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Canada Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Alta Richmond Hill NissanRichmond Hill, ONCanadaNot So HotMalcom HareFair
Comments: I got my car in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Used free online dealer pricing service and bloggers who posted Car Cost Canada dealer pricing. We did a cash purchase on this car.
Campbell & Cameron VolkswagenVille LaSalle, QCCanadaExcellentAlExcellent
Comments: Salesman was very upfront on pricing and process. We road-tested the car I wanted right away, agreed on price (I had the cost price on hand) and went to do the paperwork. I picked up the car 2 days later, everything was perfect, and as promised. Very, very happy.
Donnelly Ford LincolnOttawa, OntarioCanadaExcellentJesse TraceyExcellent
Comments: I joined like you suggested and got an e-mail the next morning from a Ford dealership offering me a car at 4% mark up. I had already test driven a car at another dealership and so went there first to allow them to make me a fair offer. After the salesman had made his offer, I presented him with a counter-offer, which included your Buyer's Offer Spreadsheet at 4% profit, the Wholesale Price Report for the vehicle, and the e-mail offer I had received from their rival dealership. His face went white! He took off to talk to his manager (which took a while but under 30 minutes) then came back and asked me: "How old were you again?!" I said: "Twenty." He replied: "F***, you drive a hard bargain." Then he shook my hand! He told me that he had been at that dealership for 10 years now and had never changed his administration fee but reduced it for me by $200 to match that of the other dealership. I also got $500 off their extended warranty. He said he'd never had a female in there who's twenty years old and was so "on the ball"! I got a $1,938 discount in total! Thank you so much!!!
Eastern Chrysler Dodge JeepWinnipeg, MBCanadaExcellentRobert Grancich and RichardExcellent
Comments: Car Cost Canada is the real deal. I got a wholesale price report and Eastern was an approved local dealer. The entire experience was incredible! When it came time to talk price, I had my CCC report with me. The sales manager (Robert) pulled out his invoice and we compared what we each had to agree we were on the same page. Everything was pretty darn close. Once he explained all the items on the invoice and how they got their wholesale price, he asked what I felt would be a fair price. I suggested 3% and he did up the calculations with me. We agreed and it that was that! They were so open and transparent about everything - I couldn't believe it. He even took the rebate off before calculating the 3% markup to give us the full benefit! Even beyond the price, they treated us like gold every step of the way. I'm so impressed!
Meadowvale ToyotaMississauga, ONCanadaGood  
Myers Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMCOttawa, ONCanadaExcellent  
Peel Chrysler Jeep DodgeMississauga, ONCanadaFairMo.Good
Comments: Dealer offered Invoice +$0 markup, plus $325 Admin fee. Also offered Option wholesale $1566 (retail 1800), for $500. All before 13% Ontario taxes.
Pfaff PorscheToronto ONCanadaFair  
Comments: excellent site - very helpful
Roussel ToyotaMiramichi NBCanadaPoorFred RousselPoor
Comments: When the deal went sour, I wanted my deposit back and it was refused so they stole from me, even though I had not signed anything.
Comments: the car which was advertised on dealership web side was much lower than we received. The car we choose was sold 10 min after I received call from dealership that Navigation system was confirmed by sales manager as part of the deal. We been refused $4000 rebate for paying cash for the car, but been forced to sign form that we refused paying cash for the car and not entitled to $4000 rebate. When I wrote a subject that I was ready to pay cash sales manager ripped up the form and made us sign the refusal if we wanted the car. It was 25th wedding anniversary present and after 7 hours they kept us in the store I could not cancel the deal. not in front of my stressed wife. We did not get documentary fee waived as we been promised by salesman. they been increased from $195 to $495 on the contract. We been promised navigation system which was approved by the sales manager but haven't got it as they did not write it down in the sales contract. The car we bought from The BMW store in Vancouver BC Canada was a demo car sold as new. car was messy as it just came from dealers show room. Lots of people went in and out of the car during show. It was missing manual and most of the tools, first aid kit, safety triangle, and special socket to unscrew the tires. Nobody in the dealership knew what was
Yorkdale FordToronto, OntarioCanadaPoorDJFair
Comments: This site is amazing!!! I bought my first car today, and the info I learned here turned me into an expert! The salesman didn't even try to mess with the price once he saw the folder, he just asked what percent profit I had used. the spreadsheets you provide made everything so simple a child could understand it! Because I knew what questions to ask about the warranty, when the salesman lied about the warranty, the manager ended up throwing in free oil changes for 4 years, plus wear and tear warranty for a year! has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.