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California Car Dealers - Ratings and Reviews Page 1 has complied this list of new car dealers using ratings & reviews from our visitor's input. If you have recently visited a new car dealership and want to submit your experience to us, please Click Here!

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Dealers and salespeople are rated based upon the responses to questions that are asked of our visitors. The comments which you see are optional and are posted when available (with spelling and typo corrections). The dealers and salesperson (if available) are rated on a six level scale (Poor, Not So Hot, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent). Our excellent rating is reserved for only the best dealer experiences.

As stated on our home page, there are both good car dealers & bad car dealers. Our site helps you, the customer, keep from getting scammed. Use this information along with the other tips and advice from to get a good deal and avoid scams. If you're just starting the car shopping process, you should start with "Buying New Cars & Avoid Dealer Scams." If shopping for a used car, start with "Buy A Used Car & Avoid Scams."

California Dealers Names:
California Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityState Dealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
Airport Marina FordLos AngelesCAPoornegotiation was passed off to the floor managerPoor
Airport Marina HondaLos AngelesCAGoodAlvin BenjaminExcellent
Comments: Used
Audi Palo AltoPalo AltoCAExcellentMannyExcellent
Comments: Audi Palo Alto gave me the lowest price from the get-go. All other centers could not meet their price. The salesman I dealt with was honest and strait forward. Followed all your tips. It was hard to get extended warranty online for this car, so I got it with them ($3,700 a little high). Also got the 4 year full service ($800) worth the money.
Autowest AcuraSanta ClaraCAVery Good  
Comments: Great website! Really helped me understand car buying deeply! Thanks!
Autowest HondaFreemontCAExcellentRicardo AugilarExcellent
AutoWest Honda RosevilleCAExcellentJosh S.Excellent
AutoWest Honda FremontFremontCAExcellentAli HashemiExcellent
Comments: used
Autowest Mazda SubaruSacramentoCAExcellentBrad TriplettExcellent
Comments: Thanks for helping me see the big picture and get a good deal
Browning MazdaCerritosCAPoor  
Browning MazdaCerritosCAFairDJExcellent
Comments: I also got 0% APR for 60 months. I believe this site is incredible. I will advise the following though: I don't believe that your price proposal should be dictated on strictly trying to guess the dealer's cost. I subtracted hold back from invoice, my loyalty rebate and I then subtracted an additional 500 just because. I didn't include any dealer profit. I know there has to be other dealer incentives that are not known. Yet the dealer took it (4 hours later). Guessing the dealer's cost is not possible and it could vary substantially by dealership.
Browning MazdaCerritosCAExcellentNaderExcellent
Comments: Loved the spreadsheets to compare financing!
Buena Park HondaAnaheimCAVery GoodPerry GreeneVery Good
Cabral Chrysler Jeep DodgeMantecaCAPoorCliff RogersPoor
Comments: Salesman lied repeatedly just to get the sale. He said that Chrysler had discontinued making the PT cruiser so "this was it" and that the $4500.00 incentive from Chrysler was over that night just to get the sale. He also said that most dealers were out of PT Cruisers and he only had 2 left. He convinced my husband and we eventually bought the car although I wanted to shop around. I think this is very wrong to mislead customers like this.
Capital Honda San JoseCAExcellentRyan AdmunsenExcellent
Capitol HondaSan JoseCAExcellentDoug MillerExcellent
Comments: Used
Capitol MazdaSan JoseCAVery GoodKathi GreeneExcellent
Comments: I liked the information there is a lot of it and often repeats and a little disorganised but if you have time to read it all it is very helpful.
Capitol Hyundai SuzukiSan JoseCAFairCaseyFair
Car Pros Kia - CarsonLOS ANGELESCAExcellentCesarExcellent
Comments: I also qualified for $500 factory rebate which was taken after TTL so saved actually more than my negotiated selling price. I also used to get more info on the car and tactics. Ended up getting a different car than what was negotiated on - but the new car was a better color, had more accessories and at the same price!
Carson ToyotaCarsonCAExcellent  
Comments: I appreciated the referral to Fighting Chance. TrueCar helped a lot also. I feel like this site really helped me know if a dealer was giving me a good price, and if they were treating me fairly or trying to manipulate me. The dealer that I finally bought from was the one that both gave me the best price and dealt most fairly with me.
Cardinale Way VWCoronaCAVery GoodYvonne / ChrisVery Good
Comments: Great advice on this site. Glad I visited and read some of the articles before I bought. I will say that I did deal with fairly straight forward and decent people at the dealer. Probably could have shaved off another $300 in retrospect. Oh well...2 weeks of car buying wore me down...I just wanted to be done. Overall this is a great site and a great resource.
CarMaxTorranceCAVery GoodCathyExcellent
Comments: I didn't purchase a car here because the salesman was lazy. and he kept expressing the no haggle price. so... nothing to talk about there. just walk up, see sticker, nope, to much, walk away. I told him I was in the 14k-16k ish range, he showed me all cars 20k and up and told me there was nothing else listed in that range unless I wanted to get into high miles. I said that isn't what your website showed. also, he wanted me to wander around the dealership alone, and keep walking back every time I had a question. I asked for a golf cart ride instead, he said that is for disabled customers only. also, when I first came in, I wanted to test drive 4 cars. when I left, I didn't even bother.
Cerritos AcuraCerritosCAVery GoodTony PakeerVery Good
Comments: Used the Email/Fax attack from and the spreadsheet provided on this website. Never stepped in a dealers ship to negotiate. Walked in dealership with the agreed price over email and I was out of there in 2 hours. I offered a fair price and they did make money. Very Painless!
Cerritos NissanCerritosCAPoorSubira KhalfaniPoor
Comments: We recently had a child and needed to get a larger vehicle to accommodate. We were pre-approved for $29,000.00 through our credit union at a rate of 6.49 percent for a new vehicle purchase. Nissan offered 4.99% up to 72-mths. for the vehicle we liked. The paperwork was switched a couple of times and the last paperwork was adjusted to 7.54% which was not shown / explained. What was explained was that they could add 1-year to get us around the payment we desired. Our trade-in left us upside down $3,290.64. The paperwork was switched and the finance manager (Jovi Dizon) had my wife sign something different than I saw just moments earlier; which were changes in the interest rate and overall cost was not changed as agreed. The vehicle is being financed through Nissan of Cerritos because we thought we were getting a better interest rate than our own bank; which was switched at the last moment. Also, we were leaving the property after the 4-hours because the overall cost was $10,000.00 over the agreed upon deal. Now, Nissan has not forwarded the proper information to the lender to assure we qualify, after several days and the lender is not able to complete the sale of the vehicle. This is a rip-off!!!!!!!!
City ToyotaDaly CityCAVery GoodCindy LeeExcellent
Comments: Very easy! I've never bought a car before. I used and CarsDirect to contact a bunch of dealers and let them name and rename their lowest price. It took about 5 days. This is an excellent website!
Community ChevroletBurbankCAExcellentEric JohnsonExcellent
Comments: I first used your suggestions back in 2001 and this is the fifth new vehicle I have purchased using the tactics provided by Fighting chance/fax attack (Now email attack). The worst offer I received was invoice plus a inflated $500 documentation fee.

I received an additional $750 off the negotiated price for being a member of USAA. You do not have to purchase their insurance to be a member! I had to show that I was a member of a credit union for the low offer, which I assume was some factory to dealer incentive because no other rebate was on my paperwork.

You have saved me thousands of dollars over the past 13 years, and look forward to saving more as my kids get close to driving age.

I had to buy an airline ticket ($80) and drive the car from southern CA back to Las Vegas, but with a savings of $4,875 from sticker price it was an enjoyable drive.

I now have to sell the vehicle that I was not willing to give away as a trade in. Again, the information provided by your sight will ensure I get a fair price for the car.
Crown Dodge Chrysler JeepVenturaCANot So HotMaxNot So Hot
DCH Honda Lemon GroveCANot So Hot  
Comments: Dear Jeff, All the chapters helped me through my negotiations. Just imagine what a sales team would to a young, Asian, female with a recent bankruptcy in that cubicle. A Roadloans voucher with a 20% interest was my leverage in getting an 11% from the dealer. I brought my laptop and used the spreadsheet and a loan calculator as well. They asked where I got the spreadsheet and shook their head when I mentioned your website. I will read your site religiously and bought the for my Mercedes next year. Much blessings to you, Jeff!
DCH HondaTemeculaCAExcellent  
DCH Lexus of OxnardOxnardCAExcellentWalt OliverExcellent
Comments: $3,694 BELOW INVOICE!!! There is a $5,000 Factory to Dealer incentive on the RX350 until Mar 31 2009, so even if the Dealer sells below invoice, they still make money! Mine included Navigation with Backup Camera, Bluetooth over the car speakers, Power Rear Door (sweet!), heated leather seats with 2 Memory Settings, Rain-sensing Wipers, Moon Roof, Roof Rack, and upgraded 18" wheels. What a deal!
DCH Toyota of Simi ValleySimi ValleyCAFair  
Comments: Price includes a $500 rebate. Found this deal by looking in a local newspaper ad. There was no negotiating involved, just showed them the ad, and they sold it for that price.
DCH Toyota & Scion of TorranceTorranceCAGoodScott KleeExcellent
Diamond HondaCity of IndustryCAVery GoodBenVery Good
Dublin HondaDublinCANot So Hot  
Dublin HondaDublinCAVery GoodTito PerezVery Good
Comments: I requested quotes- some dealers didn't send back prices. It was their loss! Purchased a car less than 24 hours from first email sent!
Dublin ToyotaDublinCANot So HotKen TamFair
Comments: Used TrueCar for pricing. Got 0% apr for 36 mos. Plus OK price. NO dealing with aggressive salespeople, choosing between rebates or low APR loans. But F & I guy is trying to stick extended warranty scams? Thanks to your site save my time and money.
Dublin ToyotaDublinCANot So Hot  
Comments: Got bid from CarsDirect for car with navigation and leather, but no sunroof or other options, then called dealer to see if they could beat that price. Dealer I bought from matched the CarsDirect price for a car that also had sunroof, heated front seats, and floor mats, so about $1500 in extra options. They also gave me 5.5 financing from Toyota. I prefer to get everything lined up over the phone before I go to the dealer. We had previously bought another car from this fleet manager so I think he wanted to keep our business. We did have some problems with the finance guy (raised APR slightly, but lowered when we caught it), tried to sneak in extended warranty at higher price than quoted (we declined). We got an incredible deal, below invoice on an in demand car, but I think they were disgruntled not to get more out of us.
Elk Grove ToyotaElk GroveCAVery GoodJeff PoteetExcellent
Fletcher Jones Mercedes BenzNewport BeachCANot So Hot  
Comments: Caveat: Vehicle had 2000 miles on it because the dealer had driven it. Still feel like I got a good deal on a vehicle that had been used for 2 months but appeared to be in brand new condition.
Ford of DublinDublinCAPoor  
Ford Store Morgan HillMorgan HillCAExcellent  
Freeway HondaSanta AnaCAVery GoodAmir FatanatVery Good
Comments: Your site is great! I especially appreciated the advice about bringing "the folder" full of your information. It seemed like the sales guy really thought I meant business when he saw me take a copy of his emailed quote from my folder. Every bit of advice on this site combined with other sites like Kelley Blue Book really helped me go to the dealership like I knew what I was doing.
Fremont FordFremontCAExcellentKevin MesaExcellent
Comments: Second car purchased with the help of; first one negotiated via CarWoo.
Fremont MazdaFremontCAVery Good  
Fresno AcuraFresnoCAExcellentMike/JerryExcellent
Comments: Once again, has helped me land a GREAT deal on a new car! Of course, the dealer played the usual tricks with fudged credit scores, "can I make some money on this deal?", etc., but in the end I got the price I wanted ($150 over) and a VERY good deal on my trade. I was in and out of there in 3 hours. Thanks, you guys ROCK! FYI...I purchased at Fresno Acura - and they were really pretty good about the negotiation - not too many low blow sales tactics. I had to start driving away to seal the deal on my trade in - but other than that, they played ball!
Frontier Toyota Valencia CAPoor  
Comments: They have a no haggle price on invoice, we negotiated trade in and options which we feel we did ok on. When we dropped off for the options to be installed the dealer said all of the take off items (stereo, rims, lights, grill, headrest etc) belonged to the dealer and would not be given back to us. After many heated phone calls, and a threat to cancel all the options to the sales manager and GM they finally called Scion and were told that yes all of the items belongs to the customers as the items were on the car when purchased. So Scion owners beware those take off items are yours not the dealer to turn around and resell them making a profit off of your parts.
Future Nissan of RosevilleRosevilleCAExcellent  
Comments: If you wanna learn how to get a good deal go to this site. It is a easy read and will give you all your ammunition to go win your battles with the sales man and lienance manager. I really appreciate your site and all that it did for me. I love my new truck specially with what price I got it at.
California Dealers Names:
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