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This is your $avOmeter database where you can see what other CarBuyingTips.com visitors paid for their new cars. Find your car make in the table below and click to see recent selling prices around the U.S. Savings are added to our $avOmeter. These deals will give you a good idea what you should be paying and how much you saved on your next new car purchase.

Our $avOmeter smashes through the $13 million savings level!
It's hard to believe that our $avOmeter was once at $0 back in 1997. Since then our $avOmeter has been rocketing out of control like an odometer in the fast lane. Most people report back to us savings of $2,000 - $4,000 on new cars and $4,000 - $6,000 on new trucks and SUVs.

When we started up, the car buying world was in the dark ages, online lenders did not exist and consumers were stuck financing their new cars at the dealer, often at jacked up interest rates. Most people in those days had no way of finding the invoice price on a car and were often victims of decades-old sales and finance scams. Then as we educated more and more car buyers, savings off the MSRP window sticker price started to grow. Sixteen years and hundreds of angry salesman's emails later, our visitors have reported saving a total of close to $13 million off of MSRP. Empowered and educated consumers make salespeople nervous, many sales people have lashed out at us because suddenly consumers had their facts straight and were able to negotiate from a position of strength. Car dealers who embraced this fact instead of or complaining have been the most successful. What a wild ride it's been so far, during our tenure we have seen major companies come and go, but we'll always be here, protecting you the consumer in all aspects of the car buying process.

On this site we'll review car buying sites like Cars.com and Autobytel to learn how much dealers pay for new cars, and how you can use them to save the most on your new car. Never enter a dealership without competing purchase quotes from these sites to compare and hammer down the dealer's price. This strategy saves you thousands by showing the dealer you did your homework.

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