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Illinois Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Advantage Chevrolet of HodgkinsHodgkinsILPoorSteve GarciaPoor
Comments: I visited this dealer on a weds after they would not give me numbers for addtls, allowing me to figure an out the door price. So I stopped at the dealer and I told him I did not want to test drive, etc I just wanted to verify the advertised price, and that I qualified for the quoted price. I was told that I did, ad he told me the fees .I told him I would return in three days. On sat, I returned with my up2drive check, and cash. When he showed me the buy sheet I pointed out it was 1500 more. He than says "oh yeah theres a 1500 rebate you dont qualify for. At this point things go south. He no longer remembers telling me that I qualified at the advertised rate. Things get heated and he gets his Manager. They stuck to it, and claimed they would not have told me that. They kept asking what my prearranged rate was so that they could beat it to recoup the difference. I told them that was neither hear nor there. They would not honor their advertised price. I got up to leave, and told them hat this is why they have the reputation they do, and thanked them for wasting 4 hours of my time.
Bob Rohrman KiaPalatineILPoorGeorgePoor
Comments: I was giving two different stories. On the purchase date, I was told that most lenders don't want to do a loan on anyone self-employed. Within 1/2 hr., I was told they secured the loan. I left with the new car. 15 days later (today) I was told to fax them 3 years' worth of tax returns and that if the lender won't approve the loan, I'll have to return the car. I think this a horrible way to do business and there should be repercussions to dealerships who do this.
Bob Watson Motor SportsMidlothianILPoorJoe ReedPoor
Comments: I do not encourage anyone to go to Watson motor sports.
Brad Barker HondaBloomingtonILExcellentBrent BurchExcellent
Comments: Purchased Fighting Chance Package and used the E-mail/Fax Attack as suggested.
Brad Barker HondaBloomingtonILExcellentWilliam ManningExcellent
Comments: does not provide pricing info for the Honda Fit, because there is "just $507 to $675 profit built into the MSRP" (according to their website). Even KBB listed the New Car Blue Book Value (the price consumers are actually paying) at about $200 OVER MSRP. Using your spreadsheet, I was able to negotiate $530 off of MSRP, which calculated to just over 4% profit over the actual dealer's cost.
Brian Bemis HondaSycamoreILFairCarol HogueGood
Bruckert's ChevroletBunker HillILGoodGreg BruckertExcellent
Comments: I really liked this site. It helped me out a lot in finding the "snakes" that our out there. It gave my wife and I something to prepare ourselves for. We spent over a month looking for a vehicle, with finding nothing but snakes out there trying to rip us off. This site helped us extremely! We did however find a dealership that actually had a salesman (owner of the dealership) that was EXTREMELY nice and great to deal with. The car we got was WAY below anything out there for !that vehicle. All of the other vehicles were being sold for $20,000 PLUS! Thank you for this site, and helping us being prepared in dealing with all the snakes out there. If it wasn't for this site we probably would have ended up with a bad deal and never would have found this GREAT dealership and salesman! Thanks again.
Carr's HondaChicagoILFair  
Comments: Thanks so much for the site! I was able to negotiate from an informed perspective,
Carr's HondaChicagoILVery GoodmanagerExcellent
Comments: Great site, good tips, took many pointers for amateur first time buyer.
Champion Motorsports, Inc.CrestwoodILPoorAnthony MaddammaPoor
Comments: I can't believe the night before we are to go pick up the Jeep. He calls just when the office closes. My daughters first car she was so excited to go pick it up in the AM. Bank even cut the cashiers check in their name this AM. All ready to go and I get a call saying they SOLD THE JEEP. They even communicated with my bank since Mon. today is only Wed. eve. As a parent I just can't believe this is happening.
Mazda of Chicagoland (or The Autobarn Evanston Mazda)EvanstonILNot So HotJonathan SammonsNot So Hot
Comments: I went over the tips on this site 4-5 times before setting foot in the dealer. I honestly didn't think they'd try so many cliche' tricks listed here. They tried most. I kept most of the info here to myself during the process, but it gave me confidence. In the end my ultimate weapon was saying I was going to leave because I wasn't comfortable. It took 1 "I'm just going to leave" to get the manager on me and 4-5 "I'll go home and think about it" to get him to go down to where I was comfortable. I did screw some research up (researched up manual not auto) but found the right info on my phone while thinking it all over. Also, thanks for the heads up on CarChex, they saved me tons (dealer offered me a $4,000 warranty vs. their $1500 one for better coverage!) Financing wasn't happy w/that, they tried 3-4 pitches on me too. I think my only suggestion would be an easy quick reference print out for fees & whether or not they're bogus/how negotiable they are. There's a page on the site, but a nice compact print out would have been cool. Or a smart phone app. Maybe I missed that if it was here though. I paid cash so no shell games, but I didn't reveal how I'd be paying until we had a deal. I just kept avoiding the financing discussion to keep focused on the price.
Continental MazdaNapervilleILExcellentJeremy StorinoExcellent
Comments: First used your site in 1998. Last time in 2003. Was time to replace my wife's 10 year-old Lexus, so glad you're still around. My Nissan is 11 years old and going strong (and still love it), but I'll be back when its time to replace that one. :) For optional survey, negotiating the price was fairly easy, mainly because I used tools from your site to know what I should be paying, plus I brought along several competing dealer quotes. Was able to show sales rep 10 prices from different sources, all within $500 of each other. He came back with a quote within $50 of what I considered my "ideal" price. All in all a very good deal. I credit your site as much as the sales rep for how smoothly that went.
Dave Munganast Alton DodgeAltonILFairAaron YoungFair
Don McCrue ChevroletSt. CharlesILPoorSantiago SanchezFair
Comments: This dealer was relentless in insisting they could beat my CU interest rate, they could not. When I demanded the "barely" completed credit app (with SSN) back, they argued it was required for OFAC. The F & I guy could not tell me what the acronym OFAC meant. Good deal, but excessively drawn out.
Ed Napleton HondaOak LawnILPoorRay BerryNot So Hot
Comments: Found your website very informative. Thanks for the guidance.
Ed Napleton HondaChicagoILGoodMohammedExcellent
Elgin ToyotaElginILExcellentKevin BrownVery Good
Comments: With help from your site, and other sources, I had my vehicle price before I ever even stepped onto a dealer lot. Also had pre-arranged financing and warranty, which the dealer ended beating. Went the last day of the month for a better deal. Only negotiating point done at the dealer was for my trade in, which the dealer beat by $1500 more than Carmax offered.
Fox Valley VolkswagenWest ChicagoILExcellentTed Wenecki and Todd EarnestExcellent
Comments: Liked articles - new car buying tips, dealer scams, and read all chapters of advice. Found and users recommended Costco membership (auto program, costs $100 for executive membership). Plug in the car you want and a local dealer will contact you and give you member only pricing - mine was an automatic $200 off invoice pricing, and invoice pricing for all options. My dealer actually offered almost $700 off invoice ($666 exactly) without haggling. Bought the car from them 2 days later, great buying experience. Your website was the first one I stumbled across and it helped prepare me immensely. The dealer knew I was prepared with my Costco membership and arriving with my "folder" full of pricing sheets and tips. Thank you, I will recommend your site to friends and family.
Honda CityChicagoILGoodMarcos RiveraExcellent
Comments: Overall I had great experience at the dealership. The only minor things is that I had to wait about 5-10 minutes before going to test-drive. Sales consultant Marcos did a really good job; he answered all my questions and he did not talk when I was driving. The negotiation process was easy; no bogus fees were on the first price they presented. I did not have a trade-in car.
Gartner HyundaiAuroraILExcellentJoe MartinExcellent
Comments: Used both CarWoo and Fighting Chance for this process. Ended up using a pared down version of the Fighting Chance system of email bidding to get offers. CarWoo was woefully inadequate - got 2 offers - 1 @ full sticker price offers (with refusal to budge); 1 at @ 200 below sticker and 1 LIED to me about invoice being only $300.00 less than sticker for this car (a new body style just introduced this month). I was holding the invoice in my hand when I read it. Liar. Finally one guy started to negotiate but the lowest I could get him down was $500 ABOVE invoice but only on the condition I took delivery THE SAME DAY!! Glad I didn't pay for Carwoo and told them so - they need to get the dealers onboard better or that system will not prosper. The offers were substandard and the dealers just as sleazy as if I was in the store. Employed Fighting Chance system and in a matter of hours I had haggled an 8% below invoice offer (all through emails) which I am very pleased with given that it's a brand new model. All the tips here and the Fighting Chance gave me the ability to negotiate on a car I really wanted. Carwoo was a free experiment but left me unimpressed. Maybe it works better on cars that have been on the market longer.
Grand SubaruBensenvilleILFairBill NealisVery Good
Comments: I used your methods and saved thousands when five dealers competed against each other. My local dealer had the second worst price, so I went elsewhere. (I also used the excellent I wish you two would merge. Though FC's package simply verified information that was already available on KBB, the peace of mind was worth it.) Also:
-I tried to pay full price on a credit card (and thereby earn almost enough miles for a free plane ticket). The dealer balked and said extra fees applied over $2500. This violates Dealer's license with Giant Bank, so I countered by getting Giant Bank on the phone. Dealer then agreed to waive the fee if I put only half the price on the card. EVERY dealer does this.
-Every dealer also quoted the same doc fee of $154. The fee is allowed in Illinois BUT ONLY FOR CARS THAT ARE FINANCED; it should not be charged for full cash payment. But the dealers all charge it anyway, regardless of payment method, because they know everyone is ignorant or won't fight it. I even printed out the statute and brought it with me, but I still couldn't get it waived.
-My purchase was on 7/16/2010. Sorry for the delay. THANK YOU!
Grand SubaruBensenvilleILFairDan D'AndreaExcellent
Comments: Used an email attack, contacting dealers through CarClearanceDeals and played several dealerships off each other. Made the deal before I even set foot in a dealership. I will say for this car, was unnecessary. There was nothing in it I didn't find on your site (email attacks) or on KBB (holdback and financing offers). With a price so low I would have bet there was a secret incentive, but nothing was noted in my Fighting Chance report. Kind of a waste this time.
Grossinger ChevroletPalatineILPoorMike MohomPoor
Honda of IllinoisSpringfieldILExcellentPhil DoomExcellent
Honda of LisleLisleILVery Good  
Comments: Thanks!!!! I had every tool in my arsenal folder to counter every claim, concern, and possible misdirection. While the dealer was very honest and straight forward, I was able to back up my information and push on theirs with my documentation. It helped keep me calm throughout the process--which I thought would really be impossible. I easily saved hundreds just knowing how to shop around for warranty, loans, trade-in, prices, etc. I really believe once he saw the amount of information I collected--that I had everything at my fingertips, he cut to the chase. The spreadsheets rocked!!!! Even thought there was no funny business, it kept me confident and kept them honest. I really cannot thank you enough for all the great information found here.
Honda of LisleLisleILGood  
Infiniti of Hoffman EstatesHoffman EstatesILExcellent   
Comments: I have been researching on this site and others for about two weeks and finally felt confident enough to negotiate today. I made my knowledge about the car industry known early on in the test drive (test drive was a week ago), and the salesman seemed to know the type of consumer he was dealing with as he never pressured me nor did he ask any of the typical questions. All in all, I feel very fortunate for my deal, and I am thankful for this site for giving me the information to make it happen.
Jim M'Lady NissanCrystal LakeILPoorPat TatePoor
Comments: Great site that really opened my eyes to the ins and outs of car buying the SMART WAY. James Bragg's "Fighting Chance" package also added a great deal of insight to the entire car shopping & buying experience.
Liberty Auto PlazaLibertyvilleILNot So Hot  
Comments: Very helpful!
Lombard ToyotaChicagoILPoor  
Comments: On phone, Internet rep promised invoice price + 200 fees for car and said they had the color I wanted in their large storage lot in another town. Gave me a nice PDF brochure showing the breakdown of the pricing for base + options etc. At the dealership, salesperson said there's none of that color and would have to add 500$ to get car from another dealership. I told him I'd just go to another dealership and he went to his manager 3 times and finally went down to +250$. I was not happy that they promised me a price and wanted to add more to it, so he said the price the Internet rep gave me was some kind of mistake, and some other BS such as be a man, make a man's decision and pay 250$ for the color you want. I left. Waste of an afternoon.
LoeberLincolnwoodILPoorMike MendozaPoor
Comments: Nationally advertised rebate of $2500 was "inadvertently" omitted from the bill of sale and they would not correct this immediately but waited until my check with the wrong amount had been cashed. the salesperson claimed the signals lit up on dash were not important and that the wrench symbol did not mean I or the car needed to pay special attention to this. however, when I finally got another person to pay attention to this, it turns out that this is a vital error and will always set everything off from this "smart car" which should notify me when servicing is needed, etc... Still no license plate, still no second copy of the key, and still missing $500 from the rebate valid for cars delivered and purchased before June 30, 2010.... Still no response from the dealership about how to rectify this.
McGrath City HondaChicagoILExcellentAlexVery Good
Comments: Jeff you suggested that I give Carwoo a try. I was able to purchase my CR-V through Carwoo. The only small dislike is dealing with the Finance Manager at dealership. I was prepared for him to push the extended warranty but I did not back down and did not purchase the extended warranty from the dealership. I will be checking out Carchex and Warranty Direct for my extended warranty.
McGrath Honda on GrandChicagoILExcellent  
Comments: I used the email attack. Most dealers responded with quotes for 2009's. Still excellent prices for 2009's at about $800 more than my final price for the 08. One dealership responded with $24,300 (both quotes included 670 destination) and another dealership 23670 for an 08. Based on dealing with 7 dealerships it appeared that there were 3 new 08's left in the Chicagoland area. (I checked within 2 hours drive from my house, phone and email only) Made the deal over the phone for 23670, picked it up the next day, drove away after about 90 minutes of paper work and tour of the car/features. Purchased Honda care extended warranty 8yr/100000 miles for $820 from east cost Honda dealer over the internet and Honda winter mats for less than 50% of local dealer quote. Very happy with purchase and experience. I'm sure having an 08 on the sales floor surrounded by 09s helped. Giving all the credit to your site. Thank you.
Naperville DodgelisleILExcellentJohnExcellent
Comments: My initial offer was $28,000. $500 less the lowest internet price I found. The sales manager rejected that offer and I countered with $28,383 just picking that figure out of my head. Salesman accepted without blinking. I purchased the Caravan SXT with the 28M option package with the 4.0L engine and with the GPS navigation system.
Napleton's Auto Park of UrbanaUrbanaILPoor
Comments: Several pre-delivery items were not installed prior to me picking up car. They didn't pay off my trade for several weeks when I finally opened a BBB complaint. Then they offered to send me a check for 2 months payments to make up for it, which 2 months later, has never happened. Multiple managers did not reply to my emails, and that's probably because they don't want to put their lies into writing.
Napleton DodgeChicagoILPoor  
Comments: This was a straight cash deal. No financing, trade etc... Except I did want $2000 in dealer installed aftermarket items. So all we had to deal with was the price of car. They tried some magic with the numbers - like adding my +$400 offered deposit to the negotiated price of car instead of subtracting it. They rejected my $30,000 offer. Do you have a comment on this?
Newbold ToyotaO'FallonILFairChrisFair
Nissan of South HollandSouth HollandILPoor  
O'Brien ToyotaUrbanaILFairJessica BryantGood
Comments: Fighting Chance was a big help.
Pauly ToyotaCrystal LakeILVery GoodSteve Robbins - Internet Sales ManagerExcellent
Comments: $1250 Rebate. Used We were ready to order the car that we wanted (fully decked out Sienna). Turns out there was one about 100 miles away from us that all the local dealers were giving their quotes based on. We got quotes ranging from $1500 above to invoice cost for the same car. Ultimately, the dealer that had the car sold it to us for $365 below invoice before rebate and gave us the best nearly no haggle deal and experience. One local dealer would never send a written quote - just verbal quotes that, in fact, were high. He hounded my wife to come in to the dealership to sit down and talk and would not take no for an answer. We finally had to tell him to stop calling us. This same dealer told us that all Toyota dealerships are the same and that we wouldn't find a better deal by shopping around. He told us that shopping for a price on a new car like this was a waste of our time. Boy was he wrong. The only 'surprise' was when the F & I person tried to add the extended warranty for 2.5x what I could get it for online. I ended up buying it at exactly the same (best) price that I had previously researched. Those negotiations took a total of 15 seconds as I confidently said NO to the higher price. Thank you for this site and the referral to
Peoria NissanPeoriaAZPoor  
Comments: Hi Jeff! Your Web Site is EXCELLENT. I didn't fill out the above form completely because in my case the short answers provided needed a much more detailed reply. Unfortunately this 1300 character comment area will also not come close to sharing all the specific details of this transaction. First, let me say that 26 years ago I WORKED as a car sales person for the individual who owns the above dealership...and over 30 more! His name is Larry Van Tuyl. You are probably thinking "say no more"! In actuality I have so much more to say that I could easily, and have thought of, writing a book about the Automobile Sales Industry. After resigning from Mr T's Pontiac/GMC store 26 years ago, I started my own business. It was an Executive Airport Transportation Service. Although retired now, I have over 20 years experience of buying more then 100 luxury sedans and operating these vehicles well in excess of 12,000,000 miles. I say with pride as I approach the age of 60, the single greatest achievement of my life has been learning how to successfully buy, operate and sell automobiles! The above transaction with Peoria Nissan turned out to be such a comedy of errors that I have told the story many times resulting in laughter & awe. Contact me if you would like to hear the whole story. VZ
Phillips ChevroletFrankfortILGoodLarry HargraveGood
Comments:, Your website reminds me of one I found 7 or 8 years ago that was called Anyway I was ready to close my deal. I found your website to help me identify any scams dealers like to pull at closing. Two pieces of advice stuck 1. do not sign the buy order until you understand and agree with each line item, and 2. do not purchase any dealer extended warranties or rust proofing packages. They came back with the second buy order with the line items and I immediately noticed the price was $1000 higher than we had agreed upon and the rebate also increased by $1,000. I presented the e-mail quote with the agreed upon price, the salesman then returned with a third buy order with the correct price, extra $1000 rebate, and correct sales tax! I do not normally purchase extended warranties; however, I stood my ground and said no to a $1600 rust proofing package and a $2800 comprehensive extended warranty. I am disappointed with the dealership for trying to short me a $1000 rebate, however, the end result was a better deal than I had planned on, thanks to your advice. Sincerely, Matthew and Gina Blackburn
Ray SuzukiFox LakeILPoor  
Comments: They gave me a different car from what I negotiated. I was supposed to get an AWD XL-7, and switched vehicles and charged me over sticker price
Raymond ChevroletAntiochILPoorTina WilliamsPoor
Comments: This was a classic "spot delivery" scam. I signed paperwork for 0% financing, drove off, and a few days later was told I needed a cosigner. When I returned they said my payments would be $100 higher a month for the 60-month loan. I told them that I did not appreciate the intentional deception with this spot delivery scam. They (the salesperson, the finance mgr, and the general manager) all played dumb and said they didn't know what the spot delivery scam was. I then showed them your site, the lemon law site, and the IL Attorney General site. The salesperson and the finance mgr scattered. I was offered what they said was a "comparable" deal as the original and they admitted what happened was wrong. But even in the so-called comparable deal there was no gap insurance like I had in the original deal; they said "I no longer qualified for it because I was now so far below the invoice price," plus it was a few dollars higher per month than before even without the gap ins. What nonsense! Thank you for your site - it gave me the confidence to stand up to these criminals and return their HHR. I am taking my hard-earned money elsewhere.
River OaksCalumet CityILNot So Hot  
Rizza PorscheOrland ParkILNot So HotPaul AmatoNot So Hot
Comments: An otherwise recommendable experience went bad when the Sales Manager of Rizza Porsche, Aaron Zielinski, and salesman, Paul Amato, did not complete their end of our contract and stopped all correspondence with us. We purchased a previously-owned Lexus from Rizza Porsche but it was lacking the spare key [electronic, keyless model] and both the Owner’s Manual and Navigation System Manual. The manuals are essential to figuring out the complicated Lexus systems, especially the navigation system. We were assured at the time of purchase that they would locate the items from the previous owner and mail them to us. We have evidence in the form of several emails from both Paul and Aaron that the former owner has the items and that they would forward them to us as soon as they received them. We never got them. We waited a polite amount of time 2-3 weeks and emailed Aaron and Paul again regarding the status of the items. We would immediately receive an email in return stating that they would get right on it, that the former owner was out of town, busy, etc. It has been over two months now. When we last emailed them, we received no response at all. We emailed both of them again and, again, no response—complete stonewall. Apparently, they have our money so Rizza Porsche no longer chooses to complete their contractual obligations. The items purchased new would be hundreds of dollars but worthy of only a Small Claims Court suit. Since we live out-of-state, it is our supposition that Rizza Porsche is betting that we will just go away so they are now choosing to ignore us. Caveat emptor. We do not recommend Rizza Porsche. The performance of Aaron Zielinski and Paul Amato is unacceptable, unethical and unprofessional. Again, avoid Rizza Porsche in Orland Park, Illinois, or at least be aware of the caliber of people that you will be dealing with, i.e., watch your back! I would like the car-purchasing public to be aware of how business is handle at Rizza Porsche: After they have your money, they don’t follow through with any of their promises but rather choose to ignore you.
Ron WestphalOswegoILPoorAll of ThemPoor
Comments: Dealer had agreed to a price and then his manager came online said I could not get that price unless I had purchased a car with a vin number on the so called "Manefesto List". He then proceed to tell me the car would be an additional $1500.00 over the negotiated price. I did not purchase from this dealer. They were complete JERKS.
Schaumburg HondaSchaumburgLAVery Good  
St. Charles Pontiac Buick GMCSt. CharlesILPoorBob RomanoNot So Hot
Comments: WARNING: I purchased a car at this dealer on 7/9 -- it is 10/5 and they still have not paid off my trade in loan. Stay from somewhere else.
Valley HondaNapervilleILVery GoodJab RahmanExcellent
Comments: Good Service.
Zeigler Chevrolet SchuamburgSchaumburgILNot So HotCarlosNot So Hot
Comments: Loved the advice from the site, walked out of the first dealership! has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.