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Maryland Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Bill Kidd ToyotaCockeysvilleMDGoodHans BlomVery Good
Comments: Fully loaded, Minus DVD. Tow Hitch w/Wiring Harness Carpet/Cargo Mat - 3 Row Seating Remote Engine Start XM Satellite Radio Cross Bars Highlander Hybrid Limited Extra Value Includes: Front Auto Dual Zone Climate Control System Auto Rear Air Conditioning System w/ Rear Vents for 2nd & 3rd Row Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof w/Sunshade Voice Activated Touch-Screen Navigation System with JBL AM/FM 4-Disc In-Dash CD Changer
Bill Kidd's ToyotaCockeysvilleMDExcellentKatie JenkinsExcellent
Bobbell NissanBaltimoreMDFair  
CARMAXLaurel MDExcellentEarl Best, Hollon PayneExcellent
Comments: Used and CARMAX pricing to get best price. Ended up buying at CARMAX due to available financing and CARMAX Dealer processing was $150 less than the lowest dealer.
Century Jeepmount airyMDPoorFred Crum, Mike FaheyPoor
Comments: Mike Fahey (sales manager) was absolutely deceiving. Trying to sneak in $2,000 down payment I never agreed to because he was paying $2,000 more for my trade in than he wanted to.
Cook VWFallstonMDPoor  
Comments: I bought a new VW in May 2009 from Cook VW. The spare key did not work. I called twice and was told by the sales manager that someone would call back and the problem would be taken care of. No one called back. I called a third time and finally the sales manager called back and I was told I would have to pay for the key
Criswell HondaGermantownMDFairAli NassabehVery Good
Comments: I used Fighting Chance.
Criswell HondaGermantown MDFairAndyExcellent
Darcars Toyota of FrederickFrederickMDExcellent  
Comments: I found this website immensely informative! I also want to mention that James Bragg's site was extremely helpful and I saved at least $1100. When comparing invoice pricing provided by compared to that offered by Edmund's True Market Value, the difference was more than $1,000. Keep up the great work Jeff!
Heritage Mazda Bel AirBel AirMDVery GoodWill WellsExcellent
Comments: Very informative. I had no idea about dealer incentives or holdbacks. Also, I was able to remove an advertising fee and window etching fee from the sale price thanks to your website. At least the salesman I dealt with didn't fight me on it. He was quite friendly and reasonable.
Herson's HondaRockvilleMDExcellentStephan - Internet ManagerExcellent
Comments: Good experience. The 2WD version had sat on their lot for 65 days (so long that the tires had flat spots that I had to drive off with a half hour on the interstate), and they were looking to deal. Internet quote, counter offer, which they accepted. No fuss, no muss. Showroom was full of other people with credit problems and total confusion with what they wanted. They didn't even mess with trying to sell me the finance manager laundry list of crap. Respected that I knew what I wanted and what I was doing. 3.5% financing to boot. In and out in 2 hours - most of that time waiting for them to buff the car and remove the wheel locks (hate them, and they are overpriced)
JBA InfinitiEllicott CityMDVery GoodMaurice Excellent
Comments: We negotiated this price over e-mail. We initially contacted 9 different dealers. Four wound up getting into a pretty serious bidding war. By the end, some of the other dealers couldn't believe that we had negotiated the price that we did and insisted that something had to be wrong with the car. Two dealers, however, were willing to sell us the car at this price. We are completely satisfied with our purchase and with the car we wound up with.
Jim Coleman HondaClarksvilleMDExcellentRichard MurphyExcellent
Comments: This price includes freight. This dealer also included options on the car (mud guards, wheel locks, pinstriping, door guards) and I got those all for free.
Northwest HondaOwings MillsMDVery GoodJudy GoldmanExcellent
Northwest hondaOwings MillsMDGoodRobert PulloExcellent
Comments: This was the only dealer in my area that would make a deal. The others either did not respond, were much higher or said this dealer lied to me. Did have to order the truck but the deal held up for the eight weeks it took to arrive. Used and only met with the dealer one time before buying the truck. Everything was done via E-mail and phone calls other than one meeting and to actually buy the truck. Did not need financing so didn't have to play that game. Even through in a free travel mug. Love this site and could not have done it with out it! Made it very easy to compare without having to drive around to every dealer. Did it on my terms when I had time not wasting my time playing games at every dealer.
Ouirman HondaBethesdaMDPoor  
Comments: Poor aspects: high price, overpriced dealer add-ons, low trade value, pressure to buy today.
PohankaMarlow HeightsMDGoodVeronicaFair
Rosenthal AcuraGaithersburgMDFairAlan EdenGood
Russel ToyotaBaltimoreMDExcellentCory SynderExcellent
Comments: Plus $750 rebate and $3500 Cash For Clunkers.
Sheehy NissanGlen BurnieMDExcellentGerome HodgesExcellent
Comments: I set up the car buy by having 5 dealerships compete with each other over one email. The best deal I got was from Nissan/Acura in Ellicott City, MD. However, while the internet salesman (Craig) was forthcoming and honest about everything we discussed over email, his floor manager was condescending and rude. I walked out after the 2nd time he spoke with me and never went back. Their owners called me to apologize. I did make a purchase from another internet dealer at the Glen Burnie Nissan (listed in your optional information section) and it was a good experience. Mostly, I wanted to thank you for the reference to warranty direct. I did a lot of research on both the car and warranty side of my transaction (I'm an engineer, it takes me 6 months of research to buy anything more than $10 sometimes), but your link to WarrantyDirect was very helpful. I used your site back in 2001 when I bought my first car, and remembered to look back here for a refresher and warranty information. The VAST majority of my savings came from dealing with WarrantyDirect, whom aside from incredible service which is hard to find these days, offered a far better warranty at a fraction of the price Nissan did. Thanks for the warranty link and keep up the good work!
Shockley HondaFrederickMDNot So HotJustin ToddNot So Hot
Comments: Despite a 'full 30-day warranty', this dealer did everything they could to avoid supporting the car that they sold. The biggest problem came when the 'check engine' light came on about a week after purchase. As a Honda dealer, they couldn't service the Porsche that they sold. So they told me to take it to a Porsche dealer. Thereafter, they immediately started to balk, saying they weren't going to pay for any of the service to repair the vehicle. Eventually, after constant pressure from me, they agreed to pay only for the parts of repair, no labor. This is in violation of their offered warranty. So far, despite their 'agreement' to pay for the parts, I've not been reimbursed. RUN, RUN, RUN from this dealership. They will stand behind the used cars they sell, as long as it costs them nothing! If you have a problem of any kind, they won't back the car, won't return your calls, will do anything to avoid spending a dime after they've taken your money!!
Sport HondaSilver SpringsMDExcellentAlex ChanExcellent
Lexus of TowsonTowsonMDExcellent  
Comments: has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.