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Dealers and salespeople are rated based upon the responses to questions that are asked of our visitors. The comments which you see are optional and are posted when available (with spelling and typo corrections). The dealers and salesperson (if available) are rated on a six level scale (Poor, Not So Hot, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent). Our excellent rating is reserved for only the best dealer experiences.

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Florida Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Arlington ToyotaJacksonvilleFLPoorRay JernukianNot So Hot
Comments: Model Code 6954 Toyota Highlander 2015 FWD 4Dr V6 Limited Exterior Color: Predawn Gray Mica Interior Color: Ash Perforated Leather

Sticker Details - Optional Equipment:
AT: Driver Technology Package: MSRP $1400
FE: 50 States Emission: MSRP $0
Delivery Processing and Handling Fee: MSRP $935

Sticker Details - Total Distributor Installed Options:
XY8: Toyoguard - Elite: MSRP $699
PF100: Clear Paint Protection - Door: MSRP $199
FP5: South East Toyota Distributor plus: $0

Couldn't haggle $694 Pre-delivery Service Charge.
Overall 39K + $694 + Tax + Tags + Title
Arrigo SawgrassTamaracFLPoorHenryPoor
Autoway HondaClearwaterFLVery GoodAlanVery Good
Autoway Nissan of BrandonBrandonFLExcellent  
Comments: I also got the Cash for Clunkers $4,500 trade-in (not included in figures above). After my CFC allowance, my total out the door, TTT and all fees included was $17,703. Didn't use, just your site. EXCELLENT INFO!!! THANKS and keep up the good work! For the first time ever, I felt like I was in control and I know I got a good deal when the other dealers told me they couldn't touch the lowest price quote that I showed them. This is the way to buy a car!!! Thanks again!!!!
AutoWay Nissan of BrandonBrandonFLGoodMike WojtiukVery Good
Comments: It was a great help, thank you
Bill Ray NissanLongwoodFLVery GoodMerrill ShupnickExcellent
Comments: This site is wonderful. This was the first car me and my wife bought together. Everything the dealership had to throw at us we were ready. They knew we meant business. We got the #1 choice for a vehicle, but most importantly we can go to bed at night knowing we got the price we deserved.
Brandon HondaBrandonFLFairRamon AvisoFair
Comments: Used ZeroMargins car buying service. Negotiated based on Out the door price to minimize impact of unknown fees/charges.
Coggin ChevroletJacksonvilleFLExcellentTony TangExcellent
Coggin Honda of Fort PierceFort PierceFLExcellentTed GinnochioExcellent
Comments: After many years of car buying, I really valued the information I found on The chart was particularly useful when my original deal with CarsDirect fell through. I will do a separate entry for my experience with CarsDirect. Thank you Jeff for all the fantastic information you provided. I am very happy with my new car and happy that I did not fall victim to any dealer scams.
Coggin Honda JacksonvilleJacksonvilleFLExcellentMatt ArnitzExcellent
Comments: Great site. Made my first car buying experience easy and saved me $1,000.
Coggin Honda of OrlandoOrlandoFLExcellentAlvin SantanaExcellent
Comments: This was the best experience I've ever had with buying a car. The information on this site was very useful. It was, at one dealership, word for word correct. It was almost laughable as to what happened. I ended up going to Car Buying Service and got a deal that was UNBEATABLE by local dealers. It was worth it to drive the 100 miles to the dealer. The internet salesman was a charm and we spent 1 hour and 5 minutes at the dealer with the test drive and signing papers. Walked in, drove the car, signed papers and left. No need to haggle with the great deal I got. Thank you very much for your site. I am recommending it to everyone I know. It truly was a pleasure to buy a car this time.
Coggin Honda of OrlandoOrlandoFLNot So HotHenry Brown (and J.T.)Not So Hot
Comments: On phone got quoted 18.5k OTD by Henry, was given to J.T. when I arrived next day and quoted 19k. After a bit Henry came back and gave me my 18.5k. Then they added 200 for 1300 worth of accessories. Was confused by sales tax savings with trade in because 18.7k still showed at end with all the figures in place, so they dropped it to 18.2k for final cost. Gave them 1 hour of my time, had phone to play with while they tried to play their games so didn't feel stressed by it. Only see rugs and pin stripe, where is the 1300 in accessories? LOL. Paperwork and everything else took an additional two hours but I made it out in time for lunch then work and showing off my new car! Thank you for all your help, your site helped me stick to my guns. I was confused on what my monthly payments would be (evil compound interest). Maybe a dumbed down explanation could help me for next time, could ya add a section? :)
Coggin NissanJacksonvilleFLFairTaylorNot So Hot
Comments: car had 1500 rebate gave up 500 rebate for 2.9% with 1000 rebate total out the door with taxes and gov fees 16,786. This is 2nd time I've used your site for savings Thanks
Countryside FordClearwaterFLExcellentSueExcellent
Comments: Everything was very accurate and easy. I got a great deal and did not have to fight for it!
Cramer Honda of VeniceVeniceFLExcellentDale EichelbergerExcellent
Comments: I got $500 loyal customer rebate. I think knowing what price other people in your area got for their cars is the most powerful weapon you can have when you walk into car dealers.
Crown HyundaiST PETERSBURGFLNot So HotGary ScottGood
David MausSanfordFLExcellent  
Comments: This site was very informative. I had some info on carbuying, but this lumped it up--all in one place! It saved me some$$$ THANKS!!
Daytona KiaDaytona BeachFLPoorIggyPoor
Duval FordJacksonvilleFLVery GoodKenneth VargasExcellent
Ferman MazdaBrandonFLFairStar CookusFair
Comments: I really appreciate all the hard work that you put into the site!! As you can see, you helped me save a lot of money. The sales manager, was like "Where did you get your information." I just said that I just did my homework. It took about 3 hours of my time to get the price I wanted but well worth it. You are the best!! By the way, I did a 24 month lease with 12K miles/year with $3,500 down and $250/month. There first offer was $4,750 down and $401.00 per month for a 12K mile/yr lease. One negative comment. Anyway, Thanks again. I am now getting ready to help my daughter with her car purchase and am taking the same route. Thanks Again!
Fountain AcuraOrlandoFLVery Good  
Comments: The optional information below is not entirely exhaustive in that I had a great experience at my dealership and no underhanded tactics were used. In fact, there were no rounds" of negotiation given that my sales person accepted my immediate offer. Therefore, zero should be an option as well. Your financing question is also not exhaustive, as I had financing in place from my credit union, which the dealer could not beat; thus, those options did not apply to me.
Germain Toyota of SarasotaSarasotaFLNot So HotRobert Flint llVery Good
Gettel NissanSarasotaFLVery GoodPeter O'KeefeExcellent
Comments: Factory MSRP $28,600 + $1495 dealer options added. Drivers Package, Seat Package. Negotiated price was $20,600 - $3,500 rebate = $17,100 ($19,100 out the door with 7% tax, $599 dealer fee, $100 Tags). Also received $600 in gas cards. Great experience!
Headquarters ToyotaHialeahFLPoorEmilioPoor
Comments: After 15 min we agreed on a price, then we went into financial arrangements. 30 min when we were ready to sign the manager increased the price by 1500 and told us that the original price he gave us wasn't a true price. Unbelievable!!! We left immediately.
Headquarter ToyotaMiamiFLPoor  
Comments: I negotiated like a champ using the tips and information found on your website. I financed through the Credit Union available through my place of employment and took home a beautiful, brand new Corolla LE for $17,000! The car included key-less entry system and power windows and locks. I feel good about the purchase and as a first-time car buyer, I think I did pretty well. Thank you and best of luck in the future.
Kuhn HondaTampaFLExcellentWilliam LangExcellent
Comments: Used package.
Lakeland Chrysler DodgeLakelandFLPoorDenise StricklandPoor
Comments: I found a 2010 Explorer on their website and negotiated a price with the internet sales manager on Monday or Tuesday. She generated a buyers order and I obtained a cashiers check from my credit union. She asked me if I could pickup the vehicle on Friday and I told her due to work, I would pickup the vehicle on Saturday. I even spoke with her on Friday letting her know what time I was coming. She said fine, give me a call when you're enroute so I can have the vehicle detailed. I receive a call Friday night, 8:00pm from another salesman stating there was a paperwork mixup and they sold the vehicle to someone else. I guess they got a better offer. This is why used car salesman are regarded as SCUM of the earth!! Steer clear of this dealership.
Lexus of Orange ParkOrange ParkFLGoodArthur RobinsonExcellent
Comments: This is the second time I used tips and knowledge from Carbuyingtips website to get a great deal. Thank you somuch. 2013 ES 300H Options(PM, EL, HD, HM, HS, PA, WU, Z2)
39,500 + $665 Dealer Fees + Tag + Title + Sales Tax.
Posting information so others can take advantage. Please keep my identity private. Thank you somuch for empowering consumers with knowledge. God Bless you and may the force be with you.
Longwood KiaLongwoodFLVery Good  
Comments: Jeff thanks for the help. Going in prepared makes a big difference.
Lucas Honda of JacksonvilleJacksonvilleFLExcellentJim McDonaldExcellent
Maroone HondaMiamiFLExcellentMara RedstoneExcellent
Comments: Cash to Dealer rebates used, went through my broker also
Maroone HondaMiamiFLGoodGilbert WassermanExcellent
Maroone Honda of MiamiMiamiFLVery Good  
Comments: No dealer fee.
Mullinax FordLake ParkFLVery Good  
Comments: Easy to understand information here, and good advice. No one should go near a dealership without this information!
Orlando Kia WestOrlandoFLFairHamza AmmorFair
Comments: Ordered Fighting Chance. Tried using it but I could not get any manager emails, initially. Your spreadsheet was invaluable for knowing what was a fair out the door price and what wasn't. Getting financing in advance also made a huge difference.
Palm Automotive GroupPunta GordaFLExcellentKevin GormanExcellent
Comments: Purchased the car on 12-28-09. I think the dealership treated me fairly, and the salesman was very good. I saw the car and paid for the car in one trip to the dealership.
Phil Smith KiaLighthouse Point FLPoorNorvellPoor
Comments: I live in NY, but I need a car while I am in Florida. I called Phil Smith Kia, and we agreed on a very good price for a 2009 Kia Spectra. The salesman, Norvell, faxed me an agreement and I sent a deposit of $100. I called a few times to check on the car, but Norvell said he was locating the car for me, even though he sent me a VIN number. I flew down to Florida, to see what was going on. When we came face to face this !@#$%(curses) said he had no cars. I hope he rots in Hell!!!! I think, as a result of the clunker deals, he must have sold my car for bigger profits. I only had a few days in Florida, so it was impossible to take legal action. I am still disgusted with the attitude of this Crook and I wish him and his dealership,ill fortune. May they reap what the sow!!!!!
Palm Harbor HondaPalm HarborFLExcellentDimetriousExcellent
Quality ToyotaFort WaltonFLExcellent  
Comments: I used the Offer XL sheet to come up with the cost and 4% fair profit originally as well as doing homework and bringing in a folder with the exact same car and options at 3 different dealers and websites... the dealer was within 300 dollars of my original offer which was acceptable and a good deal.
Reeves AudiTampaFLExcellent  
Comments: The best, plus the service department is even better.
Regal HondaLakelandFLFairWanda RiveraGood
Comments: I used the USAA car buying service.
Rick Case KiaSunriseFLPoorSisisoPoor
Comments:I purchased a new KIA Sorrento in 2015 from Rick Case KIA, and I was recently informed (about 3-4 weeks ago) that the vehicle had been in a front end collision and poorly repaired before it was sold to me as new. This auto dealer, Rick Case KIA, sold me a new vehicle, that had been in a previous collision, and did not disclose this upon the sale. Fraud? Now the dealer, Rick Case KIA, says they won't honor any of my warranted repairs because of the collision I had nothing to do with, and never knew about.
The question being, how many wrecked, repaired vehicles are they selling as new? I tried to go through all the correct channels to correct this issue, and investigate where the vehicle came from, they refused, and I have gotten nowhere. I tried to talk to the Rick Case KIA manager Contreras, and he basically told me I was a liar. I tried to talk to Rick Case's assistant, she refused to respond in any detail. I tried to contact Rick Case directly, no response. I tried to get KIA Customer Affairs involved in California to help, they wasted a week and accomplished nothing. They sided with the dealer. The dealer has put the blame on me, very disrespectfully at that. Basically the manager of Rick Case KIA called me a liar, as I have stated.
The manager Contreras, of the dealership also made me an offer to trade my car in, let me buy a new one from them, and he would send my car to auction without divulging that the vehicle was ever in a collision. Sounds like fraud to me? I need help getting this message out to anyone interested in doing business with Rick Case Automotive Group. Don't! I need help to pursue this horrific fraudulent dealership practice. More shared publicity, social media distribution, and information sharing about these fraudulent practices, the better for public awareness of what goes on at these auto dealerships. Selling a damaged vehicle as new, and destroying what could have been a long time client relationship over lies is ridiculous. Rick Case or his lead associates will not return any of my calls or emails. The next step is the Attorney General of Florida and Florida Consumer Affairs. Then off to legal actions if all else fails. Worst experience ever dealing with a car dealership, its management and all the others involved. #rickcase, #rickcaseautomotivegroup, #fraudulantpractices, #rickcasekia #fraud
Schumacher AutoMallWest Palm Beach FLFair  
Comments: Thank you so much for creating this site! I poured over it for 2 solid weeks, one chapter at a time and lots of links! Your spreadsheets were indispensible! By the end of chapter 7, I knew what I was doing. Thank you so much, sensei!
--Likes: The chapter by chapter breakdown of everything. The repetition of information in most cases was helpful, either for those readers jumping in at any chap, or for review. Buddy system (oh my god) works like a charm. Brought my dad, he played co-conspirator with me and was another set of eyes. Also, he bought me time when he small-talked the salesman while I crunched numbers. Bringing a laptop with your spreadsheets=A+. Quick and handy number crunching, plus definitely works as a psychological advantage over the salesman.
--Oddities?: offer.xls calculates holdback with the destination charge added to the MSRP. Is holdback better calculated with or without destination charge? Different numbers either way, but not a huge difference.

I did not use, but probably will next time. Went with online financing for auto loan (blank draft check @ 3.23%). Consider adding them to your advertising stream for people with good credit? But the loan relationship has just begun...could go either way, but I'm optimistic.
Stadium ToyotaTampaFLVery GoodTom ThomasExcellent
Comments: Fantastic website! Very useful information as long as you read EVERY chapter. Take the time to do the research and you will be rewarded! Try the e-mail/phone method first and clearly explain why you are presenting the offer. The only time I stepped foot in the dealership was to pick up the car AFTER the deal was already made.
South Motors HondaMiamiFLNot So HotJudeNot So Hot
Comments: Very awesome site. Thanks! my price includes $2,000 factory to dealer rebate.
Sutherlin NissanOrlandoFLNot So HotExcellent
Comments: My wife and I had an amazing experience purchasing this SUV. I read all the sections on the website! I found out about the website Googling about tips on purchasing a new car. It's been 9 years since I had the experience of buying a brand new car; it was horrible and this time I was determined not to pay the salary for everyone at the dealership!!!(joke) Since October 2015, I've been reading this website, taking note and passing on the information to my wife. I looked for sales and specials from our memberships, like Sam's Club, Credit Union, AAA, etc., dealers and several car sites like TrueCar to know the value of the vehicles in the market. I had my folder, notepad, told everyone "we are not buying today." We tested a dozen cars we liked and different trims, got the prices and looked at our budget; research. When we decided on the Nissan Rogue SV, we checked the ratings of the dealerships, got pre-approved by our credit union and checked our credit scores. Our sales person made the experience pleasant. F & I was rough! The numbers didn't add up, "no dealers is going to give you what you ask," etc. We said thanks and walked out! Next morning, the "sales manager" honored my offer, the price we agreed, 0 down, 0.9%-60 months. Your credit score is everything and perseverance.
Tampa Honda LandTampaFLGoodMajid RaffoulExcellent
Comments: I am thankful to my Internet Sales Manager (Majid) for giving me the treatment that I wanted -> just upfront and straightforward but professional. Thanks, too to Car Buying Service for an incredible 'no haggle' price. Super thanks to for educating me a whole lot, which empowered me to deal with the sales people I met.
Toyota of HollywoodHollywoodFLExcellentLance - Salesman Yoni - Sales ManagerExcellent
Comments: What a DEAL! Final price includes this month's $1,000 rebate but still $1,400 under invoice! Your site gave me all the tools and insights necessary to convey to the Toyota Salesman that we meant business and once they knew I wanted to negotiate over a Scion they literally laid down for us and said "I'll give you the biggest possible discount I can on a Toyota, no holdback, any incentives, anything - I just can't negotiate Scion!" Turns out dealer needed to meet a quota to get $300 bonus for each vehicle sold so they took a $987 total LOSS on my Matrix to reach it! THANK YOU CARBUYINGTIPS.COM!!!!
Toyota of Tampa BayTampaFLExcellentMatthew MackowiakExcellent
Comments: Used CarWoo - In optional information below, you don't have an option for "had financing in advance and dealer accepted it" (so I left the answer blank)
Vera CadillacPembroke PinesFLVery Good  
Vera Pontiac, GMC BuickKendallFLPoor  
Comments: It was a bad experience; I thought that I go a good deal but he wanted me to signed the Contract before talking to the Finance person; of course I did not signed. then when talking to the finance person, I discovered a 3000 (plus dealerships fees and taxes) dollars of finance charges and since I agreed for a 7000 dollars down payment, I did not like for my down payment to be worthless. I said no to the deal (without signing anything) and the manager started yelling at me, plus the manager had me kicked out of the dealership (yes kicked out). He told me that after "all he did for me about the great deal" that deal that I refused to sign (in which I might go into detail later on, the manager felt insulted. The deal for his 2008 (last year Pontiac G8 was) 29500 minus 5000 rebate minus 7000 down payment minus 2000 (under priced Pontiac 2003 SUV as trade off)=16000 and some change (for finance). add 790 of dealership fees plus 1600 on taxes (2390) plus a 3000 finance charge then I would have to finance that car for 20390 for 72 months on a 5.6 interest rate. I said no because I lost count on the payments.
Village ToyotaHomosassaFLExcellent  
Comments: gave good advice and had the invoice pricing for the Southeast Toyota "Port Installed Options" which are not freely available on the internet. Also got an Up2Drive finance check in advance of visiting dealer. Up2Drive was 7.49% APR. This strengthened my negotiating position and is recommended. Dealer got me 5.99% APR financing from Bank of America Auto Group.
Vista BMW PompanoPompano BeachFLFairRobert GM, Karim SalesFair
Comments: Please update your links, it seems one of the site's is outdated where it has pricing info from 2009?
Wallace HyundaiStuartFLFairChuck LangFair
Comments: Good site, I wasn't able to use much of the techniques because the model/color I wanted was hard to come by (I visited dealers all the way from Orlando to Miami). If you do as I did (begin negotiations over the phone/email), the most frustrating thing was not getting to see a copy of the purchase agreement in advance. At dealership, finance manager started handing me papers 1 at a time to sign. He was visibly annoyed when I asked to see all the documents first, before signing anything.
Wesley Chapel NissanWesley ChapelFLGoodJon WhiteGood
Comments: Thanks to you and CarsDirect - I found a beauty. 2010 Versa S hatchback w/auto and full power package with less than 2,000 miles on it. I'm not sure where the dealer got this car; I think they must have purchased them from a leasing center that went belly up since they had more than one with similar low mileage. I had to drive 150 miles to see the car, but it was worth it. Used all of the information I found on your site and I really feel like I cut a decent deal. The car values out much more than what I paid on places like KBB, etc. I can't say enough about your site. I tell everyone I can about it. Thanks and best regards, Rob Pelick has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.