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Tennessee Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Crest HondaNashville TNNot So HotMike Fair
Comments: We shopped around several dealerships and haggled each one down and showed the competitors quotes to get them to lower further! Insist on not paying for "extras" like paint, glass, and cloth treatment.
Franklin Pontiac Buick GMCFranklinTNExcellentNeil HayesExcellent
Comments: The salesman Neil Hayes was the most professional and knowledgeable salesman I ever met. He was awesome.
Jenkins & Wynne HondaClarksvilleTNExcellentLeslie Haig (Internet Sales Team)/Aaron White (Traditional Salesman/Did Paperwork)Excellent
Comments: Went through your entire site and came away with a wealth of knowledge. Initially used "Drive Your Dream" site and it returned with a great price I'd have been happy with if nothing better came along. However, I didn't stop there, and went through all your recommended internet sites to acquire quotes from the six Honda dealers within 50 miles of Nashville. Things couldn't have been easier. I told the dealer we ended up buying from my two lowest quotes so far, and they came back with a figure that came out to dealer cost + 1%!!! 7.9% below factory invoice!!! I thought the quote was before destination, but when we showed up to buy they had meant that as the final price! WHAT A STEAL!!! We took advantage of the "cash for clunkers" deal and got the full $4,500 rebate, which was $1,500 more than what we would have gotten for our trade-in traditionally. No bull-crap fees, a modest documentation fee, and the other traditional fees (license, title, recording, etc.) push our absolute final cost to $13,066.65! For a vehicle who's MSRP was $18,255 with a trade-in that would have traditionally been worth $3,000. NICE!!! Thanks again, we'll be enjoying our new car for a long time. I should probably mention we paid cash, so that may have helped get our deal. We saved $2,646 on a $18,965 car!!!
Jim Keras Nissan Covington PikeMemphisTNPoor  
Comments: Bought new 2008 pathfinder and has been an NIGHTMARE ever since. Vehicle is a LEMON, Jim Keras Service department WILL NOT fix it, was in the shop 23 days in 14 months and still not repaired. Always takes minimum of 3 service visits to fix even a minor item. Vehicle is literally falling apart, nothing will stop rattling, horrible gas mileage and everyone that is employed there is hearing impaired obviously. Even LOUD noises inside vehicle they can't hear yet everyone else who rides in vehicle can hear. Service Manager claims they put on parts but when pick up vehicle same old parts are on car. Claim they test drive yet has same mileage at pickup as when dropped off. This is the WORSE dealership and nothing but a LEMON vehicle. DO NOT BUY A NISSAN OR YOU WILL REGRET IT as I have for the past 2 years. I plan to get rid of it this week. Better Business Bureau should shut down this dealership for being unethical and scamming customers.
Newton NissanGallatinTNExcellentRiley GrovesExcellent
Riddell HondaMurfreesboro, TNTNVery GoodRodneyVery Good
Comments: Dlr insists on $398.00 doc fee in TN so reduced profit (5%) by $398.00 and stuck to orig offer. Holdback was 2%, not 2.5% so made adjustment. Note "Fargo" type dlr options already installed - pin stripe, mud flaps and paint coat protection (on all our cars) retail 1,291. Negotiated cost price of $309.00. "Best" price of $30,840.00 "out-the-door" became $28,621.00 in about one hour!
Sunrise Chevy, GM, PontiacColliervilleTNExcellentDavid BrownExcellent
Comments: I was able to get chrome running boards and free "over the lip" bedliner free. Also the dealer was able to find better financing rate than my pre-approved credit union rate. The Texas Edition model isn't "officially" sold in my area. So, I feel I got a fair price on a special edition model that had a higher dealer price - a fact I confirmed with other dealers.
Suzuki of MemphisMemphisTNVery GoodHerbExcellent
Comments: I would have liked a little more info on how to find dealer's cost (dealer incentives etc). I found a lot of the sites didn't provide that information. I would have also liked to have found some info on the difference between buying/selling a new car from previous year and how you can negotiate that one. Overall a WONDERFUL website. Thanks. I have passed it on to some friends. has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.