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Louisiana Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
A.J. Dohmann Chrysler Dodge JeepMorgan CityLAPoorJoey DohmannPoor
Comments: This dealer is a rip off, they refuse to service you vehicle even after I purchased the vehicle from them, I will be reporting this JOKE dealer to the BBB.
Brian Harris ChevroletBaton RougeLAPoorRusty Sales ManagerPoor
Brian Harris PorscheBaton RougeLAPoor  
Comments: I bought this car used from Brian Harris Porsche with Certified Pre-Owned Warranty, an extra $2000 or so. The car had 6,500 miles on it when purchased. The warranty extended the factory warranty to 7 years 100,000 miles. After 6 years 8 months of the life (now 17,000 miles), I took car to my local Denver dealership for service. It had an elect. short in 6CD changer and also needed a bearing replaced in one of the pulleys. I tried to redeem the warranty for the repair. I called the orig. dealer and the mgr of the dealership, Vito, told me no problem - their system showed their service dept did the CPO but the sales mgr didn't submit it to the factory. He said it didn't surprise him and that sales mgr and its indicative of why he is no longer there. Vito said he would take care of it and in 2 days it would show up in the system and my new dealer could repair under warranty. Low and behold, it never showed up. Then he said it was Porsche's fault, next he said it expired 2 yrs ago, then "prove you bought it". He and the dealer owner refused to return my or my dealer's calls and ultimately I paid repairs myself, after 3 weeks of my car at the dealer. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM BRIAN HARRIS PORSCHE. THE WHOLE THING FELT LIKE A SLIMY USED CAR DEALERSHIP GIVING ME THE RUN-AROUND.
Comments: I traded in my Buick Park Avenue for this Ford Focus 2010 but they took me for a ride for it had 43,175 miles on this ford but the dealer didn't tell me & lied to me and the price I paid for this Ford was not fair. After the loan it was $17,489. I made a big mistake didn't ask for the carfax. I paid too much for this car the dealership new I was on ssi and 66 years old. I am trying to pay for it with a payment of $300.00 a month but is hard for I am on a fixed income. the dealership had just open in St. Martinville LA.
Musson PatoutNew IberiaLAGoodJohn VeazieExcellent
Richard HondaBaton RougeLAGoodCharle StricklaExcellent
Richard's HondaBaton RougeLAFair  
Comments: I purchased the Fighting Chance Package but did not use the email attack. I contacted their internet manager and requested a invoice price. He agreed and I purchased the vehicle and traded a 2002 Taurus SES for $3,000. It only took a few emails and one phone call to make the deal. They were very courteous. I may have been able to sell more if I used the email tactics but did not feel like making that effort based on what other were able to save beyond invoice price.
Sterling ImportsLafayetteLANot So Hot  
Comments: I also got a $3,000 rebate. This car was a demo with 1700 miles on it and was also a 2007 (2008 are just shipping now). I also got the price I wanted for my trade by making sure it was a separate deal.
Vaughn MotorsBunkieLAExcellentDennis NezatExcellent
Comments: From the salesman (Dennis Nezat) to the management (Richard Juneau) and even including financing (Troy Young) the great folks at Vaughn Motors in Bunkie were courteous, respectful, and most importantly they treated us with honesty and integrity. I simply cannot say enough great things about Vaughn Motors in Bunkie LA. I would recommend friends, family, strangers - anyone wanting to receive the best deal while being treated respectfully and honestly to call them and give them a shot at selling you a car. Their pricing and integrity more than made up for the drive! Everything was exactly as Dennis Nezat and Richard Juneau promised me - bottom line no car gimmicks or sales trickery here-we found them to have the utmost integrity. As cliche as it sounds I would send my grandmother to this dealership - they give car sales a whole new (positive) meaning. I do not work for them, did not know any of them before I bought my new car, and have no affiliation with car dealers or dealerships. Just a great experience that is worth sharing - give them a call and make the drive. has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.