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New York Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Armory NissanAlbanyNYFairRay RamirezFair
Comments: Got a $1,750 total rebate including $500 bonus cash on the Altima coupe & a $1,250 rebate being offered by Nissan. Did not use fighting chance. Looked up invoice data on multiple sites & plugged them into the spread sheets. Also used and Got quotes from at least eight dealers from within a 200 mile radius of where I live, but ended up buying locally by having a local dealer match a non-local quote. Love the site. It's the second time I use it (used it to help my mom buy a car in 2007). This time I used it for myself. It was the first time I was buying a car without my parents' help and I worried dealers would try to take advantage of me because I am a young woman, but I did my research & then some & it worked. Thank you!
Atlantic KiaSaint JamesNYPoorJohn StevensonPoor
Comments: I had a deal in place with another dealer 10 miles away that was slow in participating in the CARS program. When I presented their invoice, showing a price $2k below sticker on top of a $2k man. rebate ($4,000 off sticker), they said they couldn't match it and were doing me a favor writing my deal because the CARS program was going to be shut down that night. Originally, they said they were giving me a good price, but tried to charge me sticker adding the rebate back in. I caught that! Then when I asked them to drop their $900 in fees, they said it was required by state law to charge them. When I walked out, another manager named John came over and stopped me. Suddenly the price was $2,000 less, but still $1,000 more than the other guys. I wound up not going with them because of their outlandish lies. I wound up purchasing from another dealership all together and wouldn't recommend them to anyone else.
Bay Ridge NissanBrooklynNYPoorVincentPoor
Comments: Total rip-off
Biener AudiGreat NeckNYExcellent
Bronx HondaBronxNYFair  
Comments: I came to the site in 2007 when I purchased a new car and I felt empowered at the dealership as a result. I like the way the site is organized and the information is priceless. Keep up the good work.
Bronx HondaBronxNYExcellentNanci EdmondsonExcellent
Comments: Well-written and helpful. Appreciated the transparency around the extended warranties. Did my research and ended up with WarrantyDirect anyway (yes, I clicked through from your site so you get the credit . . .)
DCH Wappingers Falls ToyotaWappingers FallsNYFairMichael O'HareFair
Comments: Originally offered a good price (roughly 5% over invoice), but the trade-in they offered was about $2k below fair value. After giving them printouts of valuations from KBB and Auto Trader, they increased it $1k. So we ended up negotiating for the owner to throw in a few options we wanted anyway to make it what we considered a fair deal. Considering this vehicle is in high demand and very difficult to get, I was shocked we finally got it for $2,237 below market value. The salesman was very low-key - the manager gave us the hard sell when we pressed, but we persisted and ended up very happy with the results.
Della HondaPlattsburghNYPoor  
Comments: Thanks for the leasing tips! We leased this car (a Smart Buy in New York) three years ago - it was just out of our price range, so we thought. We wanted it for our expanding family though, and knew a lease would be a good choice for us. We put $2,000 down (AFTER negotiating the cap cost of course), which is slightly higher than recommended for a lease, but we could afford it. We felt informed, calm and collected. We remained unimpressed by the dealer's attempts to get a desired monthly payment figure out of us, and did not care to consider such things as color or options we didn't need. Our payments are $335/month, for a new EX-L! We LOVE this car - and it costs us just $68 more per month than our 2003 Civic LX, which was not nearly as nice and which we leased WITHOUT (and got taken for a ride!). Plus, when they realized we'd done our homework and we ended up in the sales manager's office armed with our online quotes, we got what we wanted PLUS an awesome money factor (we took a break and left the dealership, worked out the formula/costs and went back). Thanks, Jeff.
Dick Ide hondaRochesterNYFairDoug McCarthyFair
DorschelRochesterNYExcellentDavid WhiteExcellent
Comments: The people at the dealership are great. No pressure at all, no games. The financing through VolkswagenBank is a bit of mess, because they have several programs, the bank only talks to the dealer and refuses to talk to the customer directly. Still, they got me approved for 0% at the end, even though I am on student visa here.
DriveAmericaWatertownNYPoorJason DelinePoor
Comments: Three visits before signing three contracts. Told me had to re-write loan in cobuyers name only with more cash up front or bring jeep back. I brought jeep back and purchased elsewhere. Advertised we finance you or cut you check for a grand. Did not get the grand either. I am so pist I could break a couple knee caps, might yet! Brief enough?
Eagle Auto MallRiverheadNYFairBill DowlingFair
Comments: Caught on to the few tricks he tried to play on me, such as an explanation for Dealer Fee as "we have people upstairs who have to feed their wife and kids". It was a pretty legitimate fee and their only fee besides registration and what not. Thank you for teaching me how to negotiate price and what kind of price to want to get.
Fucillo HyundaiRochesterNYPoor  
Comments: Would not come down from sticker price. Salesman told me that KBB values don't mean anything. Despite repeatedly saying that I am not a monthly payment or trade in buyer, the salesman kept hiding the terrible deal and using the manufacturer's rebate in monthly payments. Needless to say, I walked.
Honda CityLiverpoolNYExcellentMark WalkerExcellent
Comments: Thank you for all of the information you have given me in both emails and website info. I tell everyone about your site. Most people are glad I told them about you (they're getting ready to buy a car) and some people are a little upset (they had recently bought a car and realized they overpaid).
Honda of NanuetNanuetNYVery GoodPrang SakirmanExcellent
HoseltonFairportNYVery GoodSamaraExcellent
Comments: Used Fighting Chance method, $5,000 in rebates didn't hurt either.
Huntington HondaHuntingtonNYGoodGreg C.Excellent
Comments: I love your site, I have used it a number of times. Thanks to you I never speak to commissioned sales people. I'm trying to figure out how I got this price. There are no incentives that I was aware of. Any ideas how they were able to give me such a good price?
Hyundai Plaza Auto MallBrooklynNYNot So HotKevin and AlExcellent
Comments: To look up different websites to check out prices,, cardirect were charging $2,000 more than I got.
Island FordStaten IslandNYPoorNicholas AltieriPoor
John Holtz HondaRochesterNYExcellent  
Keeler HondaLathamNYExcellentKen HughesExcellent
Comments: The site on a whole is excellent. I went into the dealership feeling much more comfortable and confident. I went to dealers before reading the website and they were very pushy and annoying. After reading and preparing, there was no hassle or hard pressure tactics. I walked out of the first three dealerships after talking with the salesman for about an hour. One of these dealers I took all the way to a final price, then walked out with a copy of the unsigned bill of sale. This was a great negotiation tool when going to other dealers. Thank you very much, I do not think I would have received this deal without reading the entire website first.
KG SuzukiLong Island CityNYPoorJosepthPoor
Kia of East SyracuseSyracuseNYExcellentDan KnoblockExcellent
Comments: I went to 2 dealers, and e mail contacted another. The first dealer went from $460 a month , to $440 to 3$75 to $360 to $340 and then to $299.00. But did not outline the terms of the deal. He said you won't get a better deal anywhere else, it's a final take it or leave it offer, so I left it gambling that another dealer would be able to beat it. It turns out that they offer was not bad BUT 2 another dealer DID beat it AND gave me a better rate. I offered 5% over his cost and he agreed it, he showed me the invoice, explained the hold back and factory to dealer incentive, was very good at answering all of my questions, so we struck a deal!! I cannot say enough about your website, without it I would have been just another sitting duck! The first dealer I went to got me so upset that I was ill to my stomach, the dealer that I ended up buying from was awesome, making my car buying experience a real pleasure and we did the whole deal over numerous e mail before I even set foot in the dealership! I saved thousands from what I would have paid if If I accepted the first dealers initial offers! Sorry for the long e mail, but I am excited! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!!
Koeppel NissenJackson HeightsNYGoodJorgeExcellent
Koeppel SubaruQueensNYPoor  
Comments: Great Site! All needed information in one place. Helped me a lot.Thank you very much!
Major WorldLong Island CityNYPoorMarkPoor
Mid-Island HyundaiCentereachNYVery GoodAnthony HiliExcellent
Comments: Do your homework on the car you want, follow the advice on this site. Don't forget the warranty is negotiable, too.
Miracle FordPoughkeepsieNYGood  
Mohawk HondaSchenectadyNYVery Good  
Comments: Your tips WORK! (And it's fun too.) I used e-mails to six local dealers. Two days for a "bidding war" over e-mail saved me $1,000 off their initial offers. Thanks so much for this website!
Nardy HondaSt JamesNYVery Good  
Comments: Got 3.9 percent financing and they threw in a roof rack ($295)
Nemer Chrysler Dodge728 Quaker Rd QueensburyNYPoor  
Comments: Do not believe what the sales men say they told me a guaranteed price one day drive all the way back an hour away and then the deal changed because of some guy who hides behind a glass case and just yells out numbers.
New Country ToyotaMechanicvilleNYExcellentGunther JagerExcellent
Nissan of ManhattanNew YorkNYExcellentTeigh HarriantonExcellent
Comments: This was my first car buying experience and it was awesome. The "folder" really made a BIG difference and I got the price I wanted. The staff here at this place was totally professional and I enjoyed the entire experience. I would recommend anyone to this dealership and a special thanks to Teigh, the salesperson.
North Shore HondaNew Hyde ParkNYExcellent  
Comments: I have to say North Shore Honda was amazing. I got my free online quote from them and when we went to the showroom it was a pleasant experience. I also got more than I anticipated for my trade in. This site gave me the tools necessary to make the deal. Thank you for creating it.
Nye ToyotaOneidaNYNot So HotDanny GilcrestNot So Hot
Comments: When negotiating, make sure you deduct the advertising fee, holdback and wholesale distribution cost from the dealer invoice before you make your offer.
Otis Ford, Inc.QuogueNYPoorTom Otis, owner.Poor
Comments: *BEWARE of Otis Ford, Inc. Quogue, Eastern Long Island, N.Y. "Otis Ford Put Used Parts On My New Car". Website recently updated. Edward T. Otis III, owner. Thank you CarBuyingTips!
Paragon AcuraFlushingNYPoorJustin LiuPoor
Comments: Me and my wife went to this dealer shop. We choose the lease option. Then the sales only show us three option with the monthly payment for 36 months lease. NO whole care price, didn't tell us the interest rate and any other cost. Also a bit forced us to take the option with out knowing any other information. We finally decided choose one of the option he give and get the monthly payment price settle. We paid the whole care lease tax, first month payment in full amount. He asked a insurance broker called us without telling us this is a insurance broker. We have paid 1400 for the first half year insurance plus 1100 broker fee. Until later we went home we found we bought this insurance throw the broker. We called the second day to the dealer tell him I'm not happy about buying insurance without telling us its going through a broker. He said it's ok to call and have a refund. Then in the afternoon he calling and saying your leasing offer was denied unless you paying some down payment first. My wife is sign for the paper and she has a 730 credit. Obviously he see we found out the trick he played try to rip me of by sell me the insurance so he thought there is no benfit for him. He called to end the lease. This is the worest expensive I ever had.
Paragon HondaWoodsideNYExcellentChase TseExcellent
Paragon Honda WoodsideNYPoorAriel MunozNot So Hot
Comments: F & I person gave me a BS excuse and I bought it without much of a fight because I forgot not to believe them and how smooth liars they can be. I thought the salesman was fine. I forgot not to relax and continue to put up my BS meter with the F & I person.
Planet Auto Mall aka KG SuzukiLong Island CityNYPoorAntonio Byrd (Tony)Poor
Comments: Forced me to buy junk insurances for a factory warranted car and verbally abused my friend and tried to provoke a physical fight with him. Never disclosed the full price of the vehicle, did not keep promises of fixing bumpers before delivery. Salesman said the deposit is 100% refundable no matter what and the F & I did not. All they did is pass the blame from one person to the other. Used street language and profanity in all conversation. Inept manager refused to come on phone 911 was called and police help was sought as life was threatened. Dealership should be shut and Consumer Affairs and Attorney General should push them to the bars. Truth in Lending was not disclosed prior to delivery date either which happens when you buy a home at least 24 hours prior to purchase.
Plaza HyundaiBrooklynNYFair  
Premier Lincoln - MercuryBrooklynNYGoodBarryVery Good
Comments: Sales was a bit high pressure but nothing I haven't seen before and certainly not the worst I've seen. They were very willing to work with you on pricing and continually lower the price when you bring up certain issues. Didn't hide anything in the contract, did not pressure into dealer financing since they were aware we already had a bank draft. Did however keep us in dealership for a while, but I think it wasn't too bad considering we ended up with a great deal and a car well BELOW invoice. Manager was very courteous and at some point even offered more savings! Didn't make a big deal out of us leaving the dealership to discuss the deal and never became visibly annoyed or nasty/aggressive. Great place to buy from.
PS HondaManhassetNYPoorArmandoPoor
Comments: Worse nightmare this dealer is a real scam, got for a car and they sell car warranty 3 times expensive that the market and lies about you credit open you eyes.
5/16/20132013 Jeep Wrangle Sport$23,596$24,285$22,000$2,285
Schultz Ford Lincoln Inc.NanuetNYVery GoodKevin GustavasenExcellent
Comments: The $34,975 includes destination charges of $895. I also received $1750 in rebates which reduced Cap Cost to $33,225. I also put some cash down which reduced Cap to $31710. Ford gave their tier 1 money factor which they call .5 but when I worked the numbers it was aprox .000225 which is equivalent to an APR of about.55%.Monthly payment came to 336. Used James very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.
Smith Haven Chrysler Jeep DodgeSmithtownNYPoorVito GNot So Hot
Star ToyotaBaysideNYExcellentRonExcellent
Comments: used
Staten Island HondaStaten IslandNYFair  
Comments: It's amazing how much I saved thanks to this site. The salesman tried to squeeze in a few bs fees, but guess what... I was prepared and didn't pay a single one of them, kudos
Steven's FordMedfordNYExcellentVinnyExcellent
Webster FordWebsterNYNot So HotBob StappenbeckNot So Hot
Comments: Incredible as it might seem in this day and age, salesman quoted me via phone his selling price to factory-order a Mercury Mariner Premier AWD, I agreed to his price, drove to dealer within the hour, and during that time the selling price jumped $200 when the paperwork and pen were pushed across the table to me. I pointed this out, the salesman first looked surprised, then paused for several seconds, then calmly told me "his manager" needs another $200 on our deal. I refuse, the extra $200 is miraculously waived (after a salesman-sales manager "meeting" of course) but then the also-quoted $100 credit card deposit jumps to $500. Like the way they do business?
West Herr NissanOrchard ParkNYVery GoodAaron SawyerExcellent
Comments: I used InvoiceDealers and TrueCar. The dealer that was contacted thru Invoice Dealers. Porecco Motors of Erie, PA., WOULD NOT give me a price after THREE requests. Kept trying to get me to come in with my trade before talking price. TrueCar request was sent to West Herr Nissan. The very first email I got from them stated the price of the truck, the taxes, and the option of $2,500 cash back or 0.9% financing. I researched the price I was quoted, found it to be fair, and finalized that portion of the deal. Then we talked trade. The day I took my trade to be valued, the transmission died, so I didn't get what I hoped. It was a 14 year old truck, and wasn't worth fixing before the trade. The best part of the experience was not having to haggle. TrueCar service was great. has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.