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California Car Dealers - Ratings and Reviews - Page 2 has complied this list of new car dealers using ratings & reviews from our visitor's input. If you have recently visited a new car dealership and want to submit your experience to us, please Click Here!

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Dealers and salespeople are rated based upon the responses to questions that are asked of our visitors. The comments which you see are optional and are posted when available (with spelling and typo corrections). The dealers and salesperson (if available) are rated on a six level scale (Poor, Not So Hot, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent). Our excellent rating is reserved for only the best dealer experiences.

As stated on our home page, there are both good car dealers & bad car dealers. Our site helps you, the customer, keep from getting scammed. Use this information along with the other tips and advice from to get a good deal and avoid scams. If you're just starting the car shopping process, you should start with "Buying New Cars & Avoid Dealer Scams." If shopping for a used car, start with "Buy A Used Car & Avoid Scams."

California Dealers Names:
California Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Galpin FordNorth HillsCAFair  
Comments: We negotiated a great price on the car. After all the paper work was done, the salesman turned to us and said "You guys did a great job." We made a final offer that they could not refuse. We feel like professional car buyers after studying everything on this website. I would like to thank you for saving us so much money on a brand new car! Thank you.
Galpin HondaMission HillsCAPoorsales managerPoor
Comments: This site is great! The information I got from this site prepared me on buying a car from a dealer that would accused you of anything to go with their terms.
Galpin LincolnVan NuysCAFairTyson CanoExcellent
Comments: Used Jeff's Buying Service and was TOTALLY satisfied!!!!
Galpin MazdaVan NuysCAVery GoodPhillipExcellent
Comments: The salesman came up with a lot of the arguments you mentioned on your site and I had answers for all of them. They didn't want to share the factory to dealer incentive at first and offered $1200 less on my trade-in than I was expecting. They also tried to tell me that I had to fill out a credit application even though I brought my own financing with a great APR (4.24%). With the information on your site, I knew I didn't have to fill one out and refused. Your site saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks!!!!
Garden Grove KiaGarden GroveCAVery GoodJames BExcellent
Glendale InfinitiGlendaleCAPoorJoshPoor
Comments: I wish I found this site sooner. Its great! I will recommend it to other people. I thought I knew about the scams and tactics that car dealerships did but I learned a lot from this site. Why does the auto industry and regulators look away from outlawing these fraudulent tactics?
Goudy HondaAlhambraCAFairRandyFair
Goudy HondaLos AngelesCAPoorMikePoor
Comments: After confirming deal they pulled a bait and switch. Price went up by $1,500 once we got to the dealership. If I could put these con artists out of business I would. Theives...
HanleesDavisCAVery Good  
Hansel MazdaSanta RosaCAFair  
Comments: likes: 1) list the applicable rebates for each model 2) Forums on prices and buying experience 3) Detailed lists of options, Has True market value and invoice prices Dislike: 1) Rebate section some window (marketing support) are minimized and easy to miss a huge cash back rebate CarWoo 1) Guaranteed money back - just called them due to lack of offers and they will refund me - no hassle
Hardin HondaAnaheimCAFair  
Comments: Used CarClearanceDeals to get internet quotes - saved me thousands! I also got the Costco membership price for the Extended Warranty and Alarm totaling $1,400.
Honda Mission ValleySan DiegoCAPoorEricPoor
Honda of DublinDublinCAExcellent  
Comments: I did most of the negotiating online before entering the store. Took a online/email quote from the dealership before going there, that way when we went there we just test drove a couple cars in the make/model/color that we liked and picked the one that we loved. After that it was just down to getting the same price they quoted (which they did) and get financing done. They didn't even bother negotiating the monthly installment. Just gave us the exact nos. (I had kept a loan amount and monthly installment calculator with me on my iphone .. just in case). But dealer was very good and didn't do any of the dealer gimmicks or scams. Fairly honest folks.
Honda of El CerritoEl CerritoCAVery GoodManny De AlbaExcellent
Honda of El CerritoEl CerritoCANot So Hot  
Honda of OxnardOxnardCAExcellentJim WilliamsExcellent
Honda WorldWestminsterCAPoorHieu TranNot So Hot
Comments: Love the website!
Hooman NissanLong BeachCAPoor  
Comments: After service the worst ever experienced
Huntington Beach DodgeHuntington BeachCAPoor  
Comments: I can't find a good Dodge/Chrysler dealership, so I am now a Mitsubishi guy. Chrysler cars are crap, take it from their own employees - offered me 50% less for my Dakota than Mitsubishi! I guess they have one popular car, the Challenger, so good luck getting one for less than MSRP. You'll look cool driving one until everyone realizes you took it in the rear from a Dodge salesman.
Kearney Mesa San DiegoCAFairAliFair
Comments: Salesperson said we could either get the $1000 rebate or the 0 APR for 60 months but not both. I'm curious if that is accurate. I've seen commercials on television that say something similar so I figured it was accurate. I went with the 0 APR because in the end, even considering the $1000 rebate the car works out to being over $2000 cheaper with the 0 APR.
Keyes HyundaiVan NuysCAExcellentTom EplinExcellent
Comments: Read and followed all your chapters on buying a new car. Used Drive Your Dream to locate potential dealers to target in on. Used Fighting Chance to gather my final information. Negotiated a great price on a car that is hard to find right now due to its model year. I couldn't have done it without your sites help!!
Keyes LexusVan NuysCAVery GoodSam SantoyoVery Good
Comments: I love all the content, but you could use a graphic designer to make the info more digestible. Lots of key nuggets.
Keyes LexusVan NuysCAGoodEdmund O.Very Good
Comments: Your site was invaluable in helping me understand car terminology and negotiations. Not only did I score a much lower deal, but also was able to negotiate 15K (from the 10K lease), no fees outside registration & destination, and zero down.
Kolbe HondaResedaCAGoodHossein GhaffariGood
Comments: I used and to solicit bids. I also tried TrueCar (via Consumer Reports). Prices were easy to get and not terrible, but not as good as I got with carbargains.
Kolbe HondaResedaCAExcellent  
Comments: with
Kolbe HondaResedaCAGoodFrankVery Good
LA Auto Gallery Porsche DealershipWoodland HillsCAPoorJaime NelloPoor
Comments: About a year ago a friend referred me to the LA Auto Gallery Porsche dealership in Woodland Hills, CA, to buy a new car. When I went there, they didn’t have the car I wanted but said they could order one. While I waited for a new car to be delivered they wanted me to lease another car from them, which they said they would buy back when a suitable new car came in. Since I had a car to drive, I told them I wasn't interested. After checking with the Sales Manager, the "Fleet Manager/Sales Consultant" called me back saying they could buy the leased car back at a set price that would cover all the lease payments etc, since it would only be for three months. My friend had recently done a similar buy-back type of deal with this dealership so I trusted them to keep their promise. Three months later they refused to buy the leased vehicle back for the prearranged amount and have offered $30,000 less than the original agreement. They have subsequently fired the "Fleet Manager/Sales Consultant" I was dealing with, saying he wasn’t authorized to make the deal. If you DARE do business with this dealership, be sure to get EVERYTHING in writing SIGNED and AUTHORIZED by the owner, Harrison Gray, before agreeing to ANYTHING or they could renege on your deal by firing your sales consultant.
Lampe Chrysler Dodge Jeep RamVisaliaCAExcellentGaryExcellent
Larry Hopkins HondaSunnyvaleCAExcellentFreddy LauExcellent
Comments: This site was the single-most valuable resource to me for research that ultimately resulted in a great deal on a new 2010 Honda Fit. Thanks Jeff!!!
Larry Hopkins HondaSunnyvaleCAGood  
Lexus of Concord, Internet and fleet salesConcordCAFairJeff LaoExcellent
Comments: loved the advice, but your website is a bit hard to read. Consider breaking the stories into pages (like the NYtimes does on their website). THANKS!
Lexus of Stevens CreekSan JoseCAExcellentBill BellamayExcellent
Comments: The experience with the salesperson and in the business office was generally good with a relaxed atmosphere as my husband and I were ready. The sticking point in the office was the extended warranty wherein we paid $1,500 for a 3 year extended warranty. The Cilajet finish was included in the selling price. Prior to visiting the dealer, we've already pre-negotiated the options and price over the phone on 4 separate calls for a total time of about 30 minutes.
Livermore SubaruLivermoreCAExcellentAhmad RahimzadahExcellent
Comments: Sent out several requests for quotes through CarClearanceDeals and Got back 10 responses from dealers. All but two were under invoice price. With most, needed at least 2 rounds of emails for clarification of what I wanted. Livermore Subaru had the car in stock (the others would have to do a factory order) except the car had one option I didn't want. After I insisted on a quotation for the car I wanted, they quoted it, and then offered me the car they had in stock for the same price, so I accepted.
Longo LexusEl MonteCAExcellentDavidExcellent
Longo ToyotaEl MonteCAFair  
Comments: Ten years ago I used your excel spreadsheet, and was helpful once again. Thank you so much.
Manly GMCSanta RosaCAGoodBarry SilkGood
Comments: This site made it possible for me to fully leverage a weak market segment and optimize my savings. The salesman acted exactly as explained and I was able to counter every move. Eventually splitting the manufacturer to dealer incentive 50/50. That is all the money they made on this deal. They were able to move a stagnant inventory and I was able to capitalize using your techniques. I will be referring everyone I know to this site. Thanks a bundle.
Manly HondaSanta RosaCAExcellentJohn PeckExcellent
Comments: I did all haggling via e-mails with the internet sales managers. I offered other dealers a chance to match this price, but no one did. Many couldn't believe this Dealer (Manly Honda) would go that low and said that they were just luring us to the dealership.
Mazzei HyundaiPittsburgCAExcellent Excellent
Comments: Price quoted on the phone 'out the door' was a little bit MORE than when the final paperwork was done. So less than expected!
McKenna BMWNorwalkCAExcellentJulie Bogonas,Excellent
Comments: Negotiated price includes $1,500 rebate. Thx Jeff for your advice and candor. I called and left you a message. You wouldn't sell me the BMW data because said BMW wasn't dealing on the car. You said have a few dealers bid for my business after xmas. I found a few dealers that had the car on site. Internet sales people at BMW of Norwalk, CA were phenomenal. There first offer $60600(my jaw dropped), because I wasn't using BMW financing initially I couldn't get the rebate so they went down $750. after getting to the dealer I decided to use their financing and they honored the lower price and gave me the rebate. Loved the sales people. Didn't like finance persons, she offered things we didn't need and couldn't explain the numbers. Finance person told me how expensive BMW is to maintain and I better buy the warranty. I didn't buy anything.
McKenna VWCerritosCAPoor  
Comments: There is very little margin on VW's to begin with. True Car shows that a "great price" would be < $21,994 and a "good price" would be < $22,537 in Southern California. We came out between the two and were only $191 off from a "great price." I'm happy with that. In fact, we yielded them only a ~3.1% profit, which is well within the limits you had outlined. My girlfriend's situation necessitated a lease, but the tips on this site helped just as well. Using the tips and education that your website provided was awesome. I compiled my "folder," and did the math for her money factor, gross cap and residual right in front of them. Based on that and the questions I kept asking, the floor manager even asked if "I sold cars for a living." You could tell that I caught him off guard quite a few times. The F & I person seemed shady, but all the numbers matched. She originally tried to sell us on a $30 warranty plan, although our 36-month lease included 3 years of service already. After going back and forth a few times, she eventually included the "premium" warranty service for free. It went from $30, to $9, to $3, to $0. Thank you for all of the amazing tips!
Mel Rapton HondaSacramentoCAFairChris RiceVery Good
Comments: Very useful information and helped to prepare how to deal with the dealer in every step.
Mercedes Benz of Foothill RanchFoothill RanchCAExcellentMoe HazemExcellent
Comments: Thank you for the information. I've used this site twice, once 5 years ago for a Subaru and again yesterday for this car. Got great deals both times. Yesterday's experience was amazing. Walked in with the folder. He gave us his offer. We pulled out another dealer's offer. He gave it to the GM and they beat it just like that. Easiest deal ever! Thank you!
Miller HondaVan NuysCANot So HotYusuf FaedFair
Comments: Thank you so much for your buying guide and tips. I had done all my research so I felt in complete control at the dealer and was not intimidated like in previous car purchasing experiences.
Moreno Valley Pontiac GMC BuickMoreno valleyCAPoorInez AispuroPoor
Comments: Total rip-off!!! I saw this SUV online way below what they in the window in dealership. They said it had 20,000 in it. When we were signing it said it had 32,000 close to 33,000. SUV has dual DVD install in rear seats. They turn on, and said that they could not get them to work because we needed the control and head phones. Sales man promise to get a hold of the previous owner who was their general
Moss Bros. HondaMoreno ValleyCAGood  
Comments: THANK YOU! I couldn't have saved this much on my car without all your car buying tips!
Mossy ToyotaSan DiegoCAPoor  
Mossy ToyotaSan DiegoCAVery GoodMark SandersExcellent
Comments: I already had the quote in an email before I went to the dealership. They didn't haggle at all and the salesperson was decent. The finance department tried to push add-ons like extended warranty, paint protection, fabric protection, alarm and some security feature for a whopping $6000. I declined all of them and obviously the finance manager was not quite happy but he did behave decently. You always need to watch out for things that need to be fixed before you sign the papers at the finance department. There was a minor item which the salesperson said would be taken care of but once I signed the purchase contract, they declined to fix that immediately saying that they had already lost $1,400 on the deal that they weren't going to fix that. Not a big deal for me but I was surprised that the sales lady would be so brutally honest. I told her in the face that I expected that such a thing might happen. My advice is read, and get dealers to compete against each other and get a final OTD faxed or emailed to you before stepping into dealership. You will get ripped off if you don't get the quote beforehand.
Mossy ToyotaSan DiegoCAVery Good  
Comments: Negotiated price includes $500 rebate. I tried suggested online loans but the lowest I got was 7.69 APR. Dealer was able to get me 4.99 APR with only $5000 down. I negotiated out of paying ADR, Gasoline, Dealer holdback, and Whsl. Financial Reserve ($1147). They always get you with the alarm though - paid $405, down from first offered price of $1295!!
Mullahey FordArroyo GrandeCAPoorHarry C.Poor
Comments: We like the car Ok, but the experience we had with the salesman and the dealership left a very bad taste in our mouth. We were promised something and they didn't deliver. When we asked them for help after taking delivery of the car, they told us they couldn't help. They actually blamed us for the problem. I think these people offer very poor customer service.
Mullahey FordArroyo GrandeCAPoorHarold CoelhoPoor
Newport LexusNewport BeachCAGoodPhillip HuynhExcellent
Norm Reeves Honda SuperstoreHuntington BeachCAVery GoodDustin SavaGood
Comments: Your site really helped me prepare for this large purchase. I bought the package and felt it was worth it. Aside from the discounted price on the car I also got a $500 unadvertised cash incentive for financing through Honda. I got a fair price for my trade in, and managed to stand my ground and didn't purchase any extras from the dealer. Thanks for putting all this information together on one website!
Norm Reeves Honda SuperstoreCerritosCAExcellentLinda LyExcellent
Comments: Love this website. Have used it to buy 2 new cars and sell 1 old one. Have also recommended it to many friends & family.
Norm Reeves HondaWest CovinaCAVery Good  
Comments: I really did my homework using your site. The spreadsheet really help me compare prices and were very accurate. It help me to be aware of all the hidden fees the dealers charge. Hopefully, Norm Reeves Honda in West Covina were very ethical and processionals. I negotiated the price online with several dealers and once I got the lowest price, I got it in writing and just went to sign documents. Easy Cheesy. Thank for all the advice it really helps.
Norm Reeves HondaCerritosCANot So HotRamni MaymounNot So Hot
Comments: I am from South Asia. We walked into this dealership after food purchasing. We test drove a car with Ramzi. He was courteous and tried his best to sell us this car. But the car was beat up, dirty and had beige leather. I wanted black cloth interior. We walked away. This guy persisted over email. I did not give him my phone number. After two weeks, he was able to locate my color combination at his sister dealership. To bring the car to his dealership, I'd have to complete all the paperwork first. This was a scary proposition. We did it anyway since we just moved here from the east coast and don't know anyone. I had a written offer for $75 less. He DID NOT lower his price. He tried to sell us installed accessories. We refused so he removed them from the car. He promised to drive my old car back to my home. At the last minute he said his manager won't allow him. If he had told me this sooner, I would have arranged for someone to come pick up the car with me. Although we purchased the car, we left with a bitter taste in our mouth. We will not buy from this dealership again. Seems like a lot of the salespeople just hang out on the parking lot and foreigners like us get 'dropped' even before we talk to anyone.
Norm Reeves HondaHuntington BeachCAExcellentFleet/Internet Sales DirectorExcellent
Comments: Excellent site!
Norm Reeves Honda Super StoreCerritosCAExcellentEduardo MoraExcellent
Comments: Thanks!
Norm Reeves Honda Super StoreCerritosCAPoorAdil khanPoor
Comments: The negotiated price was $19,770 on the 2009 Honda CR-V LX model (there were incentives factored in). When it came time to complete the sale (and while my husband stepped away to care for our child), a mysterious $5,700 somehow made it into the purchase agreement (in addition to and after trade in, down payment, taxes and fees). Apparently they felt that a woman would never notice. In addition to trying to cheat my husband and I by that amount, they also illegally ran my husbands credit without his knowledge or signature. We left the dealership because of their sales practices and will never buy from their company again. They have now been reported to the FTC, the attorney general's office of California and the BBB.
North Bakersfield ToyotaBakersfieldCAVery GoodGreg Spears (internet sales manager)Excellent
Comments: Got quotes from 5 dealers and even checked out Costco's Auto Program. I was sure we were going to go with Costco until I put in a last minute price quote for the hell of it. Surprisingly, the dealer beat Costco's price by $250 and was still willing to drop the price another $110.
California Dealers Names:
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