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Ohio Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Brown HondaToledoOHExcellentArthur SujaritchanExcellent
Comments: negotiated price $21,500 + $710 destination charge $22,210. Saw what was on lot, asked for different color interior, so got from another dealer - came from other dealer with mud flaps, did not add to price. Leased. Happy with price. I have used your leasing spreadsheet for many many years and have saved lots! Our state requires sales tax at time of purchase, so I just fill it in in misc.
Firment ChevyLorainOHExcellentBrianExcellent
Comments: Below Invoice Pricing (Hold back) Plus 4500.00 Factory Rebate Plus Pontiac Owner Loyalty 1000.00 Add Tax title and tag. Out the door at 12,200 Its about timing - Bought car in a blizzard, covered in snow with dead battery, a salesman's nightmare. Had a row of 2009s leftover 13 days into 2010.
Ganley Ford West, IncClevelandOHExcellentPam KoglmanExcellent
Comments:I had my own financing and the dealer accepted it.*I feel this option is missing from the drop-down below.
Ganley WestsideNorth OlmsteadOHExcellentCarlos MatosExcellent
Comments: This site was amazing in helping me research and understand how car shopping works. This was my first car and I got an AMAZING price on it thanks to Jeff! Make sure feel out your sales person, too. If they are pushy, aggressive, or mean just walk out. They clearly have no interest in your business and you shouldn't give it to them!
Honda EastCincinnatiOHVery GoodMattExcellent
Comments: Thanks for the tips! I used your spreadsheet to determine a fair offer for both parties. I did my homework, went into the dealership with a folder, and got the price I wanted.
Infiniti of ColumbusColumbusOHExcellent Excellent
Comments: Everything was done online prior to my arrival including a ball park for my trade-in (which they gave what they said they would and it was fair). All paperwork was in order and nothing changed during the transaction. All-in-all an excellent deal and would buy there again without hesitation.
Infiniti of ColumbusDublinOHExcellentJR ThompsonExcellent
Comments: I used the shotgun email approach and within three days had more than a dozen offers from all over the mid-west. The deal was completed in less than a week and before I even set foot in the dealership. Everything lined up when I got there and they even appraised and took my current car as trade-in for more than I was looking to get out of it. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Probably the easiest car buying experience I ever had.
Jeff Wyler Honda of ColerainCincinnatiOHExcellentBridgettExcellent
Comments: Your site is awesome! The information is priceless. I felt empowered throughout the buying process. As a result, I purchased a new 2012 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite at an extremely competitive price with great financing. Thank You!
Jim White HondaMaumeeOHFairMike FurgasonGood
Comments: Love your site
Joseph ToyotaCincinnatiOHExcellentStan PratherExcellent
Comments: Readability could use some revamping and "modernization". Content is great. I've used this site for info quite a bit. And I got a great deal by following the tips.
Kings HondaMasonOHVery GoodKenExcellent
Comments: I first read this website years ago before buying a car, and I still visit for a re-fresh every time I plan to buy a new one. I find it very valuable. Thanks!
Lexus of DaytonCentervilleOHExcellentJim HarperExcellent
Comments: Premium Plus package, NAV, heated & cooled seats, rear spoiler, body side molding, HID headlamps with adaptive front lighting system, loaded! Saved over 5K!
Liberty FordVermilionOHGoodBob HugExcellent
Comments: good information available....
Marhofer HyundaiAkronOHExcellentBrianExcellent
Mullinax Ford North CantonOHPoorMichael JordanNot So Hot
Comments: This site was very informative, but getting dealerships to work with you is the hardest part of the negotiation process. The advantage I had was I was in no hurry to purchase the vehicle. Overall, I spent 1 month negotiating a deal. Final cost for me was $27,639 after Factory rebates and negotiating a great deal on my trade-in.
Nissan NorthColumbusOHNot So HotJeremyExcellent
Comments: I used info. It is one of the last 2011. Dealer wants to put new 2012 model on the lot. helped me for my 2 purchases. Didn't get the 0 APR. Saw some old tricks and some new ones. Ricart nissan lured me in for a great price but the mandatory financing rate is high. Finance manager tried to add fees (bank and doc fees) after the negotiation. But Jeremy at North Nissan Columbus OH is very good!
Owasco VolkswagenOshawaOHFairChelsea StraitVery Good
Comments: The entire site, page by page was extremely informative. I was going in blind before and I was able to spot all of the complicated add-ons and negotiating tactics. I'm from Ontario, Canada and following links to your site led to me to Which helped me find the wholesale price. Thanks for everything
Performance ToyotaCincinnatiOHPoorKelley TaylorPoor
Comments:Salesperson Kelley Taylor at Performance Toyota and I were emailing back forth negotiating price for 2012 Toyota Campy SE. At the end of the 12 email conversation I sent her last email confirming what we have been talking about and asking correct me if I got anything wrong. She send me email back confirming it is right and that I will get that deal at that out the door price with those features. So next day I called to set up an appt. to do the paper work and she said she can not honor the deal and either take it or leave it. What is frustrating is after confirming in writing she changed her mind and was trying to get more money out of me. This is typical a dealership experience. They are just out there to rob you!
Comments: We were jerked around for four hours with everyone congratulating us on the new car whose price we did not agree to. They said they were beating the deal we had (but didn't)! Never said price but rather work in $ off's and monthly payments. Actually added 2,000 to the sticker before subtracting the $ off. Made us sign every paper in the world to get to the last one that had a price different from what we were told. We got up and walked out! They are thieving scam artists. You will get ripped off and lied to at Ricart!
Ricart Hyundai importsColumbusOHPoorEd KlinkscalePoor
Comments: Found a car on Ricart's automotive website. Ad read, 2009 Hyundai Accent automatic, ac, abs brakes for $12,219. Called ahead to make sure they had one at this price because I live sixty miles away. Salesman replied yes we have a couple on the lot. Made an appointment and went the next day. First the salesman I was supposed to meet was not available. Advised the salesman who greeted me the car I came to look at and the advertised price. No 2009 accents they had was close to the ad. But they said they had a 2010 accent with these options that they would make me a deal on. After several hours of negotiating I bought the car for about $800 dollars more than the advertised price. Got the car home and found out it did not have ABS brakes. I specifically pointed out the options I wanted and that was what was on the car in the ad I drove sixty miles to buy. I called the next day and they would not take the car back and let me buy another car with the options that I wanted. Then when I spoke with the General Manger about this problem the sales manager lied and said I did not specify I wanted ABS brakes. Ricart guilty of false ads, immoral.
Rick Case HondaEuclidOHFairHowardExcellent
Roush HondaWestervilleOHVery GoodDavid McCamonExcellent
Spitzer Mitsubishi SheffieldOHNot So HotDon WymerFair
Comments: 1. Research, Research, Research - compare 5 cars of similar type and pick top 3 - test drive all 3 - compare special offers of all 3 and pick one 2. I had great credit and was turned down for an online loan at 4.9%, (I ended up with 0.9%/48mos through the manufacturer. Get a copy of your credit report to back it up. 3. Find the lowest advertised price and use it as leverage with other dealers if the price is lower than that calculated in the "Buyers Offer Spreadsheet". Add your own bits to the deal by stating the price and including the phrase "with no additional fees". Get a dealer to take it and move in for the kill with caution. 4. Don't let the dealer have you fill out an application for financing through their bank. They began filling out their bank's application and I insisted on the Manufacturer's application. They said no but quickly changed their mind when I started putting on my jacket to leave. 5. Stand your ground. When you say "NO ADDED FEES", you mean it. 6. Avoid a trade-in unless you won the car you're trading in at a poker tournament and had no luck in selling it privately.
Sunnyside ChevroletElyriaOHExcellentDiana TaitExcellent
Comments: Exceptional staff experience, very knowledgeable, went the extra effort.
Superior HondaCincinatiOHExcellentJami SmithExcellent
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