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Colorado Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Arapahoe HyundaiCentennialCOExcellentLeo ZombekExcellent
Colorado Chrysler JeepAuroraCOPoorDan FobesPoor
Comments: First, a classic bait and switch; I have both sets of documents. Then, I checked with my former lien-holder, just to see what this dealer paid off on my behalf for my trade-in vehicle and I found a $200 discrepancy between the amount that they had me sign for versus the actual amount they paid and I have this documentation as well. This dealership is full of crooks, simple as that and I hope I have legal recourse against them.
Front Range HondaColorado SpringsCOFair  
Front Range HondaColorado SpringsCOGoodChris HortonVery Good
Comments: We bought 2 vehicles at the same time, used Consumer Reports paid report.
GO HondaWestminsterCOPoor  
Comments: Thank you so much for all the helpful information! I went through CarsDirect, and their price included a special manufacturer-to-dealer incentive. I also bought the package.
GO Subaru WestGoldenCOExcellentWesExcellent
Comments: All I can say is thank you!!! The dealer was blown away by my knowledge. I took all of the wind out of his sails.
Go Toyota Scion ArapahoeCentenialCOExcellentScott CoronelExcellent
Comments: I really found this site helpful, used as well.
Go Toyota Scion ArapahoeCentennialCOPoorLeoNot So Hot
Comments: Tax charge fraudulent, Wanted me to sign credit, I did not, had pre-approved loan. Wanted me to sign Indemnity agreement (I did not) so I couldn't file suit against them, Wanted drivers license, didn't give. Wanted to make sure I was not a terrorist, Had the patriot act with me. Wanted work order signed before delivery of vehicle. Used packet of information.
Groove ToyotaEnglewoodCOExcellentCraig HeydmanExcellent
Comments: Excellent advise. I e-mailed a bunch of Toyota dealers and played them against each other. I bought the car on the last day of July and got a good deal as a result. I negotiated the deal totally using e-mail and a phone call. I got $900 off of invoice, and with the rebate, it was 1900 off of invoice. I told the sales manager I wanted to negotiate only once with him, no back and forth runner. I also told them I would come in only when I had an agreed price. I also gave him an offer based on the spreadsheet from this site. I asked him to give me an offer if I buy tomorrow that he could not go below at all. He gave me an offer that I thought was fair. It may have not been the absolute best, but I think we are both happy. I have the car, he has a sale toward his quota.
Kuni HondaCentennialCOFairRowland RadfordGood
Comments: Thanks Jeff for your awesome site! The "lie-nance" manager was very insistent on the extended warranties. I had to decline over 4 times and finally when I raised my voice he backed off. Amazing. Even used the good old term "we're not making any money off this car". Yea right.
Len Lyall ChevroletAuroraCOExcellent  
McDonald LittletonCOPoorIRAPoor
Comments: Stay away from McDonald dealerships. In a 3 inch by 5 inch picture framed on a back desk states they are going to charge the customer a $500 fee. No other form of communication of this fee is used. This is dishonest and poor customer relations.
McDonald MazdaLittletonCOFairPaul KobeFair
Mile High HondaAuroraCONot So HotBrian YaleNot So Hot
Mountain States ToyotaDenverCOVery GoodRobert DeGrassaExcellent
Comments: Decent selection of autos. No pressure from salesman or finance guy. Got 0% interest loan. Truck was prepared, clean and had a full tank of gas. It wasn't a bad experience.
Phil Long Ford Lincoln Colorado SpringsCOExcellentToddExcellent
Comments: This site is a God sent it helped me be able to know what the dealer knew as if I was reading his mind. I used humor and the Excel spreadsheet and actually got them to cut their 695.00 handling fee in half. I thank you a thousand times over Sir.
Ralph Schomp HondaLittletonCOVery GoodWill MeleExcellent
Comments: Honda is clearing out the 2012 models. The SE is a special edition only sold during the final, 5th year of their design phase. I was able to lease an Accord for $219.00 per month with no money down. The car comes with leather, heated seats and is fairly well equipped. Very happy with the deal. I usually shop the manufacturer's lease specials online before I car shop. I use Monthly Car Lease to get all of the answers.
Ralph Schomp HondaLittletonCOVery Good  
Comments: Thank you so much for putting together such an amazingly informative, helpful, practical, and easy-to-understand resource. Based on the information on this site, I knew that it was time to walk away from another dealer and that it made sense to accept the deal I got. My only suggestion in terms of the site would be to improve web-usuability...otherwise, I wouldn't change a thing!
Ralph SchompDenverCOExcellentG. JeanExcellent
Comments: Drive your dream helped me get the dealer to email me an amazing deal. I then went to the Schomp dealership in Denver Colorado and they stuck by their email. This is a great way to buy a car and the tips on finding dealerships that can go below sticker was huge! I also like Schomp because they do not haggle, but it definately helps to walk in with a quote from them over $6,000 under sticker!
Spradley MotorsPuebloCOPoor  
Comments: They were very poor at customer service. I do not have a operators manual or maintenance book. I asked for it. The door needs a code to open have not received it yet. The carpet was very dirty. The front window has a score on it and I need to see if they will fix it.
Subaru of LovelandLovelandCOExcellentPaulExcellent
Comments: Used your site again with info. Very happy. has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.