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Oklahoma Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Bob Howard FordOklahoma CityOKGoodRobbyVery Good
Comments: Purchase price includes $6500 in rebates. This was actually purchased by my daughter with me as her backup. She paid cash (good or bad) and we told F & I that I used to write warranties for Chevy. Hahahaha. He didn't know what to think since we never denied it. After studying your website, I will pay even more attention to incentives back to dealer!! Thank you for all you information! Contact me if you have more ideas as I'm looking forward to buying a 2011 Ford truck later in the year.
Cannon HondaPonca CityOKVery GoodTyler SmithExcellent
Comments: Since I started using the info on this website, I have saved over $7,000 buying cars.
Diffee MotorsEL RenoOKVery GoodTandyVery Good
Comments: I found all of your used car buying tips to be extremely useful. Being in the military and trying to buy a car is like having a bullseye on your back for the vultures out there. So my advice to military personell is to not even mention your job. I said very little to the salesman. I asked specific questions and asked people I knew about that dealership. I visited the place 5 times. Then on the 6th visit I brought the "Folder"! The negotiation was swift because i had my research in hand, credit score, comparison quotes from other dealers, and finance already worked out. I now use your website to educate the young soldiers who come to my unit on the advantages and pitfalls when buying a new or used vehicle. Thanks again!!!
Joe Cooper FordYukonOKExcellentJon FordExcellent
Comments: The dealership worked hard to get me in a vehicle with the payment I wanted. Jon was exceptional in helping my wife and I. I would strongly recommend this dealership.
Eskridge LexusOklahoma CityOKExcellentRuleExcellent
Comments: I never got the invoice price but thanks to this site I was well informed. Mine is loaded with every option except heads up display.
Joe Marina HondaTulsaOKExcellent  
Comments: I was happy w/ everything on your website. From things to watch out for to what to bring with you, I felt much more confident. I used the USAA car buying service which I realize everyone doesn't have access to. However, I got a great price offered before I got there. I drove to Tulsa (200 mi. away), was ready for tricks which I think I only got one or two. I did still fall for extended warranty which may be uneccessary, but I will say this, I initially told them I didn't need gap b/c I was putting 30% down, I didn't want paint protection, and finally I said no all together. Later he came back and offered me comprehensive w/ none of the paint, ding, lojack, gap, or other stuff. He offered it to me at half the price, 29 dollars a month at 4 yrs. Again, I may have fell for this, but it was 8 yrs/96K and we have navigation system so I thought it was worth it. Point is, even if you do the ext. warranty which everyone warns against, at least realize that you can get it for much less than they are asking. Hopefully, I didn't give up too much w/ this, but I am happy w/ the experience. Greatest complement was, "You don't get excited about much do you." That made me feel prepared, confident, and that my poker face was working. Thanks to you guys for that confidence.
Reynolds FordEdmondOKVery GoodMichael VillarrealGood
Comments: Brought TrueCar and data, and a financial calculator. Sales manager said TrueCar's average buying price is incorrect because "it doesn't count Ford Incentives." Fought off the sales manager to the point of allowing me to use a rebate I didn't fully qualify for, just to get me out of his office. Oddly enough, this rebate allowed me to hit the average buying price of TrueCar. Did not go through Ford financing. Also: They tried doing the Patriot Act/OFAC credit check scam on me. I filled out the form but left off my SSN, saying not to run my credit. They acted like I wouldn't get the car without the check, but they never brought it up later. Salesman was a real nice guy though. No pressure to buy, even nearing end of the month.
Steve Bailey HondaOklahoma CityOKPoor  
Comments: this is from the first response to a request for quotes.
Comments: The car I got wasn't the car I negotiated to buy. The salesman, Ron, didn't want to sell me the car because of the price I had negotiated with the internet salesman. He was rude and kept being pushy about the fake mark up price on the car and how he wasn't going to make any money on the deal. Then he didn't put in the TT&L like I had asked for. Overall, the salesman or the manager/owner didn't want to do anything about the false advertisement the main Dodge website claims that they have available. has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.