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Michigan Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
BMW of Ann ArborAnn ArborMIFairDavid de HaanVery Good
Comments: The combination of your informative website plus helped me get a good deal. Thank you. I loved the thoroughness of your site. However, if you could please, try to provide all of the same information without redundancy on multiple webpages. You repeat the same things over and over again in different areas of your site. Sincerely, J.
Crown ToyotaHollandMIPoor  
Comments: The service is horrible here too!!
Fox NissanGrand RapidsMIVery GoodJoe GarrisonExcellent
Comments: I bought my car on Jan. 2011 prior to finding your site but I think your site has a lot of great information. I live in Wisconsin and looked up dealer inventory on Nissan's website for 2010 Maximas at dealers around the midwest (Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Iowa). I e-mailed about 8 dealers last week and got price quotes. I was able to negotiate this price based on Edmund's prices paid thread in their forum and prices at cars overstock. The breakdown was $33,000 + $190 doc fee - $3,0000 in rebates + Tax, Title, License. They also gave me 2.99% financing for 60 months. It seems like prices aren't as competitive in the Midwest as it is at a place like Northern Virginia, so I feel like I got a fair deal. My experience was very hassle free, went to the dealer, they had everything ready and no hidden surprises.
Fred Grande FordRichmondMIExcellentGlennExcellent
Comments: Note: the price paid INCLUDES a Ford 72 Month 125000 Mile "preimer" warrenty (~$2000) Plus Sales tax and title fees.
Joseph PontiacFentonMIPoorFernandezPoor
Comments: purchased a used vehicle---was shammed and given the runaround when need to be in for warranty--no loaners. Am upside down in the vehicle and have been renting a vehicle for 3 weeks to get to work with no customer service--since I bought it used.
Siemens Jeep MazdaSt. JosephMIPoorRandy B.Not So Hot
Comments: First time buying a car. OK process until we got to the F & I office. My company offers the "X-Plan" with Ford / Mazda so the initial price was decent. I also asked for the first-time "college grad" discount - $500. When they drew up the paperwork inc. dealer financing - that's where I found out that the APR was a ridiculous 7.5% "because of the college grad" Gotcha! They were offering 3% deals at the time "for qualified buyers"...which, being a first-time, I wasn't sure if I was. The F & I guy was pretty scummy and since it had taken two weeks to bring in the car - it's a rare manual trans - and the payment was in my price range, I signed on. But I'll never go back. I've since bought several cars from other places...Siemens was the only place that I felt like I needed to take a shower afterwards. But wait...there's more! The car needed unscheduled maintenance over 15 times in the first three years. The Siemens shop manager once said "yeah, these new electronics are crap" in the midst of one repair. Again, won't be back.
Serra Toyota ScionFarmington HillsMIVery Good  
Comments: Thanks Jeff! I actually was introduced to the sales manager and received applause at for my good bargaining skills, thanks to you!
Signature Ford OwossoOwossoMIFair  
Comments: Good service, though the price is still a little bit high.
Stanton FordStantonMIPoor  
Comments: Vehicles were filthy on inside and out. Salesman did not even wish to talk let alone deal. Worst Ford Dealership that I have ever seen.
Superior NissanDearbornMINot So HotTony JaberNot So Hot
Vyletel BuickSterling HeightsMIExcellentSkipExcellent
Comments: LOVED the free spreadsheet downloads!! We negotiated a price better than your offer spreadsheet suggested and that was WITHOUT the cash rebate. We got a "cash rebate" price without taking it, so that we could still utilize the 0% financing to save on interest and ended up paying almost $300 under invoice. has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.