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New Jersey Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Able SubaruOld BridgeNJPoor  
Comments: Used Lease Wizard Software - found it hard to fill in certain fields while at dealer site. Did not lease the car. Great website and learned a lot. There were a few things I was confused about and some things were still left unanswered until I ran through the experience myself.
Acura of RamseyRamseyNJFairTommy- internetsale managerExcellent
Comments: use
Atlantic Auto GroupEgg Harbor TwpNJPoorJohn Park (sales Manager) Not So Hot
Comments: I put a $1,000 deposit for a new 2012 Passat back in early Sept 2011. I figured since we had to wait anyways, why not get what I want in options. I was told about 6-8 weeks for delivery and was told to call in a about 4 weeks to get a status update. I called and was told John Park (sales Manager) was going to handle my sale, and my order was delayed and delviery was to be expected sometime late Dec. I patiently waited making a few calls in between for a status update. I called the week before Christmas was was told the car might be here early and will get a call back. Well no call back, so I waited and finally called and found out John was on vacation. I left a message for him to call me back after the holidays. I received no call back. I called several times and was given the run around for about 2 weeks. I finally received a call the second week in Jan and was told my car arrived early and for some reason it was sold to someone else. Well I was not happy. The only thing John offered for the mistake was to order a new car and wait 3 months and this time it wont be sold. I did not agree. Well in the end I ended up getting a my almost exact car a week after from another dealer. I felt I was more of a bother then a customer. Similar review on other top sites
Bell AudiEdisonNJFairRyan SchmidtFair
Brad BensonDaytonNJPoor  
Cherry Hill NissanCherry HillNJPoorRonPoor
Comments: Deal was 19,000 for 2010 Altima new, minus $2000 in rebates. After getting financing from dealership, they changed purchase price to $20,000 and gave $3000 in rebates. However in NJ you are taxed on those rebates and of course the financing was thru Altima. Since taxes are rolled up into financing the amount paid was hundreds more then if they gave me original price minus incentives agreed. Salesmen said who cares how we get to the $17,000 purchase price and its the law they have to give us those incentives even though I told him I don't want that $500 incentive. I said apply to bottom line not the top, Salesmen then threw papers off the table and said "GET THE F OUT"
Cherry Hill Tri-PlexCherry HillNJPoorNate,Tom (general manager)Poor
Cherry Hill VolkswagenCherry HillNJGoodMike RutterExcellent
Comments: Thank you so much for this site! It made not only doing the research more fun, but between your site and, it was actually FUN to buy this car!
Clinton HondaClintonNJExcellentBill ButlerExcellent
Comments: I have used for two new car purchases in the past 6 years, and thanks to all of the information I learned, I don't even pay attention to the "noise" of commercials or advertisements for "big sales!". Instead I just focus on the key facts: Rebates, Manufacturer to Dealer Incentives, Holdback, Interest Rates. Then I just use the Excel worksheet, fill in my information, and validate my own thoughts on a fair price. In both cases, the dealers accepted offers with a 3% profit margin or less, and negotiations were very straight-forward without any games since I could show all of my research and facts.
Coast HondaSea GirtNJExcellentJim KavanaghExcellent
Comments: Very helpful and used your tips. Thanks. Note on the dealership: Coast Honda was terrific and didn't play any games. Could have been that they were my last stop and I knew what to expect as far as price the dealer would likely offer. On the other hand, Garden State Honda in Clifton, NJ and Planet Honda in Union, NJ played games. I dealt with great salesmen in both places but the finance managers ruined the experience by not agreeing to the selling price first agreed to with the salesman, charging bloated doc fees, and trying to say $300 etching fee was necessary. At Coast Honda, the salesman had all the power and I didn't even have to deal with the finance manager. Would definitely recommend the dealership and salesman to others.
Crystal Auto mallGreen brookNJExcellentFady Beshara & Julio Aldana Excellent
Comments: Refreshing experience. Different. Let's start with: I am not a fan of car sales people. Too many unhappy experiences over five decades. Although I really needed a new car, I kept putting it off. I dread the thought of doing this all over again. Kind of like a colonoscopy.

So I walked in with an attitude. Bravely, Julio Aldana approached me. Of course I started off by giving him a hard time. He let me express myself, while he gently figured out exactly why I came there in the first place. His approach calmed me down and gleaned from me a laundry list of what I wanted, expected, and at what price.

Once he understood my wishes, he brought over Fady Beshara. At first I became apprehensive again: ah, here it comes, 'double teaming' me. Nope. Julio just shook my hand, got up, and went elsewhere. Fady reviewed my list and negotiated with me. Straight forward and honest. Only afterward, did he bring Juilo back to continue his role, and Fady left.

Yes, they worked as a team, but each had a distinct part in the conversation and left while the other did his job. There were no high pressure back and forth tactics with these two. No good cop, bad cop. Just each other in complementing functions.

Together they made the sale while making me feel like I had twice the service. Good job guys.
D & C HondaTenaflyNJFairHerbieFair
Comments: used TrueCar,, WarrantyDirect, finance tried to stick me with their warranty at the end almost convinced me. Knew about $1,000 car company to dealer incentive.
DCH KAY HONDAEatontownNJExcellentMike Fabiani/Steve MooreExcellent
Comments: Tons of good info in one place. Site can be a bit much to navigate, a few drop down menu's might be nice. Also got 1.9% financing for 60 months (to be fair we have outstanding credit). No hassle buying experience, first time I saw salesperson was the day we bought the car. Price already negotiated from home. This is the new way to buy a car!
DCH Kay HondaEatontownNJFairJeremy BraunFair
Comments: Do the research save money, put dealers against each other, best time to buy Sept! Do not be in a hurry to buy, salesmen will see that and not negotiate with you. Overall very thorough site, and great information. Thanks!
Flemington HyundaiFlemingtonNJPoorRedmondPoor
Comments: I went in to buy a 2010 Genesis. The dealer only offered me less than half of the trade-in value that Kelly Blue Book (KBB) said my car was worth. In addition, the appraiser broke my power mirror switch into 2 pieces. When I went back into the dealer to have this corrected, the appraiser first denied he broke it, then said there was a hairline crack in it already and then said I shouldn't be wasting everyone's time on such a small issue. I was then asked to leave the lot - Don't go to this dealer - they are crooks and dishonest.
Garden State HondaCliftonNJExcellentJaimeExcellent
Comments: Loved your website! Very informative about dealer "doc" and other BS fees. Great tips about emailing and receiving quotes from multiple dealers. I took the emails with the dealer offers and sent them all back to the dealers (even the ones with the best quotes) saying, "Thanks for your offer, but your bid puts you out of the running. Put yourself in my shoes, if I tell you my lowest bid, you'll undercut it by $50 and I'm stuck playing this game all day. If you make me a better offer, I will seriously consider it."  Doing this extra step saved me even more money! I got my 09 civic SI for $19,270 including destination of $710 and summer tires (no navigation). I also used the cash for clunkers deal to get off another $3,500 Thanks so much!!
GreenbrookGreenbrookNJVery GoodNate Excellent
Comments: $3,000 rebate helped a lot.
Haldeman FordHamiltonNJVery GoodSteve LeonardoExcellent
Comments: Final price includes rebate. Purchased through internet sales.
Holman ToyotaMt LaurelNJExcellentRalph Bantivoglio/Hugh Van SciverExcellent
Comments: I could have saved an additional $1,000 (factory incentive), but choose the 0% financing for 60 months. This was more valuable in my opinion. The two were not compatible which I knew from the KBB website.
Holman InfinitiMaple ShadeNJVery GoodJim SullivanExcellent
Comments: FX50, believe it or not, is hard to find. When you do, no mention of incentives, etc from some dealers. Local dealer told me a 30-day discounts. I used CarWoo and they did the work for me. I was contacted by a S. Jersey dealer on a new model and a 'by the way, we have a demo with 4400 miles on it' alternative. I took the demo at the price listed above. CarWoo was amazing and did the work for me. Paid for the higher priced search, definitely worth it and educated myself with all the other information on your site. Thank you.
Honda of FreeholdFreeholdNJExcellentFrank RickardsExcellent
Honda of PrincetonPrincetonNJExcellentMatt CarrollExcellent
Comments: This was my first car buying experience and so I googled tips on how to go about it and came across this website. What a tremendous help this was. From start to finish, everything is mapped out nicely and for someone like me who had NO clue how the whole buying experience would work, this website was just such a great help. Thank you Jeff and team!
Honda ParamusparamusNJGoodNatGood
Honda UniverseLakewoodNJPoorJerome et allPoor
Comments: Great site for tips but also for a kind of pep talk to enter into negotiations with confidence. Got competitive quotes a week in advance, It was important for them to itemize all possible fees and taxes and summed up a final walk out the door price. I excluded any dealer that wouldn't submit this information via e-mail, 1 out of 10. I ranked to price and called them up the night before and told them of my top quote, many of which tried to discredit but still tried to jockey to get in the #2 position. 3 dealers reduced their quote in this process. The plan was to walk and got any monkey business. I got prices on line for go to # 2,3 etc if need be if I Honda accessories at wholesale prices and negotiated reduced rates on these. I was wary of install prices I didn't end up purchasing these. After catching the dealer in an attempt to switch an 08 for 09 I got angry and started to yell, my wife walked out and waited in the car, and as they looked into their "mistake" I wandered over to their service department and started to talk to waiting customers about what just happened. Eventually, I got them for almost $1,000 under Invoice. Negotiating trade in was trickier. My car needed repairs. But I called my accountant to find out the most I could write off for donation.
James Toyota ScionFlemingtonNJExcellentRob WagmaExcellent
Comments: I used your website and USAA buyers program (compared it with two other sites and all provided very close invoice). The advice was very good and I used all of it to some extent to include responses to typical questions during the test drive and sales closing.
Lawrence ToyotaLawrenceville, NJNJExcellentRobert MoranExcellent
Comments: Used "Fighting Chance", and read all the pages on this site in prep.
Lester Glenn HyundaiToms RiverNJPoor  
Comments: I don't remember what I paid for this POS car. My complaint is service. Lester Glenn will argue about anything warranty. They are rude abusive and will Lie to you if given the opportunity. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS.
Lexus of Cherry HillMt. Laurel NJGoodDave McNultyFair
Comments: Used the ZAG site as my top price but did get other quotes from dealers. One was for $650 less than the negotiated selling price delivered to my front door (the dealer was 100 miles away), but the dealer I bought from was my local dealer and they have a free tires for life program (yes it's in writing!) which made me buy from them. Plus buying where you service has some intangible benefits in my opinion. Overall the info on this site made this my only pleasant car buying experience ever and I will never negotiate from inside the dealer ever again! Using the ZAG site cut the salesman out of the picture in my case. I didn't waste his time when I was looking (20 min) but be conscience of this when making a purchase. You wouldn't want people wasting your time.
Loman FordParsippanyNJPoor5 differentPoor
Comments: This car was used, the tires don't match. One is bald, I am so sick at this I don't even know what to do. I meant to help my niece and all I did was get ripped off. I have at least 3 signed contracts with these people, and this was the third car we were given. They took the trade in and sold it on us. These people should be shut down!
Lynns hyundaiBloomfieldNJExcellentSOCRITESExcellent
Comments: your website helped me. some stuff is old for todays negotiation. as fighting chance says, you let dealer to make an offer instead you making him offer.
Maple shade MazdaMaple ShadeNJPoor  
Comments: tried to stick me with gap insurance, nitrogen air for the tires, wheel insurance at the end of the deal. but i declined :)
Maple Shade MazdaMaple ShadeNJExcellentGeorge/JaimeExcellent
Muller ToyotaClintonNJNot So HotDan WolfNot So Hot
Comments: Price included $1,250 rebate from Toyota. You MUST know your information when dealing with these people! Used the TrueCar site to have dealer quote me the selling price of $15,475.00 on the internet. However, they didn't have the car (what a suprise) when we arrived at our pre-arranged (and confirmed) appointment to test drive. However, they DID locate another one, which was delivered w/in 2 days. They tried to low-ball us on the trade-in (this is where 3 trips to the manager came in...), but we stuck to our guns--quoting KBB AND the offer we'd gotten from another dealer--and finally got a decent trade-in number. And these games occurred despite the fact that we've had our cars serviced at this dealership for 20 years! (I am convinced that there is a special place in eternity reserved just for car dealers, pimps, and drug pushers.) However, all's well that ends well... MANY THANKS, Jeff, for your words of wisdom and encouragement!!!!!
Nielsen Jeep (Previously) Warnock Jeep)East Hanover NJVery GoodVishalVery Good
Comments: CHECK AS MANY OTHER DEALERS' INVENTORIES BEFORE YOU SETTLE!!! Due to this site, the negotiating was held to a minimum. The research beforehand tips were what got me the great deal. By checking the dealer inventory (and being patient), I found that if cars are on the dealer's lot for more than a few months, they cost more to the dealer. To avoid this, the dealer lowers the sticker price. I got the sport model for $900 less than the bare bones unlimited model because it was on the lot for 5 months. I saved $2,900 on this jeep!!!
Open Road AcuraEast BrunswickNJPoor  
Comments: They promised free oil change at the time purchase now when I am ready for first oil change they say we don't give free oil changes and where is it in writing? They are crooks.
Open Road Acura East BrunswickNJVery GoodCharlieExcellent
Comments: I just submitted the same thing but forgot to fill out the botton part.
Open Road MazdaEast BrunswickNJVery GoodMohamadGood
Open Road HondaEdisonNJExcellent  
Comments: Great car, negotiated by email only.
Paramus HyundaiParamusNJPoor  
Comments: $2000 rebate.
Paramus MitsubishiParamusNJVery GoodSamExcellent
Park Ave AcuraRochelle ParkNJVery GoodJoe K.Excellent
Paul Miller HondaWest CaldwellNJGoodDan Eller - Highly RecommendedExcellent
Comments: Thank you, your site prepared me to buy a car at the right price and right dealer (or I would say right salesman). I ended up buying with my 2nd lowest quote which was about $200 more. However, I felt the salesman was more truthful and honest. If you're interested with my story about deciding between 2 dealerships, pls let me know and I will reply your email. I would not be able to walk away from pushing and sneaky salesman w/out reading your stuffs. Thanks Jeff.
Planet Honda Union NJPoor  
Comments: Planet Honda , one of the worse experience of my life. If one wants an immediate heart attack, planet Honda is the place. I can't believe they represent HONDA's name. You are indirectly through smart talking and salesmanship forced to take a warranty, maintenance services and a loan that ties the warranty, maintenance services together. To deal with Planet Honda you need a lawyer and a finance guru otherwise you will overpay and have a very bad experience. An ordinary customer would be basically over-matched and get a raw deal. The better business should definitely look at the techniques that are being used. It's border line criminal.
Pointe Buick GMCPennsgroveNJFairKevin McAlleyVery Good
Comments: The best car buying experience I ever had. I preferred dealing through CarWoo since they buffer you from the dealers who want to talk to you and come to their showroom. Edmunds gave me a lot of offers, but I kept getting nagging emails. I would encourage that if you use this process, you do need to consider what at the colors and options that are most popular. That gives you much more negotiating room. Then you can get a few thrown in, dealer installed options cheap to get the deal done. Thanks Jeff - It was worth spending the time reading and re-reading your recommendations to make sure I understood all the techniques that would be used by the dealers. I was able to cut them off quickly and get the deal I wanted.
Ray Catena LexusOakhurstNJGoodMr BobExcellent
Comments: -This site really made me understand most of the trick the sales people are going to pull. -Went to my local dealer with the folder and after a test drive, told them, I have done my research and to give me a "reasonable" price they would sell the car for. - The sales people went in and came out with the general manager with the dealer invoice and asked me to give $500 above the invoice. - After which I asked them to send by mail the out the door price with all the fee..etc by mail. and then as started the negotiation. Wonderful website!!! But I ended up buying from another dealer "Ray Catena - Oakhurst" with just email and phone. And Mr Bob was good. Mr. Bob Terrific - I recommend
Salerno DuaneSummitNJFair  
Comments: I shopped more carefully after viewing your site, learned a lot, and used CarClearanceDeals for my quotes. A lot of dealers refused to quote me but I stuck to my guns. I finally got the price above with 1.9% financing. Maybe I could've done a little better but I think I got a good deal.
Sansone Jr 66 NissanNeptuneNJPoorDan McGeveranPoor
Comments: I ended up putting $800 down and got a price of $246.xx/month for 39 months. This is my 3rd vehicle from this dealer, and the worst experience thus far. I told the salesman on the phone what I wanted and we agreed to a price. He was to have the car ready and waiting for me when I arrived. I still spent over three hours at the dealership. After leaving the dealership I got a call that the paperwork wasn't filled out properly and I had to return. I told them exactly when I would be back and to have the paperwork ready to be re-signed, they agreed. I still spent over an hour at the dealership. Somehow, they did not have the second key to my vehicle. It is now 18 days later and I still do not have the second key to my vehicle. This dealership is slow and inefficient.
Toyota of MorristownMorristownNJGoodThomas A. BastardoGood
Comments: I probably agreed for $500 more than what would have been my ideal price, but at 0% APR with $0 down and lifetime oil-changes it is still a great price!! Thanks to the tips!!
Toyota UniverseLittle FallsNJPoorJohnFair
Comments: You should structure your very helpful information in a more like todo list also links to will help to get all the details.
Turnersville HondaTurnersvilleNJExcellentFred FalconExcellent
Comments: Used
Windsor NissanEast WindsorNJExcellent  
Winner FordCherry HillNJVery GoodChris ChildsExcellent
Comments: Used spreadsheets with Fighting information and CarWoo to ultimately snag this deal for a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid with the Rapid Spec 501A package plus the Navigation System, Leather Seats with heated front row, and White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat paint. Waited till the week between X-mass and New Years 2011 to attack on a new 2010 (not used, off-lease, or dealer demo). My negotiated price includes $2,000 in Factory to Consumer rebates. I suggest the higher CarWoo service plan and running more than one concurrent auction on similar vehicles (2010 and 2011 models). Only 343 test driven miles! Got my own financing ahead of time (Pentagon Federal Credit Union) after getting my credit score (CreditKarma and Quizzle came close to the real FICO). Got the full Bumper to Bumper wear and tear premium extended service plan through CarChex. Will likely buy the maintenance package through Ford to save time, trouble, and money. There'll be good records of service maintenance should a Warranty claim come up. Also, found cheaper insurance with more coverage with New Jersey Manufacturers. Try to get below invoice because invoice is where the car is valued at by insurance. Also have a good idea of the True Cost to Own. Dealer was trying to beat other dealerships for best record in region. has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.