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Dealers and salespeople are rated based upon the responses to questions that are asked of our visitors. The comments which you see are optional and are posted when available (with spelling and typo corrections). The dealers and salesperson (if available) are rated on a six level scale (Poor, Not So Hot, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent). Our excellent rating is reserved for only the best dealer experiences.

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Arizona Car Dealer Rating
Dealer NameCityStateDealer RatingSalespersonSalesperson Rating
ABC NissanPhoenixAZPoorRobert GrayPoor
Comments: Glad to see an active advocate for the consumer on the web. I always feel outgunned when dealing with corporations. Knowing the "rules" of the game and being aware of current scams sure builds confidence.
Bell Road ToyotaGlendaleAZExcellent  
Comments: Bell Road Toyota was very courteous and only asked that they be given a chance to beat any price I received from competing dealers. I received a good price from another dealer (Tempe Toyota) but went back to Bell Road to give them the courtesy of a return visit. The actual offer they proposed to me was $25,500 ($500 off of invoice) and I countered with the figure calculated from the spreadsheet on this site. The sales rep took the number ($24,000) to his manager and returned a minute later to say the deal was accepted. The whole sale took less than five minutes and I was shocked. As we were filling out the paperwork, we could hear another couple in the next office negotiate the same vehicle at invoice. All in all, I went to four dealerships; two tried to overprice the vehicle I wanted while the other two (Bell Road and Tempe Toyota) gave me a fair price. I would give these two dealerships my business before any other. This site was instrumental in preparing me for my first foray into buying a brand new vehicle...thanks a ton!
Coulter MotorsTempeAZVery GoodSteve ShannonExcellent
Comments: I also received $1,000 in factory rebates.
Dobbs HondaTucsonAZVery GoodNed McGrathExcellent
Comments: I liked the information contained in this site and it certainly saved me some money when it came time to negotiate. I found most of the information I was seeking here but I wish it had been better organized and user friendly. Thank you for providing this service.
Earhardt FordTempeAZVery GoodJeff R.Excellent
Comments: Your hints and spreadsheet were very helpful. My only mistake was being the first to offer a price, but it went pretty well. Ford was offering 2500 in rebates.
Earnhardt Hyundai North ScottsdaleScottsdaleAZGoodJim TonelliVery Good
Comments: Great information. Have used your site for 3 different car purchases. Thanks for all the guidance. Constantly keep reminding people to listen to the numbers and get the salesman to document everything up front. Once the numbers are on paper, you always have a reference and they can't got into forgetful mode. Again, getting the to the bottom line in the new vehicle before mentioning the trade was very beneficial.
Hyundai of TempeTempeAZExcellentKelly Very Good
Comments: I wish I could have gotten some of the deals seen on this site. I tried Fighting Chance but only one of these cars existed in the entire state and it was black (did not want black) and it had hail damage. I got my car before it was even put on the lot one month after my Fighting Chance attempt and it was garnet red which is very popular. So I got one of only two in the state or the only one if the other had been sold. I could only get them to $100 over invoice because they knew it would go quickly if I did not buy the car. But I did not have to pay for nitrogen or window tinting because they had not gotten to it yet (I did not want either). Every car dealership I called during the Fighting Chance attempt had me paying for both. What I did not like was they kept me at the dealership for about 4 hours. I suspect they do this so people are week once they get to finance because I was thrown everything in the book. But I said no to everything except their financing deal which was .5% lower than the one I got from my credit unit. I finally left around 8pm. I did not trade in my 1999 Toyota Corolla with almost 200,000 miles and sold it two weeks later for $1,500 (never would have gotten that at the dealership).
Larry Miller Dodge RamTucsonAZPoorDillonPoor
Comments: During the purchase of a new 2019 Dodge Ram truck, I was lied to by the sales person and sales manager about the dealership add-ons I would be receiving when we agreed on the purchase price of the vehicle. Someone failed to tell the Larry Miller sales staff that fraudulent and misleading statements, combined with blatant dishonesty, is not an acceptable business model. BUYER BEWARE - Alternatively, it is strongly suggested everyone should purchase their next vehicle elsewhere.
Larry Miller HyundaiPeoriaAZPoorJoshPoor
Comments: The salesman was obnoxious, vulgar, demanding, "cocky" and determined I was to buy the car. After I told the truth on the survey, he did not communicate with me anymore other than to call me and call me a "liar" for giving him a bad rating. Afterwards, my car had a deep scratch and shadows in the paint but the sales department or dealership refuses to do anything about it, so needless to say, I have a $17,000 brand new car with a bad paint job on it. I will never visit the dealership again and will discourage my friends from using Larry Miller Hyundai.
North Scottsdale BMWScottsdaleAZExcellent  
Peoria NissanPeoriaAZPoorPoor
Comments:Peoria Nissan of Arizona is a prime example of the type of dealership that gives car sales personal their bad reputation. In a nutshell, they will lie, cheat and steal from their customers in order to make a sale and continue the assault afterwards through their service department. Intense high pressure sales and financing departments are only the beginning. They will coerce you into purchasing unnecessary paint protection treatments for hundreds of dollars and additional mechanical repair and break down warranties on a brand new manufacturer warrantied car to the tune of $1K+ as if is second nature to them.

They immediately abandoned me as a customer as soon as I discovered a "hidden contractual error" in their favor to the tune of $1,200 plus after the sale was completed. They refused to communicate with me and put the burden of proof squarely on my shoulders. Fortunately for me that function was a major part of my job in my former career and I happily took them up on the challenge by providing the required proof. The result was a total refund of the suspicious charges that they added on my contract without my knowledge, but only after filing complaints with Nissan Corporation, state consumer agencies and intense follow up on my part.
Phoenix Indoor Auto SalesAkronOHExcellentDavid SeveryExcellent
Comments: The experience was fast and painless. The sales people were very friendly and let me meander around the indoor car lot on my own pace and not theirs. Also, the car came with a free 3 month/3000 mile warranty.
Pinnacle NissanScottsdaleAZVery GoodLarry Perkins & Mitch in FleetExcellent
Comments: Thanks so much to you and James Bragg!!!!
Saturn of ArrowheadGlendaleAZVery Good  
Comments: there was negotiating the price that was on the window of the car was the selling price of the car.
Showcase Mazda Phoenix AZNot So HotTim MurphyGood
Comments: The site rocks!
Tempe HondaTempeAZNot So HotEd KellnerNot So Hot
Tempe HondaTempeAZPoor  
Comments: I did not purchase a vehicle at this dealer and walked out. I walked in with my spreadsheet from this site and I still got the sob story on how they weren't making any money on the deal. When I questioned the Documentary fee and simply asked what it was for I got the run around. They insulted my intelligence with comments like "well you own a home right so you know all about fees." and "Well you work right so you know your company has to make a profit right?" They best was when I told them I did not want the $800 worth of factory accessories they put on all their vehicles and they told me that it isn't a problem to not install those items but would still have to charge me $400. LOL whatever. Arrogant and greedy sales managers. They are your best friend until you start asking questions. Thumbs down. has affiliate relationships with multiple web sites. We are paid referral fees for leads or sales generated from visitors that click on some links or fill out certain forms on this site. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.