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Dealers and salespeople are rated based upon the responses to questions that are asked of our visitors. The comments which you see are optional and are posted when available (with spelling and typo corrections). The dealers and salesperson (if available) are rated on a six level scale (Poor, Not So Hot, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent). Our excellent rating is reserved for only the best dealer experiences.

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Pennsylvania Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
#1 Cochran NissanPittsburghPAExcellentHufni DouglasVery Good
Comments: I heavily used your site. Read through it and made notes for my "folder". I believe my answers below are based on the fact that I used the "Fax Attack" and was treated much differently (more respectful) than by the two dealerships I walked in to prior to using the Fax Attack. Even with a hard-to-find car I was able to get a great deal on the exact car I wanted.
Alexander SubaruWilliamsportPAExcellentJames WennerVery Good
All Star NissanDevonPAExcellentMichael LissExcellent
Comments: I am thankful to this website
Ardmore NissanWynnewoodPAFairBrandy GurdExcellent
Comments: Thank you. I leveraged USAA car buying service and pricing to negotiate with a closer dealer. And I used your tips in the store to make sure that there were no switcheroos or last-minute additions.
Ardmore NissanArdmorePAExcellentKevin LambertExcellent
Comments: Used info package
Bergey's DodgeFranconiaPAPoorBrad (sales manager)Poor
Comments: Went looking for new fully loaded truck, didn't have what I wanted so they said they would order it and "lock in" the incentives being offered. When I got there the manager said there was no way he could do this, conveniently the original salesman was not able to be there. He tried then telling me he was losing $1200 on EVERY sale made because of Dodge "setting our prices". This dealership uses just about every single lie and tactic in the book. STAY FAR FAR AWAY.
Bianchi HondaEriePAExcellentDennis MelquistExcellent
Budd BaerWashingtonPAExcellentSteven WhitlatchExcellent
Carvision.comNorristownPAPoorDave ChaPoor
Comments: This dealer said they were "no haggle" but they have a "make an offer" button on their website. I love this site. This site has shed a lot of light for me on buying a car. Great site and keep the tips coming!
Conicelli AutoplexNorristownPAExcellent  
Comments: Great website!!! Extremely helpful, lots of valuable information. Was well prepared with the "Folder" when it came time to negotiate. Got the car I wanted at a great price. Thanks again!
Conicelli HondaConshohockenPAVery Good  
Conicelli HondaConshohockenPAVery Good  
Comments: Used Fighting Chance package.
Davis AcuraLanghornePAExcellentAngeloExcellent
Comments: Used Fighting Chance website
FaulknerLancaster PAExcellent 
Comments: Followed step by step tips as indicated on the site and dealers reacted as predicted. I feel I earned a fair deal and learned a lot about the car sales business.
Faulkner of West ChesterWest ChesterPAPoorDon FiehlPoor
Comments: Absolute joke of a dealership. Looked at a car on a Friday night and was told to place a deposit check to hold it. Came back the next sat morning and found a "sold" sign on the vehicle (?????). Salesman tried to push a newer model on me that I had absolutely no interest in. Told me my trade-in would have to go to auction, I asked if he could locate a similar vehicle for me in the area but he refused to. Went and spoke to the sales manager, explained my dissatisfaction, he said they would call me by the end of the weekend and "they would make me happy". Sat and Sun pass by, no phone call. Bought a car at a different dealership the next day, that simple. I left a message on the previous dealerships phone, telling them I already bought a vehicle, but thanks for looking. Salesman called later in the week to make me a deal, and I told him I already bought another car so he didn't have to bother. He immediately got pissed at me and said that I was rude to "go behind his back" like that, and if I wanted to do business with "real men in the future, I should learn to do it right". Needless to say, I exchanged some words with him... No wonder GM is in the situation they're in.
Faulkner ToyotaHarrisburgPAExcellentMarianne SarconeExcellent
James ToyotaFlemingtonPAVery GoodAnne TomExcellent
John Sisson MotorsWashingtonPAExcellentTravis LeversExcellent
Jones HondaLancasterPAFairChadGood
Comments: We had dealers competing to be the lowest without even leaving the comfort of our home. This has change the way we look at buying a car. We were able to purchase the EX-L for a little more than the MSRP of the base model. Also when looking up 2013 Honda Pilots we were getting around the same price we paid, but our car is new!!! Thank you so very much for all your advice, I have shared with friends and family, this is something every consumer should know.
Lancaster County MotorsEast PetersburgPANot So Hot  
Comments: I liked my original salesman, but he was unavailable when I returned to negotiate. The replacement and Finance Manager didn't want to honor the price match I had in writing from another dealership, so we walked out. They called, emailed, etc., but we only returned once I had an email verification that my offer was accepted. I did not want to purchase at the dealership that quoted the price, because he attempted to bait and switch me, in order to sell me a used car at that price.
Lehigh Valley HondaAllentownPAVery GoodRichard HarradExcellent
Comments: Great experience. I have been buying cars for many years and this is the best experience that I have to date.
Montgomeryville AcuraMontgomeryvillePAGood  
Comments: Great info a real eye opener. My internet quote was only $50.00 over my target so I bought the car. Found to have the best info on market support the other sites said there was support but didn't tell me how much only that it was figured in their pricing. Inventories are up and sales are down no haggling on price but I did feel that the dealer was trying to switch my financing to get back end profit. had my own pre-approval. Thanks!
Motor WorldWilkes BarrePAExcellent  
Comments: Thank you for all the information on the site. I really did my homework and got a great deal, saving $4,220.
Murphy Lincoln FordChester PAPoorKim DeweesPoor
Comments: I initially completed a online credit application which came back needing more information. Within 15min. sales person, Kim Dewees was calling. I told her I had to known issues, one that was resolved during refinancing of my home but wasn't removed from report. She stated, Murphy Ford works with "11 banks", let me see what I can do. We discussed my interests in models and where I wanted to be with regards to payments. After 5-6 calls and 18 emails she congratulated me with "You have been approved and I got you were you want to be with your payment". (slightly higher), but I was satisfied. I told her where I was registering the car (different state), my end of lease payoff and the lease holder (ex-husband) will come in and sign off. She emails me at work and says, "when can you come in and pick up your car, I'm sooo excited we could make this work for you. Just come in, it will be a fast process, Reggie has paperwork completed, all you have to do is sign". OH, Kim left early I arrange for ex to go (not easy), I leave work early (vacation time) and from the minute I walked in, it was chaos. Paperwork not completed, not aware of registration location, not aware of payoff, NOT APPROVED!! AMAZING. Needless to say, I was humiliated and livid!!
North Hills ToyotaPittsburghPANo So HotBobExcellent
Comments: I love the recommendations for the "short on time" time line. Having my credit score and knowing to ask for the "bottom line price plus all dealers fees" proved to be a huge benefit. I was very straight forward with the salesperson and he responded well to my "apparent" wealth of knowledge.
Patel Auto WorldNorristownPAPoor  
Comments: Patel Auto world sold me a used car that was not safe and ready to drive as they said it would be. It had new inspection stickers, but my mechanic said that the horn and wiper blades should not have passed inspection, and the heater air flow control was broken which prevented heated air from blowing on the windshield to defrost it, definitely a safety hazard, all of which I had to replace. On top of this, the car was dirty and smelly when I came to pick it up, definitely not what they promised. They said it would be "detailed" clean which was absolutely not true (there was dirt on the dashboard that was armour-alled over) and it reeked of air-freshener to cover the smoke smell they said they were going to remove. Their prices are non-negotiable. I would not recommend this dealer to anyone. I do not know a lot about buying a car and I feel that Patel Auto World took advantage of that in addition to selling me an improperly inspected car.
Peruzzi NissanFairless HillsPAPoor  
Ray Price MazdaStroudsburgPAFairJonathanVery Good
Comments: Negotiations done mostly via the net. The game is changing. Start via the net!
Reedman Toll AutoworldLanghornePAFairAndrew NastaNot So Hot
Comments: Am very glad I visited before going to the dealer. Through my research, I knew what questions to ask especially "Can I see the invoice price" (never knew about INVOICE pricing before and was shocked to see the markup between MSRP and KBB quotes). Your sight was right on with way dealer handled themselves "What will it take to get you in this vehicle". Feel like I was taken the last time I bought a new car and will be back in 10 years when I am ready to buy again. THANK YOU so much.
Savage KiaReading PAFairJoeFair
Comments: Thank YOU!! This site helped me so much. I originally knew nothing about negotiating and in fact did not even know this was possible. With the help from this website I was able to negotiate a price for the car and my trade that was satisfying for the dealer and myself. This site was a huge help. Thank you.
Smail Honda VillageGreensburgPAExcellentDustin BinghamVery Good
Comments: I did buy a package but it was a waste of $39.95 and added unnecessarily to my cost. DON'T GIVE THEM ANY CREDIT FOR MY PURCHASE. Maybe for an american car it would work. Maybe you should only recommend it for certain car companies. This is my 5th Honda and the company is VERY tight with discounting. Also the Fighting Chance report had WAY too much fluff in it. Do I really need to know the YOY sales figures for various make and models of cars? NO Your site is great and it's all I needed (and most people need) to get a great price. Thank you. PS - My internet salesperson did misquote me and forgot to include the destination charge in my first quote. When I caught it at the dealership I gave him hell and I think it was an honest mistake b/c I thought he was going to cry. He said he just started the job 6 months ago and this was the first time he did that. BS? maybe? Anyway they threw in 5 free oil changes and took another $100 of the price of the Pilot. The $100 basically cancelled out the $100 advertising fee. W/O that fee I paid invoice so I hope I put the numbers in correctly in the fields above.
South Hills HondaMcMurrayPAGood  
Springfield FordSpringfield PAExcellentLester SpellmanExcellent
Team ToyotaLanghornePAExcellentJoeExcellent
Comments: Wow! I learned so much in just a short time from reading the chapters on buying a new car. I was able to name a fair price and they accepted. Thanks!
Tri County ToyotaLimerickPAVery GoodStaceyExcellent
Comments: negotiated with 3 dealers selected via only one dealer's internet sales rep was really willing to negotiate. I took this price and negotiated with my local dealer (who was very cool), because the internet sales rep would not confirm a bottom line price, he just kept emailing me asking me to come into the dealership. Calling the car dealer and contacting the sales manager directly is probably the better way to go. Bought at end of June before the July $500 cash back incentive. D'oh!
Tony DomianoEynonPAPoor  
Comments: The company first told us the truck would be ready in a few hours and it wasn't..... We didn't get the truck till a week later. Had it for two days and it went back for more problems they said we taken care of and weren't. To sum it up we had the truck 9 days out of 30 days. Then we told them again there was a problem and we were told to claim it on our insurance because we hit something. We paid for the repair and have paper work in with the attorney general..
Valley HondaMonroevillePAExcellentJason A. FlennikenExcellent
Comments: I like the price database however I wish it went back a little further.
Washington HondaWashingtonPAVery GoodJoeVery Good
Comments: Site gave some very useful advice. Glad the service was provided. Used it to get online quotes.
Wilkie LexusHaverfordPAGoodRobert AvinGood
Wright SuzukiWexfordPAPoor  
Comments: I bought a 2011 Suzuki Vatari had problems since I took it off the lot every time I took it in the found and excuse like rust at less than 3 thousand miles was normal, engine light not I had the help of the lemon law now that Suzuki is going bankrupt I have no one now at 9,400 mile I have a blown head gasket and wright stated the radiator cap was loose so it is my fault so they or the warranty comp don't have to pay. I have talked to several mechanics they said when head gasket blows it will have the cap loosen from the radiator, please save yourself some stress don't buy from this car dealer. if anyone else has had any experience with this issue please post thank you . has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.