again!
Ron Carter HyundaiFriendswoodTXGood  
Round Rock HondaAustinTXPoor  
Round Rock NissanRound RockTXVery GoodLouise McArthurVery Good
Russel & Smith FordHoustonTXVery GoodTom MelansonExcellent
Comments: What a fabulous site! Thank you so very much for taking the time to do this - first time buyers like us learned a whole lot & saved a lot too! We would have been totally exploited but for your site. We saved $1,143! We almost got scammed at another dealer but were able to spot all the tricks they tried on us (and there were a lot!) & finally walked out when they changed the terms on us & wouldn't do the negotiated deal with our pre-approved loan. Also thank you for the prompt reply to our SOS about whether the buyers order we signed was binding - it turns out we had not gotten to signing the purchase agreement & hadn't put money down or taken delivery of the car, so we were safe. We called the scamming dealer and checked with him & also mentioned that we had spoken to DMV-Dealer Enforcement. Boy, was he scared - he apologized for the 'mis-communication' and said they'd honor the deal with our finance if we'd like or we're free to go elsewhere. We walked. Bought at another dealer who was up-front. Thank you again!
Rusty Wallis HondaDallasTXPoorBrad MaverickPoor
Comments: I purchased a 2000 Toyota Celica for my daughter "AS IS". It showed 61,000 miles on it. I Had continual problems with the car-it was a nightmare to deal with. I took the vehicle for the(3rd time) to a Toyota dealer and they pulled the motor's VIN which came back to a Corolla and was in bad shape. I had to buy a new motor. Let the buyer beware-- do not buy AS IS. I feel as if the dealership ripped me off because they knew I was a single parent with a teenager that wanted that particular car and they had to know the car was in bad condition. My question is, if the motor was different than the original Toyota motor with 61,000 miles on it, isn't the odometer statement incorrect that the dealership gave me. They also gave me a clean CARFAX report stating no problems with the car and a BUYBACK GUARANTEE. Where is that guarantee??? The dealership will do nothing to help me, even after I've spent $4800 within 6 months of buying the car.
Sam Pack's Five Star FordCarrolltonTXVery GoodMichael KrantzVery Good
Comments: I liked all the extensive details and scenarios offered. The formatting of the website could be a little better by making reading key points stand out more. Overall, a very good site that I will be certain to recommend to others.
SEWELL INFINITI HoustonTXVery GoodChristi SnuggsGood
Comments: I LOVE THE WEBSITE. I don't like to pay for information (, etc.) Found all the invoice info I needed on TrueCar for free. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!!
South Point NissanAustinTXExcellentCaesar LopezExcellent
Comments: South Point Nissan in Austin Texas has been amazing the two times I have purchased a car with them. I stumbled upon this car while researching new cars at their dealership. I have test driven three different cars on four occasions and was not planning to buy this time either, and they have not once attempted to pressure me in to buying something that day. They have been honest and up front, explained all fees appropriately and amazingly patient as I asked and asked questions. Including taxes, document fees, extended warranty, etc...I was very happy with the price compared with what I found elsewhere for the same car.
South Point NissanAustinTXFairDominic KletterExcellent
Comments: Site was super informative. Being that this was my first ever new car purchase on my own I was super anal about researching all the details. This site was excellent in preparing me and basically giving me a guide on what I needed to do and not do. The spreadsheet on buyers offer was extremely useful in determining 'dealer cost' and negotiating a fair deal.
Spring Branch HondaHoustonTXExcellentDaniel EllisVery Good
Comments: Second car I've saved thousands on with!
Star ToyotaLeague CityTXExcellentDavid PhamExcellent
Sterling McCall NissanSTAFFORDTXNot So HotALPHONSENot So Hot
Comments: Sold a car that had been damaged and did not disclose in the car-fax. Would not refund my deposit.
Sterling McCall HondaKingwoodTXVery GoodLarry DavisVery Good
Comments: This site helped me to know what to say and what not to say as well. Thanks Jeff!
Sterling McCall LexusHoustonTXVery GoodGeorge RossExcellent
Subaru PlanoPlanoTXPoorJackNot So Hot
Comments: 0% for 48 months with 5yr 60,000 mile bumper2bumper warranty
Texas DirectStaffordTXNot So Hot  
Comments: Found car on Ebay. After numerous phone calls and being assured the vehicle was in great condition with no rust I made a down payment. Drove from Iowa to Texas to pick up but vehicle was not as described. Had rust, bad tires, needed to be jump started, broken interior plastic and very dirty. Had to wait over two hours for them to bring it out of the detail shop and then told they don't clean them up. When I asked for my down payment back I was told no. Asked for a manager and was refused to talk to one. I persisted to try and talk with a manager or owner but was instead asked to leave or they would call the police. I left and eventually talked to a manager on the phone but money was not returned. EBay could do nothing because they end up selling the car around EBay when you call and therefor have no recourse.
Tomball DodgeTomballTXPoorHenryPoor
Comments: Hidden prices galore! We were charged extra for the following dealer installed items, despite not having any desire for any of them:
Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS) - $599
- VIN etched windows - $599
- Interior and Exterior protection - $595

In fact, we were told that the EVTS would be included in the price of the vehicle and would not be charged. Turns out, we were charged, and the salesman flat out lied to us when we confronted him about this charge two days later. Lies, lies, lies- that's what this dealership specializes in. We were never informed of the VIN etching or the Interior/Exterior protection until we sat down in the finance office. We didn't know that we would have to pay for either of these until we had time to sit down and review the contract the next day (the dealership was closed by the time we got to the finance office, so we were rushed out the doors after each piece of paper was shoved in front of us to sign). Will NEVER do business with them again in any capacity. Would not recommend them even to my worst enemy. Dishonest, unfair, and pushy. Tomball Dodge, you should be ashamed.

Tomball FordHoustonTXNot So HotToddFair
Comments: Great site. Could use a modern & clean update. I feel like I'm stuck in 1997 browsing this site.
Tom Benson ChevroletSan AntonioTXPoorHarry HewittPoor
Comments: This was my 1st (and last) experience at Tom Benson. Director Harry Hewitt could have chosen to build a bridge but instead chose to build a wall. His condescending, insensitive demeanor makes me wonder how many other complaints he gets lodged against him.
Toyota of GrapevineGrapevineTXPoorAnthonyPoor
Toyota of GrapevineGrapevineTXExcellentSam ScarlettExcellent
Comments: Great site. This really prevented me from making a mistake and buying from a dealership that was trying BS me too much. I am currently a deployed soldier, so I had to do most of my dealing online, which was a draw back, but I used some of your sites to put out feelers until I got what I wanted. I chose the 2011 instead of the 2010, even though the lowest offer I received for the 2010 was about $500 less. I bought the truck from Toyota of Grapevine ultimately. I don't know if they were more up front with me because I had done my research and had a positive, confident approach or if they are just a straight-forward dealership, but I will definitely recommend them and this website to others. I really appreciate the help.
Toyota of IrvingIrvingTXPoorMohammed BhattiPoor
Toyota of RichardsonRichardsonTXPoor  
Comments: We negotiated $28k with the salesperson. When we went back to the finance part, the contract was back up at $34k. He told us that since we were buying; that Toyota was "giving" us an extended warranty. I said that they were not "giving" us anything because they had tacked on everything under the sun to the loan. He told me it was a shame that we were not taking advantage of such a good deal. What kind of moron did he think we were? I will never go back into that dealership again. I wonder how many people have fallen for his play on words. It angers me every time I think about it.
Toyota of RichardsonRichardsonTXFair  
Tranum CountryCameronTXGoodJoe Lee HumplikExcellent
Comments: Can't remember Invoice & MSRP, but everything checked out according to your site. Joe Lee got his 3-4%, I got my truck, and I still love it. He tried to make his coin on the 95 S-10 trade-in (offered $1k), but I went to CarMax, and he matched their $2500 offer.
Vandergriff AcuraIrvingTXPoorTom Phan and Eric CambellPoor
Comments: This dealership is running a scam! They posted a retail price a used cars i was interested in, and then turn around stating " a third party hired to post the sticker made a mistake." I tried with two different sales for verification; they both did the same thing. Eric even told us we would be buying cheaper than the "retail price at 17,800" posted then submitted a selling price of 19,900??? RIP OFF!!!
Volvo of DallasFriscoTXFair  
Comments: Appreciate your insights -- You were a big help.
Westside Lexus HoustonHoustonTXExcellentScott StewartExcellent
Comments: IS250 w/auto transmission, navigation system, 18" wheels, spoiler, cargo mat/net, heated/ventilated seats
World Car HyundaiSan AntonioTXPoorNot So Hot
Comments: My issue has to do with the service or support after the sale. When I had the car delivered and the keys handed over to me (Intelligent keys), I realized there was only 1 set. Recognizing that should the battery die or we lose this set, my wife could be stranded with no way to get the car going, I immediately reached out to the rep via text who stated he would look for a 2nd set. He later replied that there was no other set and he could "order one for me for a couple hundred." I did not understand why I had to be the one to purchase a second set of keys and was shocked at this point. Why was this becoming my problem? I then looked in the glove box for what to do if we did have a non-functional set of keys and there was no Owners Manual. This just showed me there was not much of an attention to detail.

This dealership is only concerned with the immediate sale with no care of the service or support after the sale. Once they had my money, they were no longer interested in my situation that they had technically created. Had I known that this was going to occur, I promise you I would have walked out of the store because I would have known then that this was how they treat their customers.
Texas Dealers Names:
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