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Massachusetts Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Action ToyotaLittletonMAGoodKevin TownsendVery Good
Comments: Thanks, your site was very helpful.
Atamian HondaTewksburyMAFairJohn FilliponeFair
Comments: Great guidance and education. Empowering.
Atamian HondaLowellMAGood  
Atamian Volksvagen-Honda Inc.TewksburyMAFairDarth NhemFair
Bernardi ToyotaFraminghamMAFair  
Comments: Toyota rebate = $2000 Graduate rebate = $1000 Rest of the discount is just by haggling and eating the dealers brain off.
Bertera NissanAuburn MAGood  
Comments: My wife and I went into the dealer with two other internet offers with destination charges included. We negotiated the price down to $18,800 with destination charges included. Your site was very helpful and my wife and I probably would have spent a lot more money without you.
Boch HondaNorwoodMAGoodRendellVery Good
Comments: Thanks for your advice. It's more fun to hold the cards...

I used TrueCar and had 3 dealers compete with out-the-door pricing. I took the lowest one which was $6,943 off MSRP. I bought at the end of the month in October.The 2018's are out and I'm sure it helped. The deal price required I finance with Honda, but I was going to pay cash so it doesn't matter.

I sold my trade to Car Max after offering it the dealer and they low balled it at > $2,000 less than Car Max who gave me a good price as compared to Kelly Blue Book. Car Max is very easy to deal with.

I did not purchase any extra warranty and based on your check list, I probably will not. When I went back to buy the car, I used the sales rep who did my test drive so he got the credit for the sale.

Thanks again!
Boch HondaNorwoodMAFair  
Comments: They advertised the price I got, so I didn't have to talk them down. I felt my trade-in was worth about $1500 more than they gave me for it and I feel like I could have gotten a better deal, but I was happy with it.
Cityside SubaruBelmontMAExcellentRob KrasowExcellent
Comments: Dealt with them directly through using this site's Car Buying Service pricing, using the lowest bid to get them to give me an even better deal. Easy to deal with, no pressure, friendly and negotiated for appx. $200 below lowest Car Buying Service price.
Clay HyundaiNorwoodMAPoorShareef AhmedPoor
Coastal Nissan NorwellMAFairIsan AreskiFair
Comments: This is a price with college graduate rebate, and 0% APR, so if not taking the 0% APR, the price is 1000 dollars cheaper.
Colonial Nissan of MedfordMedfordMAFair  
Comments: Jeff, you are the man! With the two cars I've bought using your tips, I've saved at least $7,000-$8,000 total. Thanks for your website! I've found that although I already knew the lower end of the price spectrum that a car was worth, I had to "slow play" my hand a bit. I went into one dealership and low-balled them with a price of $26500 and they got angry. He showed me the invoice and told me he would lose money selling the car for $26500. I showed him a quote I got from a competitor in another state and he said, "Go buy it there, then." It was a 10 minute discussion. I think I needed to spend a little time with them, test drive the car even if I didn't want to drive it again, and at least make the salesman invest some time in the sale so that he would offer the low price eventually. It was easy for the first dealer to refuse my offer because he had not invested the time, and could move on to another different uninformed buyer. Have you found this, and do you think I'm right about this trend I've noticed? I spent an hour and got the price I wanted.
Commonwealth HondaLawrenceMAVery GoodEliezer Ruiz and Manager was Joe Gerbino - both really nice guysExcellent
Comments: While I am happy with the price I got, the real deal came with the amount they gave me for my trade in. They gave me $2,000 for a 2001 Olds Alero w/ 137k miles on it. I would say it is in fair condition and per KBB worth $1,125 as a trade in value (I also know it needs about $1,600 in mechanical work). After their 1st offer, I went and got it matched at another dealer, so I called and asked them to beat it and offered $21,700, including my trade. They came back with $21,775, so I took it. Some tips: I wasn't picky about the color and I picked the one where he had about 4 of the same exact car on the lot - he told me he wanted to move it because he had so many. I also went on 4/27/10 - at the end of the month they will be more aggressive with prices and trade in values so they can meet their monthly quota. Overall, I didn't have to do a lot of haggling. I acted uncertain and indecisive and they offered me more money off without me even having to ask. If you want to hear my whole story to find out what I did, please email me. I enjoy telling it - I am proud of myself. Plus it may give you tips when you go buy a car. :-)
Diamond ChevroletWorcesterMAPoorAli AziziPoor
Expressway ToyotaBostonMAVery GoodStevenVery Good
Herb ChambersBostonMAPoor
Comments: Used Fighting Chance, was very informative, I even talked to them very cooperative and patient on the phone. Suggestions: - if you could talk more about special orders. - more details on documents that are being signed, because I didn't understand a lot of what was written. Thanks very pleased with what you have here :)
Herb Chambers Toyota AuburnAuburnMAGoodMike DemersGood
Herb Chambers HondaBostonMAPoor  
Herb Chambers HondaBrooklineMAVery Good  
Jaffarian ToyotaHaverhill MAPoorSarkisPoor
Comments: You should a follow up section, because in some cases, like mine, the first three months of ownership were even more horrific than the insanity and pressure of the sales process with the dealership.
Johnson Ford Lincoln MercuryPittsfieldMAPoorGary JohnsonPoor
Lexus of WatertownWatertownMAFairMichael BerubeVery Good
Comments: There really is no "base" 200h premium available and with sunroof, heated seats, etc., you're already well above the base price.
Metrowest SubaruNatickMAExcellentSam MayerExcellent
Comments: I've relied on this site for the last 7 years, 2 new cars and 1 used. Thanks Jeff.
Metrowest SubaruNatickMAVery Good  
Comments:This site was VERY helpful. Thank you! Price includes the $1000 rebate.
Nissan 24BrocktonMAVery GoodJeannot PierreExcellent
Comments: I went through to find my dealer with the best price. I sent emails to them online, came to an agreement on price, ended up going to the dealer for about 2 hours (test driving and mostly because we were trying to find the color we wanted). My price also includes $2,000 of factory rebates
Quirk NissanQuincyMAVery GoodYAWVery Good
RC Olsen CadillacWoburnMAVery GoodIrwinExcellent
Sentry Auto GroupShrewsburyMAExcellentDarrylExcellent
Comments: Got 0% financing which saved me $2k over 60 mos. plus $500 rebate. Getting multiple internet quotes gave me great leverage. I bought from the 2nd salesman I talked to.
Tom O'Brien HyundaiQuincyMAPoorJoePoor
Comments: The prices they showed me are still unclear to me. Summary: In March 09, I purchased an Elantra that was on the lot for 8 months (08). The salesman was confusing, and when I drove the car off the lot, he kept the white window sticker ($17,125). When I went back for it and questioned the price I paid, I was told they added $3,995 to the deal for adj. market value ($21,120 is what they charged me!). From this price, they "took" $2,000 off for a rebate and "gave me" $1,300 for a trade, which meant nothing because they initially inflated the price by thousands. Three times I went back. The third time, they put rainguards on to appease me, and offered me car mats, which were supposed to be included in my car in the first place! Each time I went back, they spoke unclearly. Initially, Joe told me only my monthly payment, kept my paperwork (white sticker), never installed car mats and later acted like the dealership was giving me something free. I went back a forth time, recently, when I found out they applied for a loan through Chase Bank, which I never gave them permission to do (I had signed paperwork for a loan through a local bank). I only found this out when Chase Bank rejected my loan request for a loan I never applied for! This dealer uses devious practices.
Tufankjian Toyota of BraintreeBRAINTREEMANot So HotBARNEBUSFair
VW GalleryNorwoodMAExcellentHerb HollisExcellent
Wakefield SubaruWakefieldMAExcellentSteveExcellent
Comments: Went prepared for battle and was absolutely amazed at the no Bull attitude, no games or cons. Best dealer I have ever purchased from. Very up front and honest small town dealer that lives on reputation for good deals.
Wellsely MazdaWellsleyMAPoorWaynePoor
Comments: They did not give me my title or registration for three months but gave me a dealer plate which is illegal so I was unable to drive my new car. Went back on their word to fix anything found within the first thirty days. Never called back. WORST DEALERSHIP EVER!
Wellesley ToyotaWellesleyMAVery GoodJack MendosaExcellent
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