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Texas Car Dealers - Ratings and Reviews has complied this list of new car dealers using ratings & reviews from our visitor's input. If you have recently visited a new car dealership and want to submit your experience to us, please Click Here!

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Dealers and salespeople are rated based upon the responses to questions that are asked of our visitors. The comments which you see are optional and are posted when available (with spelling and typo corrections). The dealers and salesperson (if available) are rated on a six level scale (Poor, Not So Hot, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent). Our excellent rating is reserved for only the best dealer experiences.

As stated on our home page, there are both good car dealers & bad car dealers. Our site helps you, the customer, keep from getting scammed. Use this information along with the other tips and advice from to get a good deal and avoid scams. If you're just starting the car shopping process, you should start with "Buying New Cars & Avoid Dealer Scams." If shopping for a used car, start with "Buy A Used Car & Avoid Scams."

Texas Dealers Names:
Texas Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Absolute HyundaiMesquiteTXPoorJenniferPoor
Comments: I have never been to a dealership like this one; tried to make me believe that my credit was so bad that I had to pay sticker price in order for the bank to take the deal. I was given one price and before I walked out I was charged $3,000 more so I walked out. Then the manager called back trying to get me back in to the dealership. But that dealership was the scum of the earth and I would not send my worst enemy to them!!! So now I am going to wait a couple of months and check my credit scores and then get my own financing.
Absolute HyundaimesquiteTXPoor  
Comments: Hey everyone, absolutely don't ever go to this dealer they're bunch of crikets. Watch out for them. But if you ever have to go there. Or you have to buy car there, Watch out for deals offer to you and double check all the papers before you sign off anything, don't ever take their words or promises because none off the words from their mouth that worth of your trust. All the deals they offer you are rip off. Be careful with the game they playing with you. They will flip your deal in second and said they never said anything to you once you got finance and everything you arranged. They will tell you that they don't make anything profit on your deal that is BS. If you are negotiating with them I would suggest to record everything so you have evidence of what they said to you. Because they will turn around and said they never said that. Just your imagination. They will play time-wide game. Get you tired and confuse then the rip YOU off WITH ALL THE papers you have to sign. You should ask every details about the deal before you sign even if you are dying from tire. Because if you don't check they will rip off you at least FOUR THOUSAND on your purchase. SO BE CAREFUL WITH ALL OF THOSE CRIKETS THAT READY TO PLAY ANY GAMES JUST GET YOUR BUSINESS WATCH OUT FOR BUNCH OF HUNGRY CRIKETS.
Amanda Johnson VolkswagenAustinTXGoodGordon SpencerVery Good
Comments: It should be noted that our car was a hail sale special. While the deal was great, the finance manager almost blew the entire deal, and definitely soured our experience. Not only was he shocked that our credit was good (my husband and I are fairly young, but we've been working hard to build up our credit for years--few accounts, zero late payments for either of us. Ever.), he attempted to get us to tell him just how we got our credit that high at our age. Had it not been for the fantastic deal we were getting, I would have taken my business elsewhere. Quite frankly, that information was absolutely none of his business, and I had little patience for having my privacy invaded in such a way. He had our credit reports, and all information was accurate. He had all he needed to know. It was as if he resented not being able to charge us a higher interest rate. This person is the reason I have reservations about sending a family member to the dealership. Gordon and Tom did a great job of explaining everything thoroughly, and have been very prompt in answering any questions we might have had. The prices, terms, and interest rate quoted to us online was the same one quoted to us when we got to the dealership. We love our Jetta.
Autonation ToyotaHoustonTXExcellent  
Comments: I've referenced your site over the years whenever I've had the need to purchase a new vehicle. The information on your site is great and has helped me remember what to look out for. Since reading your site the first time I have not played any of the "games" the dealerships like to play. I've walked out on several deals and have never settled for a deal I haven't felt is fair. Keep up the great job keeping us informed! Thank you!
Bankston Ford/Mazda Fort WorthTXFairKenneth BrownExcellent
Bankston HondaLewisvilleTXVery GoodJames JohnstonExcellent
Comments: Thank you for your comprehensive website! It really helped me buy my first car by myself.
Bankston NissanIrvingTXExcellentGary BrownExcellent
Benson HondaSan AntonioTXPoorMichael JuarezNot So Hot
Boardwalk PorschePlanoTXExcellentChrisExcellent
Comments: What a great site! I wish I would've had the information/tools on this site long ago. I didn't think it would help buying a Porsche, but it certainly did.
Bob Tomes FordMckinneyTXGood  
Comments: great website. I bought the Fighting Chance package and helped a bunch. I emailed 6 different dealers, had them compete against each other for 2 rounds, and beat the Ford XPlan price by over $2,000.
Capitol ChevroletAustinTXFairPhillipFair
Comments: I had them add a spray in bed-liner as well for the same negotiated selling price above.
Champion AcuraLeague CityTXVery GoodJeremy PrattExcellent
Comments: Excellent experience, would gladly do business there again.
Champion ToyotaHoustonTXPoorBrad BiondoPoor
Comments: Three days after we paid down payment, signed contract and drove the car home, the sales called and told us the new guy put the wrong VIN# on our contract. We went in as his request and resigned it with the "right VIN". Three weeks later we receive the first bill and found out they put $1250 extra on the second contract without mentioning. I talked to the sale manager and he told me, you signed it and that's what you got.
Classic ToyotaTylerTXPoorSamuelPoor
Comments: agent Samuel selling strategy was I can sell you a new 2018 Toyota Camry for $14,428.00.ZERO FINANCE CHARGE tax, title and license OUT THE DOOR. you will have two years of free scheduled maintenance.

What he failed to tell me was cash price of veh. was 27,928, tax doc. fee $150.00, inventory tax $50,61, aftermarket $1390.00

The finance officer added ext warranty $2499.00 which I did not want and did not ask for and was not asked if I wanted. He did not go over the contract w/me so did not know this until I looked at the contract. I was allowed $13500.00 trade in for my 2015 Toyota w/only 28,956 mi.

I feel liked as an 83 elderly woman I was taken advantaged of because of no knowledge of the business and unscrupulous sales tactics.

The final price was $32,222.36. I have serious remorse for this purchase
Clear Lake HondaHoustonTXVery Good  
Courtesy NissanRichardsonTXExcellent  
Comments: After trade in ($4000)of a 5 year old civic with 150,000 miles on it, I paid $20962 out-the-door.
David McDavid AcuraPlanoTXExcellent  
Comments: Received promotional financing of 2.9%. Used Buying Offer spreadsheet to help determine best price to offer.
David McDavid HondaHoustonTXNot So Hot  
Comments: Thank you so much. You have saved me so much money and I was able to sniff out the scams. I will definitely tell all my potential car buying friends about this website.
David McDavid HondaIrvingTXVery GoodAnthonyExcellent
Comments: Site is great. Read up on every thing. I learn that you don't bargain down from MSRP. Try to figure out invoice price. Its not always easy. But, its worth the effort. Don't bargain based on payments. Do not buy accessories. I got all the add-ons as part of the price. Many dealers charge 500-1000$ for them. Ask to get a car without it. you wont, but then don't pay for them.
David Mc David NissanHoustonTXFairDon BrooksExcellent
David McDavid of FriscoFriscoTXNot So Hota fleet managerGood
Demontrond Volkswagen.HoustonTXVery GoodBill. Excellent
Comments: We simply requested an online quote from a VW dealership and recived a very good price.
Don Davis Ford Mercury LincolnArlingtonTXExcellent  
Comments: Added running boards, Tow-Hitch, and ceiling mounted DVD for a drive-off (includes taxes) price of $22,750. I only negotiated the drive-off price. Their original offer was $25,000 to drive off, and mine was $21,500 to drive off, hoping to meet in the middle at $22,900 or less. I walked out the first day (11/29/10) and they called me the next (11/30/10) and they met me where I needed to be. $19,671+250 (hitch)+535 (running boards) +$905 DVD + TTL=$22,750. KBB value on TRADE IN for this van is $23,282.
Don Davis NissanArlingtonTXFairJames GoodmanGood
Comments: Think I got a good deal, didn't have to go back and forth too much. Sales guy started right off the bat with invoice and got him to go below that for final deal.
Don McGill ToyotaHoustonTXPoorCDNot So Hot
Frank Kent HondaFort WorthTXExcellentDavid SupercinskiExcellent
Comments: Excellent advises! I sent my DO offer to multiple dealers, used all the negotiating skills, and got my backup financing. In the end, I got $537 below invoice and got the 1.9% APR incentive without all the useless fees.
Fred Haas Toyota CountryTomballTXGoodGreg olsonVery Good
Comments: This site really gave me a great knowledge! Glad I found the website! PS I think the folder scared them cause they did the bait and switch salesman!
Freeman MazdaIrving TXVery GoodClinton RobertsExcellent
Comments: All of the info about internet pricing, and how internet managers make money on volume not margin is huge! That allowed me to get the best price in my area. This website definitely prepared me for my first car purchase.
Georgetown SubaruGeorgetownTXExcellentClint BlackExcellent
Comments: Had a wonderful car buying experience, using the internet manager Clint Black, at Georgetown Subaru, Texas. No hassles, no rip-offs, no pressure. Great price, great service.
Gillman HondaSelmaTXVery GoodMike Wright, Chris LeeVery Good
Comments: What's not to like. I believe it's better to approach the "internet sales" team as they're focused on dealing with a more informed buyer and look to push volume vs. regular sales staff who await walk ins and window shoppers. Excellent site that I would recommend to others. Thank you! The dealership was not prepared for someone like me today. They attempted a few tricks, and I do believe they got me somewhere but I haven't been able to figure it out yet. If interested I have a copy of all paperwork I'd be happy to share with you.
Gillman Honda of HoustonHoustonTXGoodEd LahhamVery Good
Comments: I used Fighting Chance for information. I used your spreadsheets for an offer. The finance manager at the winning dealership liked your spreadsheet especially the line "for the fair profit over dealers cost." The guy appreciated that line after all the other calculations were done, he felt it was a good way for customers to make a fair offer. I did all negotiating from home, no negotiating in the dealership. I paid cash, no financing. Your info and this site ROCK! Thank you!
Goodson AcuraIrvingTXGood  
Comments: Used plus Auto Buying Program @ Costco
Honda Cars of KatyKatyTXExcellentKevin McGrawExcellent
Comments: The offer Calculation sheet was very useful. Requested emails quotes from 4 dealers in the Houston area. Used info from to understand incentives, emailing dealership regarding request for quotes. The dealership was pretty straight forward and did not try to rip me off. They only thing I did not like was that they wouldn't provide me a quote via email. They wanted me to come in person.
Honda Clear LakeWebsterTXExcellentPatrickExcellent
Honda Lake JacksonLake JacksonTXFairJosh KestlerExcellent
Comments: Very helpful advice. As you stated, I was confident that they would come to my deal and, in the end, they did.
Honda of SpringHoustonTXExcellentEd CorleyExcellent
Comments: I found your website and both to be very helpful. I used a version of the phone/email attack and feel like both me and the dealer got a fair deal.
Howdy HondaAustinTXExcellentJohn "Speedy" GonzalesExcellent
Comments: Great site, keep up the good work. This system works!
Huggins MitsubishiNorth Richland HillsTXFairTimVery Good
Hyundai of El PasoEl PasoTXPoorBig TomPoor
Comments: I went there the first time with no real game plan, got a ridiculous quote for the Tucson GLS and the salesman and his manager were trying to sell me on monthly payments. It'd been awhile since I bought a car, but I knew something wasn't right. They tried to hard sell me and I left. I went home and did my homework. Then I went in there with a Buyer's Offer Spreadsheet for a 2011 Tucson GLS w/o options, and a print out of a Tucson GLS with Navigation Package. The only Tucson GLSs they had were with Nav package and other options. After about 4 hours of back and forth with the salesman and the manager, we shook hands on $24,000 + TTL. With my military rebate it was $23,500. After entering the Finance Manager's office I was told they quoted me on the wrong car and the price was $145 more. I grabbed my stuff, walked out the office. The manager had to try and resell me on paying more because the car I wanted had a cargo tray and cargo net that added to the price. I said no. The Finance Manager said I was good for the price that was already agreed to. I think I grabbed my stuff and got ready to leave at least three times for them to change their numbers. I financed through my bank even though they kept trying to get me to finance through one of their banks.
Jack of Diamonds HondaTylerTXVery GoodRobert McLemoreExcellent
Comments: e-bay suggestion only somewhat helpful CarClearanceDeals and most useful bringing in quality quotes from area dealers
John Eagle HondaHoustonTXNot So HotSergio VargasGood
Texas Dealers Names:
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