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California Car Dealers - Ratings and Reviews - Page 3 has complied this list of new car dealers using ratings & reviews from our visitor's input. If you have recently visited a new car dealership and want to submit your experience to us, please Click Here!

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Dealers and salespeople are rated based upon the responses to questions that are asked of our visitors. The comments which you see are optional and are posted when available (with spelling and typo corrections). The dealers and salesperson (if available) are rated on a six level scale (Poor, Not So Hot, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent). Our excellent rating is reserved for only the best dealer experiences.

As stated on our home page, there are both good car dealers & bad car dealers. Our site helps you, the customer, keep from getting scammed. Use this information along with the other tips and advice from to get a good deal and avoid scams. If you're just starting the car shopping process, you should start with "Buying New Cars & Avoid Dealer Scams." If shopping for a used car, start with "Buy A Used Car & Avoid Scams."

California Dealers Names:
California Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
O'Donnell ChevroletSan GabrielCAPoorErickPoor
Comments: I should read these reviews before I got there. I was told they worked with people filing 1099 and with bad credit. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by salesman who names starts with E, who is a great salesman and H, who, I will call the finance set-up guy, really tried hard to work with me. The problem and the bottom line was the finance manager. It is funny, because E asked how I found out about the dealership, so they have to know what people are writing about them. I know what he has to work with. I gave them what I wanted to pay and they assured me it would work. I ended up being there longer than I wanted to be there and the finance manager kept on asking for more and more paperwork to prove income. When I explained that I had other businesses that were cash transactions, he said that anyone could write whatever. This guy personally insulted me and yet I put up with it and in end, walked out with no car, although the PT would have been great. I don't know if its the economy that is making these dealerships more paranoid and deliberate, but its unfortunate. I hope that many people will steer away from this place. Salesman E needs to really work at a dealership that has a better reputation. Just trying not to get angry and post this on facebook or myspace. Good luck in your car search and God Bless everyone, even the money guy, N.
Pacific HondaSan DiegoCAExcellent  
Comments: Used CarWoo. Thanks for the great site.
Penske ChevroletCerritosCAFairJohn KotowskiGood
Comments: The site motivated me to come up with my own tactic and I used a few on the site as well. Thanks for all the info.
Poway HondaPowayCAExcellentGary LobelExcellent
Comments: THANK YOU! It was a VERY comprehensive guide and helped me with my first car- buying experience. I read/skimmed it all in one day, skimming towards the end when I was feeling a bit of an information overload. Bold sections helped information stand out when I was in skim-mode. But each piece of information was very, very helpful. Examples were helpful. Spreadsheets were excellent as well.
Poway HyundaiPowayCAVery GoodMikeVery Good
Power Honda, ValenciaValenciaCAGoodHeather BullGood
Comments: It would be nice to show the city/state that the car was purchases in. As well as the OTD price.
Power Nissan of South BayHawthorneCAPoorMelvin HarrisPoor
Comments: Negotiated deal was $19,041 but final paperwork said $19,441. Deal is still pending, I have written them a letter because they totally misrepresented the final figures that appeared on the contract.
Power Toyota CerritosCerritosCAVery GoodAlbert NewVery Good
Comments: Option not include $750 customer rebate
Comments: Although I felt overwhelmed after reading and learning most of the information about purchasing a new car, I am glad I found your website. It is very informative. Thank you for creating this website.
Puente Hills SubaruPuente HillsCANot So Hot  
Comments: Liked, TrueCar,,
Puente Hills ToyotaPuente HillsCAFairRyan Ozaki - Fleet MgrGood
Comments: Love your site, have used it twice in the past 6 years and saved thousands. Thanks!
Putnam VolvoBurlingameCAVery GoodAshley CustudioExcellent
Comments: As a woman, I was intimidated by the thought of having to negotiate. I read your site top to bottom as well as using I followed your advice as well as Mr. Bragg's. Some dealers wouldn't budge by a cent. I made this deal in a little over 24 hours with 2 dealers bidding back & forth at the end. I have my ideal car for $12K under sticker!! I knew about all incentives, rebates before they "forgot" to mention them. Nothing else to say, but YOU ROCK! You can call me Athena!
Reliable CadillacRosevilleCAPoorWayne OstermanPoor
Comments: I did not make the purchase from Reliable Cadillac, the price kept going up, I had my own financing, but they asked me to fill out a credit application to "convince" the manager I was "serious", I bought elsewhere and I called the manager at Reliable to shred my credit application and was told that "legally" they had to keep my application on file for two years that was the law, BS the Patriot Act has nothing to do with this and they have my information, my ss# and I was not financing in the first place but they refused to shred my application. What can be done to have that document shredded? I bought a car elsewhere, would not purchase anything from Reliable in Roseville, CA Automall. There was NO deal, just negotiation and back and forth on price, I walked but should of never gave them my personal information, and now I get the run around that they HAVE to keep the application on file???...
Roseville Mazda/SubaruRosevilleCAExcellentBrad (Fleet Manager)Excellent
Comments: This has never been an easier time to buy a car. The two dealers I worked with started the negotiations at just $500 over invoice & quickly dropped below it when I made references to each other's offers.
San Leandro HondaSan LeandroCAExcellentRey & RenieExcellent
Comments: Like knowing what people who put a little research into it are paying.
Sanderson FordHealdsburgCAGoodJohn ReyesExcellent
Comments: Ad fees and fuel charge raised invoice by $726. We negotiated this fee down to $70 and gave dealer 3% profit. Plus FORD offered an upgraded appearance package of $1400 for no additional cost. Without this site I never would have gotten as good a deal! I did it all via email and your spreadsheets!
Santa Barbara VolkswagenSanta BarbaraCAExcellentLuisExcellent
Comments: Great tips and advice. From now on, I really feel confident buying a car and that the salesman will not be able to pull one over on me. I was even told by a sales manager at one dealership there was no was I would find a car for what I was asking. Guess I got the last laugh.
Comments: This dealership committed fraud. Had work to be completed in writing at time of cash deal. Brought in car 1 week later and left it for the day. My car sat untouched all day and they said the work was done!!!
Schaier's NissanLong BeachCAPoorCalPoor
Comments: My experience started well, but ended terribly. Take it from me, what you don't no can come back to bite you in the behind. After visiting my credit union's website, my wife and I contacted the Credit Union Dealer Liaison (CUDL), who also happen to be the fleet manager. We stopped by the dealer to look at the Nissan models available. We weren't planning to make a deal. Upon meeting Cal the CUDL we told him what we wanted (Nissan Murano or Nissan Rogue.) Cal showed us both models, but he also mentioned that they had cars from a sister lot (Chrysler/JEEP dealership) and they had a Jeep Compass, which is in the same class as a Rogue. After test driving it, my wife and I fell in love with the options on the vehicle. He offered to make us a deal on the Compass that would beat the price of a stock model Rogue. We asked for an offer sheet to take back to the credit union. He reasoned that he thought they could beat the APR offered by our credit union. (He then brought in a co-worker named Chris, who he said was with finance. And then the haggling started. Next came the let me talk with my manager routine. Then the emotional plea. Then the deal we couldn't refuse. The rest is history. Please stress to your readers to complete all the steps prior to stepping foot on the lot. Thanks
Scott Robinson HondaTorranceCAVery GoodNatalie Tass (internet sales)Excellent
Comments: Thanks very much. Your info provided big confidence boost throughout process. Wasn't thrilled with the myautoloan service. They apparently give your info to dealer finance managers regardless of make you're in the market for. I only got two offers out of guaranteed four. The others wanted more info before they would provide a quote. Honda was offering 0.9% anyway, so it turned out to be moot, but don't know that I'd use myautoloan again.
Scott Robinson HondaTorranceCANot So Hot  
Scott Robinson HondaTorrenceCAExcellentJim CapellaExcellent
Comments: Used TrueCar and competitive bids from and five other dealers through the Car Buying Service.
Serramonte FordColmaCAExcellentBob ScuderaExcellent
Comments: I loved your site. I learned so much about the business and that gave me immense confidence walking into the dealership. I arranged everything from home and used an emailing campaign for competing bids. Then I took the best one with the best options. I love my new truck. Due to time of year and incentives, I received 6500 dollars in rebates. At the end, I had to ask what he made on me. He said $300 dollars. He shot me straight all day, I tended to believe him. If you live in the San Francisco area, use this guy. Very military friendly - he is a veteran. I didn't finance so I don't know about all that. Thank you for this site.
Sierra SubaruMonroviaCAFairDavid G.Fair
Comments: The best advice was to not be afraid to walk away at any point.
Southbay VW San DiegoCAExcellentExcellent
South Bay VWNational CityCAGoodJamieVery Good
Comments: Jeff, thanks again. Buying process is easy once salesman knows you're educated. Also had help from USAA (True Car).
South Bay HondaMilpitasCAGood  
Comments: Helpful tips.
South Coast MitsubishiCosta MesaCAExcellent  
Comments: YOU ARE THE MAN! Just a couple tiny suggestions - California taxes us on the car price with no regard for trade-in, so it would be nice if the spread sheet accounted for that. Also, it would be nice to have a place to enter license and registration fees after the sales tax cell.
Spirit HondaEl MonteCANot So HotRyan MatzenGood
Comments: I liked Jeff's suggestion to bring a financial calculator to compare your payment amounts with the dealers'. This helped me to catch the additional warranty coverage that the finance guy tried to sneak into the monthly payment calculations. Thanks Jeff for allowing me to walk into the dealership with confidence!
Spirit HondaEl MonteCAPoor  
Spreen HondaLoma LindaCAVery Good  
Comments: Though dense, this site is well-organized and has excellent material. Your financing question below is missing an option: I had financing and used mine instead of the dealer.
Spreen HondaLoma LindaCANot So Hot  
Comments: I really thank you for this site, I think you are doing a public service (and free of charge if I may add). Any person who wants to buy a car and is a novice in this arena and does not come to this site, it's on their own head if they get stiffed by the dealer. Thank you so much for your insight, I am so glad I came here before going car shopping. It really made a difference.
Spreen HondaLoma LindaCAPoor  
Comments: I found a used Honda on their website for a good price but once I got there I was told I could not buy the car unless I bought their BS warranty (about $3500 for a $20000 car).
Spreen HondaLoma LindaCAPoorTuan LamGood
Comments: Car was used, so no invoice price. Salesman's credit manager added options I didn't ask for, and lied about interest rate. I love your site and use it EVERY TIME I buy a new or used car. You have helped me tremendously and saved me thousands.
Spreen Honda Loma LindaCAFairFreddyFair
Comments: 21,303 + tax(9.25 Santa Clara County Bay Area)+ DMV Fees= 23,650 -Out Of The Door( no extended warranty, no activation of stupid installed by dealer addition alarm, no nothing!)
Spreen HondaLoma LindaCAPoor  
Comments: I did not purchase the vehicle there. The finance manager told me that I HAD TO PURCHASE the extended service contract because of my less than perfect credit (score 620) in order to get the deal. When I tried to walk out of finance before signing, the salesman begged me to talk to the owner Jeff Spreen. I was expecting to get satisfaction, instead I was mortified. Jeff said to "Get the Hell out of his Showroom and stop wasting his staffs time." Run, do not walk out of this place, it is a mess. I'm surprised that the DMV has not shut them down.
Spreen HondaLoma LindaCAVery GoodVuVery Good
Comments: Used
Spreen HondaLoma LindaCAExcellentMatthew HumphreyExcellent
Spreen HondaLoma LindaCAExcellentMatthew HumphreyExcellent
Stevens Creek AudiSan JoseCAExcellent  
Comments: Used the Audi supplier's discount.
Stevens Creek HondaSan JoseCANot So HotPhoebe TanNot So Hot
Sunnyvale Ford LincolnSunnyvaleCAPoorLes RogersPoor
Comments: An unctuous man in an ill-fitting suit left me waiting in a bunker-like hall that looked like a Lithuanian airport lounge as he proceeded to "get my quote". He returned with a hand-written offer over 20% higher than the sticker price I saw on-line. Obviously, I was surprised. When I requested to speak to Les, I was repeatedly told that he was unavailable because he was helping other customers. This began the back and forth in which I was left to wait in the bunker, while they could "get me the best deal possible". Notes that Les apparently had taken throughout our conversations materialized with a quote about $2,000 less than the most recent offer. At no time had these figures been shared with me throughout the weeks of phone and email correspondence. If these notes had been so meticulously maintained, why were they not reflected in the price I was offered when I walked in the door? I spoke with the manager, who explained that the car was too rare for them to sell at the asking price. I never was permitted to speak to the person who made me the original offer. My impression is that they were leveraging the distance I travelled and the new model of the car to extort a substantial additional sum of money from me.
Sunnyvale NissanSunnyvaleCAGoodSukhiVery Good
Sunrise FordfontanaCAPoor  
Comments: Thank you so much for all the tips! The scenarios that you have mentioned regarding what the dealers might say or do actually helped me prepare my counter actions. You were right about how they try to add so much stuff in the end right after you agreed to purchase the car. I highly recommend doing all the preparation using all the tools in this site (esp the spreedsheet). Make sure to check EVERY SINGLE item on the contract before you sign!! I found so many errors and additional charges.
Symes CadillacPasadenaCAExcellentJRExcellent
Comments: I have used this website and spreadsheet for my three most recent car purchases and have saved thousands of dollars. I have recommended this website to several family and friends.
Temecula MazdaTemeculaCAExcellentAndrewExcellent
Thorson Motor CenterPasadenaCAVery GoodRichExcellent
Thousand Oaks HondaThousand OaksCAFair  
Comments: Nice dashboard and attractive exterior. Disappointed on miniature manual door locks, manual mirror adjustment and quite a lot of irregular arrangement of open compartments inside. I wish I could go back to Toyota Corolla.
Toyota CarlsbadCarlsbad CAExcellentErnan NorthrupExcellent
Comments: I used the Drive Your Dream website and received two incredible offers. There was a third dealership, but they dropped out. When I checked their website I saw that they didn't have much of what I was looking for. Both of the other two dealers offered me one car each. I chose the car I wanted (it was also the closest dealer) and went in to have the test drive. They never tried to upgrade me, though they did try and sell me a bunch of extras during the finance portion. I nicely said no thanks. I'm very pleased. Would not have known about Drive Your Dream had I not found your website. It was a dream of a car buying experience.
Toyota of OrangeOrangeCAExcellentDante WintersVery Good
Comments: I contacted dealers for price quote on the last wk of Dec. Went to Cerritos and was offered $4000 off MSRP or $1000 off invoice (for any year). 2010 4wd base Venzas were limited anywhere though. Toyota of Orange had 1 w/ sunroof & convenience pkg (Cerritos had a 2011 w/ sunroof - $25,214 and 2010 w/o - $23958). Went there next day and showed proof of getting $4000 off MSRP. Sales manager couldn't give it at that price but agreed to give $750 rebate and 0.9% APR, giving me $3427 off MSRP. Mom is very happy with her car. I learned that Toyota's fees are already included on the dealer's invoice (TDA, fuel/admin charge, reserve/holdback, wholesale finance charge). But thanks to your website and excel sheets, I was able to figure out their true cost (and feel confident that I can get a better deal than what they would originally offer). Thank you for publishing this website. I felt remarkably better buying a car knowing that I am not getting ripped off big time. I will also be buying an extended warranty out-of-state. Keep up the good work! I will be spreading the word about this website as well.
Toyota of San DiegoSan DiegoCAPoor  
Comments: I'm not sure how much overall we ended up spending because after two months after purchasing this vehicle, the dealership called us and informed us that we had to bring the car back because they couldn't finance my husband. My husband returned the car today and gave us our salvaged car back along with ALLOT less than money that we had originally put down! Out of $2700 that we put down, they gave us $1100 back! I will NEVER EVER purchase from a Toyota again! They completely robbed us of what little money we had! We are a family of soon to be 5 and need a reliable safe car for our family. I can't explain how upsetting all of this has been for us. So, DO NOT go to Toyota unless you already have your OWN financing. Because I would HATE for this to happen to another family.
Toyota CarlsbadCarlsbadCAExcellentDuffExcellent
Comments: Price quoted does not include $1000 factory rebate. They beat invoice price at very first internet quote. Very upfront and friendly. No slick LieNance managers. Gave us discounts and rebates on almost everything they could.
Toyota EscondidoEscondidoCAExcellentBob LustigExcellent
Comments: With FC package used and selling price includes $3,000.00 Toyota Factory Cash. Thanks James & Jeff AGAIN!!! This is my FIFTH score using FC and Carbuyingtips! This happened on 9-29-10. BTW - need fourth answer on Financing. Used my Financing with no problem.
Toyota of VacavilleVacavilleCAPoorJoey and DavidPoor
Tracy MazdaTracyCAVery GoodBill WebbVery Good
Tuttle-ClickIrvineCAPoorDenise BorgerFair
Tuttle-Click MazdaIrvineCAExcellentDenise BogerExcellent
Valley Hi HondaVictorvilleCAExcellentPaulExcellent
Comments: Used A Fighting Chance guide. It gave us solid advice in terms of securing a vehicle for a good price. I liked's advice on financing, as it wasn't included in A Fighting Chance. Negotiated selling price includes $780 destination charge.
Van Nuys Nissan-InfinitiVan Nuys , California AKExcellentGeneral Manger Thomas Schmitt Excellent
Comments: They were great espesally the GM Thomas Schmitt he took us and made us feel at home. Put toghter our deal when we thought we may not get financing as we some problems but he called the bank and they called me and I could not belive he got us such a low interest rate. If ever you hear his name I would ask for him he's awesome.
Victorville HyundaiVictorvilleCAExcellentJack JerniganExcellent
Comments: Used Fighting Chance, contacted 8 sales managers via Emails, got only 2 responds. Options included: Touring Package with RSE(3rd road seat, DVD with 8" LCD), carpeted floor mats(7passenger), wheel locks. I got Manufacture to costumer rebate $3500 plus Military discount $1000. Suggestion: Do a very very thorough inspection of the vehicle; because it was new, I assumed that the radio would work, well, it didn't. It turned out that the fuse was loose.
Vista Ford Lincoln MercuryWoodland HillsCAFairJohnFair
Comments: The good: got a decent deal on a trim I thought was out of my price range in my favorite color. Also, no pressure when told I had my own financing. The okay: ability to deal hurt by fact that other Milan Premiers' base price was higher (+$355 MSRP/$319 invoice) as per stickers at other dealers and Edmonds. Also was thrown by salesman dropping the price by $500 (if I inked the deal that day, natch) and adding an unpublished $1000 rebate onto published $1500 rebate after just 15 minutes in the office. The bad: he tried to cry poverty by showing an "invoice" of $25,475 and $790 holdback. Pretty sure it was bogus and he just wanted me to think that I was getting it at invoice (not counting the holdback). But I knew through research what my options were at other dealers and what the real invoice was and so was more or less okay with the profit he got. But still, lame. Bottom line: Thanks a lot!
Volvo of Los AngelesLos AngelesCAExcellentAlexExcellent
Comments: This site was great and helped me get an amazing price. When I first looked at the Volvo C30 T5 I thought it was out of my price range, however with the help of this site I negotiated it into my price range. It also helped buying in December as the dealer told me they had to sell 30 cars by the end of the year or they would lose their dealership.
Weir CanyonAnaheimCAPoor  
Comments: The service department is the only way that they make money. My wife went to the dealership for an oil change,, She left with a "$900 bill on an MDX with 24K miles. They fully used "scare" tactics to force acceptance of unnecessary repairs.. the Icing on the cake is when they removed (STOLE) our souvenir personalized license plate frame and then had the nerve to install one of their own dealer ones... Damn crooks..
Weir Canyon HondaAnaheimCAVery GoodAndyVery Good
Comments: Did Ok
Comments: Your site was an immense help! The spreadsheet was a valuable tool in prepping me for the price and terminology. I basically walked in to the dealer, told them straight away I was not going to pay any holdback, floorplan or advertising fees, also informed them I didn't want to talk trade-in or financing - I wanted to talk cash price. From that moment on it became a battle of wills, arrived at 8p and had the deal done by 9:30. Glad I followed your advice about coming in relaxed - I decided to come in on an evening, on my day off from work, just had dinner, brought a book and all my notes. Arriving about an hour and a half before closing time definitely kept things moving along fairly well. I asked to only work with one person, and when I made my final offer, calmly demanded an answer in 5 minutes. I started at a rock bottom price, set myself a ceiling for what I was prepared to spend based on your info and consumer reports, and stood my ground. Believe from looking over message boards, and calling other dealers to break the price, that I did very well on a popular car (2010 Prius IV with solar roof, black ext, grey leather interior) in LA. Thanks for your great advice and tools!!
California Dealers Names:
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